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Happy Holidays!

File: 1628630355876.jpeg (73.1 KB, 913x456, fortune.jpeg)


Sushiladies and gentlerolls, this is the thread to request tarot readings! If you're getting a reading, please come back in the future and tell us how things went!

Some guiding thoughts…

Specific Questions (and in-depth futures)
If you have a specific question, or want a more detailed reading, feel free to ask in your request! I might need up to 3 cards, depending on its complexity, so for the results to be more personalized, its helpful if you provide 3 unique numbers between 1 and 78 for the card pull. Otherwise, I'll choose based on your post ID.

Short Reads
If you want a reading that'll give you a general "What should I know for this month?" answer, I'll only need a single card and therefore only a single number from you.

Should I post pictures of the cards? The art includes different cultural mythologies and folktales so I don't want people being mean if they don't like those images


Hey sushi, thats really cool of you to offer those, hope you have fun doing it. About the question, sushichan doesn't seem to be a place where people would be mean about the cards imagery, in my experience at least.

Im curious about asking those two: "how accurate have i been at interpreting my dreams lately?" and "what advice should i take to get better at it?"


I have some travel this month, if possible a general reading off my post number would be nice. Seeing the card is cool too.


File: 1628696057690.jpg (147.17 KB, 760x960, 1627072319643.jpg)

specific question:what kept me from moving on in the last 5 years? can I ever forgive myself for what I've lost?
numbers:16, 23, 49
also I appreciate the mythology.


What a cute idea. What can you tell me with the number 44.


I'd like to request a short read, number 67. Neat idea, thanks sushi!


File: 1628959354127.jpg (162.15 KB, 640x480, 3142489591532.jpg)

Wow >>12034 san, all coin suite just screams "physical world". But that's super weird since we're asking about dreams here… I'm not sure what that means to you, but its worth thinking about "physical" things in your dreams, or the "phsyicalness" of the dream itself.

The Page of Coins is your past card (how accurate your interpretations were). It indicates setting goals or manifesting things. I think maybe your interpretations become accurate. You develop a heightened sensitivity to the symbols and themes as you interpret, and that helps guide you through the waking world. I don't know the nature of your dreams, so I can't tell if that's positive or negative for you.

As for what you can do starting now and for the future, let's look at your other cards: the 6 of Coins and 4 of Coins respectively. Your 6 is reflective of charity and generosity. The 4 represents possession and stinginess. So we have a movement from very open to very closed. I'd say work with very broad interpretations for now: consider multiple meanings for everything, and get a general idea of what they mean in each other's context, or across different dreams. Some time in the future, return to what details mean specifically for you with the knowledge you've gained from broad practice.


File: 1628959479938.jpg (155.56 KB, 640x480, 9814771853030.jpg)

>>12038 san, I'm sorry you haven't been able to find peace. I'm not sure what comfort I can offer, but I wish you the best.

For your past obstacle, I drew the 8 of Swords. The card has to do with anxiety and paralysis. I think that means more to you than I can speculate upon, so I'll leave it at your discretion to interpret this in a way that is intuitive to you.

For the present, I've drawn Judgement. Though that sounds like it has a negative connotation, I want to reassure you that this card actually has a lot to do with forgiveness. That's what we're talking about now, so I think its a good sign. But a bit more subtlely, the forgiveness from the Judgement doesn't happen spontaneously: the ability to forgive is tied to change in perspective.

I see a hint of perspective in your future card as well: the 2 of Coins. This card entails choice and finding balance. I think your change in perspective might relate to recognition of forgiving yourself as a choice. That decision is a hard one to face, and one you might have to continually fight yourself for, but I think its worth fighting for if it helps you no longer feel trapped by the past.


File: 1628959580084.jpg (163.14 KB, 640x480, 7157300132458.jpg)

And time for our short reads:

>>12036 san, I pulled the Wheel of Fortune card for you. That's a pretty simple one: good luck! In your travels you might have some unexpected improvement over previous trips.

>>12041 san, you've gotten the Two of Cups. This read indicates some sort of upcoming connection, especially to someone that's opposite, but equal to you.

>>12043 san, the Knight of Swords suggests confidence and intellect. If you have an unconventional approach to doing something, I think you might find a good opportunity to express it to others soon.

Thank you everyone for your requests this week! I didn't expect so many. And I'm glad people are interested in the mythology too.


An up coming connection huh? I'll keep eyes open. Thanks sushi and these cards look super cool.


Hey sushi roll, I guess you're the person from the reply everytime you drop in thread, is it okay if I request a general reading? My numbers would be 7, 37, 65, and please post the card art! It's not your fault or problem if people decide to be uncomfy about it.

Even though I'm not really what you would call a believer I have to say I love seeing all kinds of tarot deck art, and sometimes chance reveals inspiration. Thanks in advance if you get around to it!


Cute idea!

Could I get a general reading from my postid?



I'll choose 14, 8, 23.

Could you tell me anything specific about my love life, like if I will have any luck finding love soon?


Thanks a lot! Your deck looks really nice too

Im puzzled to find out more sometime about the cards being all coin and thrilled to follow the advice. Feels nice to get curious


File: 1629945161058.jpg (1.34 MB, 2016x1512, 1200844147683.jpg)

Hey friends sorry for the delays, I've just moved and felt like garbage trying to adjust to the new place. I've got this reading done and I'll work on the rest over the next few days.

Woven into your cards, I see a thread of energy. For the past, I've drawn the Ace of Cups which deals with love and discovering emotions. Along with the other cards, this might mean you once realized a new area of vitality in your life and really wanted other people to recognize it. But in your present card, I see that this may not have been the case for you. The Knight of Wands deals with firey energies, such as passion or temper. When the spirit has been pent up, it often can not be controlled when it leaks out. But I see a positive future. The Page of Swords indicates curiosity and talkativeness. I think it means that being able to express your force of life (in small, concious portions) will improve your interactions with the world.


I want to know whether to perish from a persons circle of aquaintances to give space or whether to proceed from another angle for more benificial circumstances
1-78: 3
1-78: 7
1-78: 9

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