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File: 1622926058457.webm (4.37 MB, 960x720, paper_craft_electric_fan.webm)


Last thread >>10258 reached bump limit so I'm making an even newer-er one!

General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!


Do you think, therefore you are? Or you are, therefore you think?
Chicken or the egg?
Is the glass half empty, or half full?


It's not mature, but I can't help and laugh at endocrine history. For a while testicle transplants were seen as a cure all for diseases, so sentences like "Because of the lack of human testicles he looked to monkeys" and "He chose to use goats as donors instead of monkeys because they were more abundant in Kansas"

For those curios the transplants were pure quackery and the body just destroys and foreign animal cell that gets into it, these surgery took place before imuniosuprecents existed.


Haha! He said testicle!


Both both both


really cute webm
girls with big eyebrows are adorable


not irl….


says who?


I'm doing sourdough for the first time
Making the starter is fun, I feel like a mad scientist!


File: 1622961367021.jpg (161.89 KB, 900x900, 1618253931152.jpg)

Talk to me sushi
I am drunk and lonely


Thinking about my online friend again. I dunno if they're a girl or a guy, but recent habits and in-general events I picked up from them probably makes me think they're the former. And… they're just so sweet to me. Even when they're super busy to even so much as talk, I can tell they're trying, and they flat-out admitted that they love being around me, in an indirect sort of way.
I mean, I'd offer to meet up IRL or even get to see the IRL them, but that really can't happen for several reasons, the main one being that last time they did show anything IRL to someone, once they split up, they apparently started posting their pics with some pretty dark captions.
But… to bring it back to being comfy, to be honest, I really don't care who they are. I mean sure if they're a guy that drops me wanting to be an actual boyfriend to 0, but we can still definitely be tight-knit friends, and, hell, I'd have an easier time introducing him to my other friends were that the case.
Probably posted this like several months ago here, maybe, or somewhere else, but still man.


>they apparently started posting their pics with some pretty dark captions.
I'm confused, was it the person you're talking to doing this, or that persons old friend?


The person's old friend… well, ex-friend more like.


I see I see
It's an interesting situation you're in. I wish I had any good advice for you, but I really don't. I guess I would say that, if you guys are good enough friends, I wouldn't be afraid of asking for IRL meetings or confirmations of gender or intention if that's what you really want. Honesty is the best policy after all. If they decline then it is what is I suppose, and you have to resign yourself to just being internet pals, at least for the time being.


Yeah, that's… pretty much what I'm figuring on, too. We're good friends, but we're only good online friends – probably the same status the ex-friend had before he got ditched. So, I would not blame my friend if they were suspecting me of doing the same thing. At some point in time I have to ask them if they really are a girl, but like, I'd have to wait for a proper opportunity. Almost never do any sort of discussions between us happen that could lead up to me asking that question and have it not be awkward.
Still, though, thanks for helping me reflect.


Well, scratch that thought, maybe I could find some sort of situation that "requires a woman's touch/intuition" and go on from there. Maybe ask them if they're a woman/know enough of them so maybe it doesn't look like I'm completely datamining them.


me, someone with big eyebrows.


Same here, cheers sushi.


Wait I thought the "how are you doing today" was supposed to be this thread


File: 1623002964008.png (351.02 KB, 598x551, 1622971520636-s4s.png)

I acted weird again


Well I don't know you
But I googled "girl with bushy eyebrows" and saw plenty of 3D qts


File: 1623004970277.png (2.19 MB, 2000x2000, 1618471936344.png)

You're too late sushi roll now I'm just hungover and lonely!


Feels like I still have chlorine in my eyeballs and up my nose after being repeatedly dunked at the pool yesserday

I'm gonna wind up down this rabbit hole now, and it's your fault.


I suppose there isn't a single little thing like this that makes someone ugly or not, it's all of these things together that decide.
I must be altogether ugly then, lole.


File: 1623024398251-0.png (36.58 KB, 787x250, 2.png)

File: 1623024398251-1.png (28.79 KB, 700x177, 1.png)

File: 1623024398251-2.jpg (24.89 KB, 260x402, 3.jpg)

I wonder if a sci-fi story based on medical biopunk exists. I'm diabetic and I also browse random chronic condition forums; what I've discovered is that every condition has its own history of using their medical devices and pills in ways against what their doctor recommends, be it aesthetic difference to down right dangerous. For diabetics it's injecting insulin into the muscle, a way to get ultra fast acting insulin in exchange for a less stable dose, and hacking pumps; For those in wheel chairs it's modifying their chairs wheels and engines; For epilepsy it's trying illegal drugs to try and cure their condition. To add on people without chronic conditions can use medications made for those with them, body builders us diabetes medication and people get high off of aderal. If you put a sci-fi spin on these ideas you could most likely make a somewhat interesting idea.
I would also wonder what disability technology looks like in the future. What a CGM/closed loop, a 'fake pancreas' that tracks blood sugar and gives insulin for a diabetic automatically, might work like once AI technology becomes possible. What a seizure dog would be like once genetic engineering or mechanics becomes strong enough. Would people with osteogenis imperfecta, bone fragility, get robot suit covered by medicare? Will they try to modify said suits?

I don't know much about sci-fi so I don't know if this exists. All I can do is google scholar "disabilities and sci-fi". Anytime something like this does come up it's often a side not for their back story (ex: he was disabled in a car crash, but now he has a robot body. )


I had a weird dream last night that Sushichan had a live board, and it kinda stressed me out


Combine these two ideas and you have people attaching all sorts of animal ball to themselves.


Stop being so hard on yourself roll


File: 1623339469042.png (163.39 KB, 520x315, ;(.png)

I'm somewhat irritated now because when ever I try to search cyberpunk online cyberpunk 2077 comes up. It was bad enough when the synth playlists took over, but cyberpunk 2077 has the added con of attaching it's self to all cyberpunk concepts so it'll come up even when you google ideas.
Somewhat related, but I think cyberpunk 2077 will be the nail that killed cyberpunk. The genre had a strong start as a response to the cultural zeitgeist of its age, but as the decades went on cyberpunk never responded to new zeitgeists and simply became self referential. This led to cyberpunks aesthetics taking over, Neon lights, place vs place: japan, robot arm because robot arm is cyberpunk, leaving any philosophical commentary, besides big corporations bad, in the dust. As of now something advertised cyberpunk is comodified rebellion at worst and at best a campy ramp. Some good cyberpunk works exist, but they are rare in a genre thats becoming overtaken by "neon Tokyo= cyberpunk". Cyberpunk 2077 accelerations this downfall by taking the worst traits of cyberpunk and existing as it's most popular work, people think of it as cyberpunk and people see it when they search cyberpunk now.
In the end I wonder what comes next. Will cyberpunk stay in this culture that loves nostalgic kitsch or will it be usurped by a new "-punk" or scifi that responds to this cultures zeitgeist. As of now solorpunk seems somewhat popular, but all I've seen of it is "Wow that looks cool" and not actual works on it. I think internet cyberpunk will become popular because it's the current cultural obsession. The main thing stopping it is most people don't know how to make theoretical internet conversations into full entertaining stories. Personal bias, but I want biopunk to be the next thing


File: 1623352141403.png (215.07 KB, 429x406, kannabonk.png)

I just got back today after taking a break from imageboards for a year. Actually, I wanted to do it for three years, but I have not had as much fun as I normally do when I take long breaks from imageboards. I never even sat down to think about what I wanted to accomplish and I kind of cheated in the sense that I would sometimes check the 4chan archives for people to email. It was a weird liminal experience that I do not wish to repeat, although it was not all bad. I think I will just catch up with things here over the summer and try again with a better plan come Autumn.
A lot of things can happen in a year, so I am happy to see that sushichan is still going strong.


A year without imageboards? What did you do during that time?


File: 1623378118367.png (488.76 KB, 1080x1186, 2723377.png)

Since this is random thoughts…
The evolution of the word "based" fascinates me. Originally meant to say "I agree" with rebellious denotations on imageboards. For example Kevin saying the sky is blue is not based (excluding modern contexts), but him saying a perceived controversial opinion is. To be based is to not just be right, but to be martyrdom of rightness who uses logic or harsh truths to rise above the sheeple. The term lost the specific, along with rather pompous, meaning and soon became a general catch all for "I think this is good". No longer did you have to have a point, but simply be aestheticaly beautiful. The term started getting mocked at this point because it was obviously being used by people who lacked the intelligence to articulate why they used the term. At best it was people who couldn't explain why a work resonated with them, but at worst it was people who lacked any critical thought besides recognizing they symbols of "my side". I can't forgive the former though because it often leads to the latter and is caused by obsessive internet use that replaces any hobbies that can teach someone to articulate. This trend started on late imageboards, before it was less common not uneard of to spam the word, but gained full steam on popular SM which infected imageboard culture, like a feed back loop. No longer did big SM sites cooy content from big imageboards, but they also produced content that would ve posted there. A wojack a popular imageboard could have equally originated on 4chan or Twitter. The current stage of the word fully embraces the IB SM feed back loop and is in a state of extreme irony. Something so wrong it's funny is based, something extreme of what you believe in is based, everything is based. Based has consumed any need to articulate both something you agree or disagree with. The user has lost any ability to feel sublime emotions and instead engages with media on a shallow basis

I wouldn't find it odd if an internet user could only respond with based to any emotional stimulus in the future


I think thats a lot of lexicography that can easily be reduced to the image you posted.
Based = Content I like
Cringe = Content I dislike
I personally don't feel too aggravated about it, because it's the internet, and fads change with the time.


File: 1623388525060.gif (114.07 KB, 192x256, 1614615482023-v.gif)

Speaking of, in my quest to get friends IRL, it seems to my dismay that they're not weebs. In fact I didn't come across many people that were weebs as of late, someone bullied me for using a tengu picture to end my stream last week, and all these people that I befriend IRL seem to be into trendy stuff like Call of Duty. I still can't believe people talk about it. This just makes me believe that a lot of westerners really don't have taste.
Normalcy and imageboards really are two worlds apart


Didn't "based" originate as kind of well meaning jokes about the rapper lil B calling himself "based god"


File: 1623397108479.jpg (439.33 KB, 600x800, 1593247179286-2.jpg)

Welcome back roll


Sushis, is it just me that sees summer with melancholy? Like you'd expect it to be a period of happiness and enjoyment but all I feel is this feeling of missing out on fun stuff to do.


Yeah, that's exactly it. I remember all the earliest examples of "based" being used were in the form of "Thank you based X." IIRC, it was used that way for a while before I'd ever heard anyone say that something "is based." I'm pretty sure what >>11558 claims is the "original" usage was already a heavy mutation of its actual original usage.


Yeah, I also had a moment of depressing realisation that cyberpunk is dried up and shrivelled. It was a few months ago when I saw song related. The YouTube algorithm thought it was perfect for me, but, in a way, it was too perfect. It was almost as if a neural network had generated the song based on other cyberpunk media I had watched, but only managed to recycle loads of clichés in five minutes…city strung with cables…life pulsing through the wires…I saw your neon reflection in the infinite plate glass sea of the EvilCorp skyscraper…blah blah blah

Don't get me wrong, I love cyberpunk, but the aesthetic now feels so narrowly defined that it's hard to be original with it. Another problem is that everyday reality is now damp with dystopian elements of the genre. Mass surveillance has been tolerated for years. The line between the real world and virtual worlds is blurring as we spend more and more time on computers. Inequality between those who benefit from technology and those who are made redundant by it is stark. Eventually, real life will be only superficially distinguishable from cyberpunk dreamscapes. At that point, the genre won't be shocking any more, and it will die.


seems my embed was eaten - the song I mentioned was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF5mf4LV7Jw


no, it's not just you. girl in red and 5 million others feel the same: https://soundcloud.com/lyfsuxx/summerdepression

personally, this song reminds me of being a teenager. I spent most of summer indoors, watching TV, playing Minecraft and occasionally going to the park with my dad. the thing that puzzles me now is that I did have friends at school during this time, but (apparently) I made no effort to see them and do teenagerish things. who knows why?


I didn't do that much, hence my frustration. The whole thing is a blur and the more I think about it the less I remember, but I also worked more than I usually do so that may be why. I did read through all my old diaries, though.

Thanks sushi hope you are having a good day today.


Anyone else in a good mood? I'm in a good mood.


File: 1623561685988.jpg (31.89 KB, 489x465, 68963552_p49.jpg)

I am in a good mood too
Content with my life and the things I am accomplishing, however small.


File: 1623563425018.png (2.73 MB, 1720x2048, 1618819718213.png)

beer is good


This makes me happy.
What kind of things?


I got a gym membership, have been going regularly with 2 day breaks in between each visit. Trying to lose some weight. Trying to talk to girls again. Cooking for myself more often. Going to therapy. Little things.


File: 1623600545854.png (221.58 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

I just finished the extra episode of Doom 1993, I feel good.
Should finish Doom II one day, I think the last level I got to was the city in Chapter 2, after the second archvile.
My only gripe is what to play after that. I know there's official extra content for the games but they get kinda blurry in my head.


Protip: marry and you will not have to deal with talking to girls anymore.


Y-yeah I'll get right on that…


you will have to deal with your wife talking to you all the time

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