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Happy Holidays!

File: 1625256047107.jpg (344.6 KB, 1029x1500, sleepyfriend.jpg)


Figured why not make it not OT, by makin it the OnT.

This is the official start of the Cult of Good Sleep (informally: CoG Sleepsies (members are unofficially described as "cogs"->"ofSleep"))

Important data of note, this is not a malign cult.
All cult content is optional.
No cultist is ever entitled to force another into any action (regardless of if any "title" difference that may arise).
A cult main guidline, is to never become something that you may be ashamed to admit that you are apart of. It should never be an admittance, to admit you are with "them cogs".

The main object of adoration within the cult is the time of good sooth sleep, and its main way of abiding with that adoration, is to research and collect ways of maintaining an ease of entering good comfy sleep, in an as wide as possible range of environments to do so in, as to maintain a knowledge of a way to sleep in any possible location you may ever spend time long enough for a small nap.

Researched ways of sleepy gate entrance, should never be withheld from the community, because we are all sleeping on eachothers backs, and without the research before us, we would never have made it to the one we currently are at. And if you don't believe that, you shouldn't have to ride at your priors sleepy shoulders, should you? Then you don't need to pilfer community research without giving back your benefit from theirs.

We are currently 1 (me) members deep in sleep, with 1 member pending final acceptance. (we are not actually counting, and we are not ever tracking any one (or any) member//cultist, I was just having fun with typing, so I didn't want to stop, sorry, your fellowcal shizushi has tingly fingers)

Also swampweed always helps with bad dreams, but you have to chase them away during the day ones.


As the one to open the gate of the opening, I guess I am the one to also provide the first fragment of research.

Recently I was having a bad bout of room chaos, to the point my bed was too filled with trash to sleep.

So I had to discover a solution here, how sleep a'comfily, without my bed, but not have to go too far (me being sleepy already). First night, I tried my sleeping bag. Worked alright. A bit too hard. Second night, sleeping bag, but with morning robes underneath as an "earth" layer to emulate. Worked kinda nice, slept soundly, but still not at that comfy level I want to satisfy here.

Tried to sleep outside, in a hammock. Feels weird. Don't feel safe, with the whole world being at my eyelashes, ready to happen at any given time. Need that wall and safety of a room, away from it all, to sleep soundly. Or at least a guardian of some kind, that would wake me with at least minutes to spare in time to react to any given situation. Guess that's why wolves, eh. They sleep day, we sleep night, always keeping eachothers sleepsies safe.

Don't have a hound, so need to move back indoors.
Too tired and sleepy to fix bed, but think, why not make bed, on floor. Took out bedsheets, pillow, and blankets. Felt kinda good. Most of the comfort of a bed is actually the part that comes from above, the comforting way the fabric lays itself on your skin, like tiny frozen clouds of such refreshing small brushes against your skin as they glance you past if you happen to move about just the width of an eyelash.

Slept well, was comfy enough for my taste, so ending my report there. Had a comfy sleep, it took about 4-5 nights to find, but it was worth it. Over & out, touched your snout.


Rejoice!! The cult of sleep!

I usually don't sleep well, but I don't usually wake up feeling ridiculously tired, either. I'd still like to try to improve my sleep quality.

I think my main issue right now is that I have too much of a dependence of looking at screens before bed. I'm usually just not tired enough to sleep when I lay down and turn the lights off, and the cogs in my brain don't seem to want to stop turning. I know it's not going to get better unless I bite the bullet and stop, though.

I'll have a chance to reset and turn my bed into a sleep-only zone once I relocate in a couple of months, so that's sort of exciting.


Figure I might throw in my little knowledge of sleep as well. I used to go to a private school very early in the morning. Because of this, I had to learn to sleep anywhere and at any time to make up for what I missed at night. Backseat of a loud car, lobby benches, church pews, steel bleachers, short carpets, linoleum floors, you name it. Here's what I have learned:

>Wear your body AND mind out.

You won't sleep if you aren't tired. Physical activity even as light as walking makes a huge difference. Mental exercises such as puzzles or sound meditation can do the same for your mind. Wear 'em both out!

>Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Drink a glass of water before you sleep, and refill it to have nearby in case you wake up thirsty.

>Use a pillow or make one.

Take off what clothing you can to wrap around your head to support your neck. A hoodie, backpack, or even your own elbow does the trick. If you have a towel/blanket to use, try to cover your ears and eyes too. Don't cover your nose or mouth, you could suffocate!

>Be safe.

Never sleep in an area where you could be taken advantage of. Sleeping on public transit could result in theft at best, and… bad things at worst. If you sleep in public, make sure you are in full view of people you trust. Only sleep in your car in well-lit parking lots with video surveillance. Guard animals are also good.

I hope this helps! Long life the cogs!


File: 1625295820510.gif (252.03 KB, 320x350, CANTWAKEUP.gif)

Sleep is the enemy!


I've actually found connotations (sleep vs. other) to have more weight than how early you go screen-free before bed. You're sure you can't make it before you relocate? A couple of months of sucky sleep can drain the quality of many days that would've otherwise been quite spectacular.

Also, if you install something like f.lux (redshift for linux folks) and set it up right, you (well at least I do, YMMV) almost get as tired as you would've gotten without going without. Then it's more just the mental alertness any game or software is creating that is in the way of the arrival of drowsiness. It changes the screen color to less blue-toneish during night-time, found it to really help. Not sure if there's anything similar for phones, if that's what you use.

Also for stationary screens in general, feel like it helps to set up a desk lamp behind it, lighting up the wall behind, feels like it's less of a bright square you're staring into.

It is much appreciated! I've been quite bad at staying active, did notice a definite improvement the times I did take a walk or a bike ride during the day. It's good to be reminded about things you take for granted you know, but you're not really using it to your best interests.

And school is actually one of the reasons why I appreciate sleep so much too. Went to a school focused on choir music as a teen for four years (abouts), it was a bit fancy, acceptance rates and all that, so I had to travel an hour every day to and from there on my own. Meant I had to wake up like 5 in the morning to have time to shower, eat breakfast, pack my stuff and get my bearings, and all that. And then one hour used up to get home, usually had to spend more time than I really had before sleeptime to feel done with the day. Then had sleep probs too, nighttime RLS where my legs felt like ants where biting them if I didn't fall asleep ASAP, then I had to go up and massage my legs and stretch them, if that didn't work had to wait around doing something else til I could have another go at sleep. So I was essentially just a bag of drowsy dreams the entire days of school. Now that I don't have my RLS problem anymore (zink and magnesium seemed to help a bunch), it's such a blessing, every time you can just fall back into the warm void without any fuss.

Long sleep the cogs of the great sleeper, may we rest peacefully as long as we live!


I'll install redshift, I completely forgot about that. I'm gonna do my best to make changes before I move.


A while ago I found this this huge page with a ridiculous amount of information about sleep, and what's ideal: https://supermemo.guru/wiki/Good_sleep,_good_learning,_good_life
There's so much information on this page, it seems it could answer pretty much any question one could have on sleep, surely an invaluable resource for the cult.


File: 1625408890516.jpg (80.57 KB, 700x644, 1e17de8899e740944ce563d130….jpg)

Good morning Sleepsies! Just woke up, time to report in on my findings from the previous night. I ran a test regarding cotton sleepwear, here's my results.

I wore clothing that was almost all cotton (cotton pants, hoodie, and crew socks), went to bed under normal circumstances and woke up under normal circumstances for a weekend (no alarm clock). Sleep achieved at approximately 1:00, waking achieved at 8:30, out of bed achieved at 9:00. Sleep interruptions: one 10-minute interruption at 5:56 due to dehydration. Standard dreams were observed, and some parts were remembered and recorded.

Effects of cotton sleepwear: slight benefits observed. My body temperature was steady throughout the night, and I felt comforted emotionally by the snug fit. Socks were removed during interruption due to loose fit. Will try again with tight-fit knee-high or thigh-high cotton socks. No sleeping lines observed after waking. Result? Cotton sleepwear is very good! I personally prefer to sleep with light or no clothing, but if you like to feel snug or wrapped up during sleep, cotton clothing is a great way to go.


>feel snug or wrapped up
I didn't discover this until I started sleeping on my back for health issue reasons, but even if you only wear underwear (or go pantsuless) you can get very snug and wormy if you stuff the blanket in under beneath you starting from your feet (tucking in the short section like a burrito), then you tuck in and tuck in the rest of your sides until you reach the top, then you just snuggle down and try to pull the top section below you from inside of the sleepy sushi burrito.

You essentially feel like the most comfy and soft mummy to ever have been mummified.
Now that my health issues have gotten better, I can sleep on my sides again (but still not on my stomach chest down face sideways on pillow like I used to), been trying to use it in the sideways position too (sideways mummy?), but it's much harder and not as easy. It is doable though, and if you're a on-side sleeper then the sideways mummy might be something to try out.

That's great sushi!
I almost get information overload by looking at it, it's so much stuff. Will have to look at it again when I'm not all drowsy and sleepy-eyed (getting sleepy and comfy was actually the thing to remind me of checking back inside the thread, heh).
Hope comfy lady sleep comes for you to peck your heavy eyelids goodnight~


Sry for doubleposting, but forgot the actual method for sideways mummy!
Easiest way is to kinda try to scramble your whole body in a direction so the blanket falls behind you where you laid, then roll back into that position, then your back part should be all snugged up beneath you, and then you have to try to do the same for the other side without messing up the part that is already tucked in, which can take a few tries. Once there though, you're all snugged and hugged from everywhere even though you're lying in a lonely-spoon position.


A tip for comfy sleep for lonely sushies I recently experimented with to good effect. It has a hint of NSFW, but only due to an assisting objects connotation, it is not actually lewd in nature.

Been missing spoonsleeping with a partner, and I also happen to have a quite sizeable masturbation aid in the form of some big fake hips/butt, have met many real life women with smaller ones.

An unintented use though that is quite nice (almost preferable to even, since there is no cleanup ), is putting it inside some kind of fabric large enough to roll it up in (bedsheets do fine, it's only to make it smoother/comfier/softer to the touch), and then lay it sideways against you, and then proceed to spoon it as you drift away. Was surprised in how realistic it felt, even though the top part is missing (actually removes one uncomfortable part of real spooning, since you can sleep with your arms whatever way you want). Didn't feel as sad or depressing as I would've thought either, it just felt, well yeah. Like having a nice soft butt snuggling against you.

If you're a preferred little spoon, I would probably give one of those arm-around-you pillows or such a chance.


i'll never get to feel someone's arm around me again at this rate…


Can’t sleep tonight. Combination of a stuffy room (opened my window and feeling better), overstimulation from lots of social interaction, and actively being distracted by things. Will probably just drop from exhaustion soon. At least I get to see how idyllic it is out there. :)


I felt that way for years sushi (like 5+ at this point), think I've begun to finally turn around. All I had to ("all" taking a buttload of selfwork and chipping away at old lies I've been telling myself to make myself feel better about why things are the way they are) do was to find my actual self again, doing what I think is fun rather than what I think I "should be" doing.
Something I've noticed recently, got a water bottle from a friend who was minimizing or whatever (probs good stuff but just not enough mental span for the idea atm). Used to keep a large water glass on the bed table, but always drink so dang much (I am a great / mischievious gulper). This particular bottle has like this rubber tube thing to the bottom, so you're essentially sipping the water through a straw. Helped me slow down the pace and only drink as much as wouldnt make me wanna pee in the early morning.
sippable water bottle > water glass ,
if you're a heavy sipper like me


I actually improvised a pillow cloth by just putting it inside a t-shirt instead the other night, was very impressed actually how much softer it was than a regular one.
Which also made me realise I dont even like my pillow to begin with, makes my neck feel all kinds of weird. So gonna have to check out my options for some kind of more out-there pillow kinds, get more data.

Remember checking out some page about some kind of natural husk material for pillows, claimed to be more bone friendly, or ergonomically at least somehow.


Update on this btw;
Having been alone this long, I forgot that it actually takes lots of effort to sleep beside someone as well, even though it has it rewards.

You cant turn however you want, you dont have the whole bedspace to yourself. Any major modification of your sleep posture statuses must be done pairwise, so if you want to change into a pos. that requires (sleepypartner) to co-move, then you might just spend all night in that slightly uncomfy pos. because they're too fucking cute when sleeping to disturb their sleep. Remember spending more nights than I can count with a particular dear one, where I awoke at some early morning hour in slight discomfort, but opting only to adjust only enough to not be bother to her while still mending some of the illformed bodyshapes; spending the rest of the night awake only to spare waking her for a few minutes, because I love her so damn much, I still love her so damn much.

Not that this is a problem with an inanimate object, but it's still in the way, and it's a huge bother to have to lug it around in bed just to switch into a comfier sleepy posture.

Felt exhausting just the second night, even though the first was so amazing. Like going to huge cocktail-parties two nights as a row as a reclusive introvert. (not that I have ever been at a cocktailparty, but the idea of a double-nighter of them still gives me horrors)

- - -

Also reminded me, of a thing I thought of.
Isn't sleeping beside someone actually more intimate than any other act you can do with another? Because all other things, you're at least partially aware of the going-ons, and most often you can adjust and leverage your will into whatever intents they might aspire.

But sleeping beside them, you entrust them with your totally unprotected and unresponsive resting self. I think that's kinda beautiful.


this post hurts too much to read right now.


I'm sorry, I hurt too. There's always still hope sushi, as long as you keep faith that you're an alright person, and if you don't, then you should probs have a mental lookover what it is that you find in yourself that isn't.

It is better to hurt than to lose your heart.
I lost my hurt along with my heart for several years, it was horrible, and I did alot of things I would never have done if I was all me, and behaved like the person I know I am, with heart in place.

Also it always helps to get some good comfy sleep.
Nothing better against heart-ache than some hot tea with a blanket and a nice book, or episode of some nice series, before bedtime, lose yourself in adventures not your own a while, then lie down in a completely empty bed to relax into the dreamscape (or the void, if that's where you go, most often the way for me).
If you have a nice last part of the evening and rest up good, things tend to feel less heavy when you wake up.

I love you sushi.
I don't think we'll ever meet (knowingly), but you're good stuff, and I will always hope that your steps lead you somewhere nice, where you can be as weightless as before the wounds started to accumulate.
I am so glad that you are here.

Have a nice sleep later, sleepyroll.


Small post scriptum to:
Make "should probs have a mental lookover"
into "should probs have a mental & emotional lookover"

Cause if you tuern heartless then it really is (in the selfs perspective) only mental, logical conclusions as to what actions you need to solve things.
Because you don't see it from inside, that you have removed something. You feel as if you're viewing things clear as day, because you are, because deeper feelings can't be referenced as operands of wherever on the life vector you may exist, they are only an influence, there are no formulae for changing them.

You don't need to account for the weather of the day, you just know the things to be done. Because it's hard, it's hard to shape a course on harsh bearings. It's easier to pretend the wanted destination is something easily explained, easily reached, as long as you take certain steps.


Also sorry for OT but I feel that it'd be a waste of life to love a fellow sushi and not say it; and to let my scars be in vain, I'd rather not that any restful waters gained from them lie dormant inside me where no fellow wanderer may find them of use.


you don't love me, you don't know me, please don't say such things. you seem to assume a lot.
i cried badly in bed last night and i dreamed of decay and my youth. i realized i hurt the only person who ever wholly loved me and it no longer matters if he ever comes back or not. this is how my nights will be from now.


Well, I'm sorry sushi. I didn't necessarily think that it was things that would help you specifically, more for anyone it would resonate with. I'm sorry if you took it as that I think I know what you're going through by one sentence alone.

I still love you though, and I have loved many people I don't know at all. If you read it as that I have a crush on you, then it's not true, but there's many kinds of love. I love all the sushis, because they make this place possible. That doesn't mean I wanna bone them or kiss them. Still love them. Still love you. Still want the best life possible to happen to you.


Sleepy Experiments Lying (down in bed) Ep. Whatever:

Heat has gone down kinda, so that it's too chilly to only have the bed sheets, but too warm to have the duvet inside still.

Found the perfect medium level in putting a thin wool blanket inside instead.


File: 1627005983441.png (621.9 KB, 720x715, ClipboardImage.png)

Good god, what happened to this thread? Was enjoying posting here on occasion about sleep and sleeping advice. Please talk to a therapist, or if that's not viable, talk to a friend or family member. Maybe look into religion or spiritualism?

Ultimately, you aren't going to be able to sleep at night if you don't have a reason to wake up. That reason could be someone in your care, such as a young/elderly family member or pet. Could be a religion (be careful with that one), could be an idea, or maybe, just maybe, it could be you. If you can't live for yourself, at least live for something else. Don't make a relationship your reason for living either, things don't always work out. Anyways, goodnight, sleep tight, and please do something for yourself.


Been doing even more blanket experiments, currently trying out mixing different blankets at once. Not layered, but differing thiccness for different body sections.

Most comfy variant so far has been to have a standard fluffy one for the legs from midsection downwards, then just the empty blanket case (I don't think that's what it's called but I'm not a native speaker, so many english words for sleeping items that are hard to look up, would be really great with some kind of "bed anatomy" sheet drawing/diagram with named parts and arrows and all that)
Yeah maybe a friendly board-gardener could prune out some of the unnecessities above…


you say you don't like it coz it's off topic, then your entire post is engaging in it yourself. make up your mind.


Do you sushis "watch" yourself fal asleep? As in, do you ever get to a state of calmness where you can be conscious and see yourself drift towards sleep and remember the moment the next day? Or do you prefer giggling at sushigirl posts until you pass out on your keyboard?

A few posts trying to help out a sad sushi don't need to be pruned, we don't want to become like neolainchan.


Re-read the thread, I should restate this to be about my research. I have managed this only a couple of times but it results in a night of sleep that I am more proud of. Will keep trying and update on methods and tips.


Astronomical twilight is transcending the daytime border. I shift into negative night time propagation to push my nocturnal framework. Celestial streams hammer down on my cosmic mind integration, altering the absorption of divine ether through my biochemical channels, yet I peel out of the layered gowns that descend upon my sleeping husk as I pull through the last barrier, reaching for the dawn.


Don't you guys love the calming and relaxing aspects of sleep? When I go to sleep all my problems seems to fade away. I really like that feeling when my head is light and crystal clear.


I keep the bed as a space for only sleep (and cuddling etc when opportunity arises) so I don't ever do activities until I pass out, but I don't really keep awareness anyway. Just kind of let myself drift away, then it's the next morning.

I have at times tried to stay aware during the process, but I always get too scared (not of anything particular, the atmosphere just feels so alien) when sleep paralysis starts to set in to keep with it and just let go instead. Or there was that one time I did stay, and during sleep paralysis there was this dark mass standing at the foot end of my bed. I have a habit during the few dreams I do have to just be curious and try to make friends with things even if they seem scary, so I kinda tried to reach out to it (not physically, just kinda, like an emotional tendril?) rather than be scared.

Don't really believe in spooky stuff, so I guess it was something bubbling up from my subconscious, but I had some kind of interaction with it that's kinda hard to explain.


Remembering it better now, think I can explain actually.
It was like it took me along for a dream that came from it, not me. Kinda like the difference between how you feel when you play a game yourself, or if you watch somebody else play it. Like that, but for dreams.

Sadly my dream retention is shit, so I don't remember much detail, mostly just the mood and that strange feeling of being shown things, being lead places to witness.


Do you watch a lot of let's plays or streamers? What we see over the day influences our dreams a great deal. In the early days of television people often dreamed in greyscale [citation needed, read it in a book about dreaming i think].


Not really no, and it was only that one time I've ever felt that way in a dream. And the entrance into dream was completely different, in that I've never been with it at the beginning of a dream before, otherwise the times I do experience dream recall I remember the last piece from what happened before I awoke, and then might be able to fish out more dream-memory by going backwards from there.

This one was the other way, remembered the beginning of the dream more easily, while it got more cloudy further in. I guess as in, the dream memory anchor was placed at the opposite end of what I otherwise always experience.


File: 1638176045146-0.jpg (175.08 KB, 1500x1159, 20211205.jpg)

File: 1638176045146-1.jpg (37.01 KB, 468x417, 20211212.jpg)

File: 1638176045146-2.jpg (28.2 KB, 474x444, 20211219.jpg)

Bed is for sleep only; don't browse dumpor.com & nitter.domain.glass on your smartphone while in bed.


I've been hearing loud bangs and stuff lately as i try to fall asleep and also when I'm laying in bed after waking up. I've been having very broken sleep for a while now and this definitely doesn't help.

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