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File: 1645547643858.png (230.61 KB, 500x353, ClipboardImage.png)


How are you doing today sushi?


File: 1645566801475.png (99.22 KB, 480x360, vlcsnap-2019-12-22-03h43m4….png)

another day another dollar
present day present time


File: 1645579955956.jpg (97.14 KB, 828x798, FFXL-CAXMA0SV1D.jpg)



File: 1655872263427.jpg (7.88 KB, 255x255, always-watching.jpg)

not bad.


lonely and unbelievably sad


File: 1655896928614.jpeg (120.46 KB, 736x723, 3cd47d68fa6a81c3982823cb8….jpeg)

Have a picture of a rock. I hope it cheers you up.


I'm graduating today! Feels great


File: 1656056273692.jpg (109.09 KB, 828x613, El8D74_W0AAsE65-orig.jpg)

xqc read my comment out loud today, it was bussin'


File: 1656092795697.png (98.37 KB, 709x709, __silver_fox_and_ezo_red_f….png)



File: 1656093396218.jpg (199.61 KB, 1124x1119, 6d81b3c0aaae2867d75e3750aa….jpg)


File: 1656094134999.png (483.38 KB, 606x701, 1422418049702.png)

Sugoi! Good job roll


I'm bored and the heat is giving me a brutal headache ;_;


File: 1656297510040.jpg (215.1 KB, 3264x2448, RDT_20220118_0937071220908….jpg)


my car won't start, my therapist says I should be put in a psych ward. and I'm fucking desperately lonely, but I only want my ex back.


Went out for brunch and shopping in the morning
Watching TV all afternoon


Trying some baking


File: 1687582798853-0.jpg (29.14 KB, 660x369, 20230624.jpg)

File: 1687582798853-1.jpg (239.43 KB, 1240x1754, clzero.jpg)

Trying to keep cool.


File: 1687642720286.png (218.97 KB, 500x466, 1644052264105.png)

i am living the dream brother


i'm sad because i was lucky enough to meet a woman of whom i'm abnormally fond and who probably doesn't hate me, but my unusual relationship circumstances mean i might not be able to pursue anything even if i thought i had a chance. life sucks mostly i think


I'm very tired so I spend the evening sorting all the images saved from various Chans over the years. Part hilarious, part exhausting.


File: 1687719366007.jpg (62.5 KB, 716x1024, 1668384065363457.jpg)

attended a death grips gig a few days ago which was awesome, also been going to chess club and seeing plenty of friends - heck, i even got a date with a crush i've been friends with for years who i haven't gotten to see for so long, i'm hella excited this week

so yeah, not bad for a neet lol


Let's go sushiroll!!! Let us know how that date goes!


it hasn't happened yet but there's good and bad news

bad: she can't stay long because her brother is coming back and she has little time to see him

good: she's getting me food from the place she works, which does REALLY good food (also i feel like i could faint just at the kind gesture)


update: it was fun and we enjoyed each other's company, but also complicated and probably uncomfy to talk about the full outcome of

but i'm an idiot, so i still like her


Did half-day a work. I'm bored but haven't got the time or money to vacation.


File: 1690954240920.png (224.83 KB, 564x521, image_2023-08-02_153026071.png)

I'm in my class at uni, I don't know where my friends in this class are, I don't know if they're even here today.


I broke my diet plan to eat some burgers, gonna fix it with a long ride on my new bike. I also got unexpected raise, even though I was already making ridiculous money.

Tomorrow is my day off, and Baldur's Gate release date. Excited!!


Been a while since I do anything in the computer. Today I intend to read some docs on some software to configure my OS nicely. Hope I don't get too confused or frustrated.


let the rice gods be with you, sushi!


File: 1691024016443.png (145.75 KB, 500x500, bb2ec6ddd37c92495eea88193a….png)

I've been binge watching Futurama recently. I liked the show when growing up and because of a reference to snu snu I decided to get into it.
Just finished watching The Luck of The Fryish. I might not watch more for today.


I have a sleeping problem but I’ve been printing stuff.


Went to a cafe-themed cafe named Benzene. Got a piccolo (a small cafe latte); it was nice smooth and strong.


A cafe-themed cafe? So… A cafe?


Damn,>>16635, I would go to a cafe themed cafe.


I meant a CAR-themed cafe. Hence the name BENZENE.


File: 1693449757666.jpg (135.54 KB, 981x744, 20230903.jpg)

Ripping music from youtube
Mostly covers


Thank You For Being A Friend


File: 1695300775828-0.gif (51.14 KB, 200x279, 2Z.gif)

File: 1695300775828-1.gif (51.65 KB, 200x279, 2023.gif)

I'm feeling that I can take on the world today…


File: 1703234414615.jpg (102.52 KB, 731x581, AClipboard01.jpg)

I'm laughing; got next week off.


File: 1703256367228.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, gato.jpg)

I'm feeling so tired and sad, sushis…

Christmas is coming down and holidays are so emotionally taxing for me… I never know what to gift others, and being tied to my whole family all day is a bit exhausting. (I know I'm lucky to have a family at all but still, I feel awkward around them)
On top of that I'm on the brink of a breakup and it's killing me to think that I'm not seeing her anymore after new year. But what hurts more is the fact that all of this could've been avoided if I did things right 2 years ago, or if I really try to save the relationship now, but I'm just feeling too hopeless for that.

I just want everything to be over and be okay and love myself sushis… I thought this year would've ended well, but I guess we can't all be winners.

sorry for venting btw


That's okay sushi. Sometimes things don't work out, so don't beat yourself up over it. Hindsight is 20/20. With a new year comes new opportunities so don't get stuck in the past or worry about the future, give yourself the opportunity and permission to grow!

So love yourself, you've got a new year coming! Mend your broken heart and have a happy new year! I love you!


File: 1707470012315-0.jpg (88.28 KB, 1240x1090, 20240215.jpg)

File: 1707470012315-1.jpg (25.32 KB, 319x407, 20240218.jpg)

Enjoying Lunar (chinese) New Year. Not chinese but have chinese friends.


those animal pastries look yummy


Time for Easter holidays…..


File: 1713097822647-0.jpg (38.79 KB, 700x400, 20240415.jpg)

File: 1713097822647-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 4062x4056, 20240418.jpg)

Sweet Easter Hot X Buns


File: 1713100925496.gif (1.16 MB, 400x400, Good Morning.gif)

wanna go to a coffee place but i'm embarrassed to go alone, also ordered a lot of tapioca and cant wait to make bubble tea at home when it arrives

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