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Last thread >>10258 reached bump limit so I'm making an even newer-er one!

General discussion thread. Talk about how your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently, what's on your or just to say hi!


Do you think, therefore you are? Or you are, therefore you think?
Chicken or the egg?
Is the glass half empty, or half full?


It's not mature, but I can't help and laugh at endocrine history. For a while testicle transplants were seen as a cure all for diseases, so sentences like "Because of the lack of human testicles he looked to monkeys" and "He chose to use goats as donors instead of monkeys because they were more abundant in Kansas"

For those curios the transplants were pure quackery and the body just destroys and foreign animal cell that gets into it, these surgery took place before imuniosuprecents existed.


Haha! He said testicle!


Both both both


really cute webm
girls with big eyebrows are adorable


not irl….


says who?


I'm doing sourdough for the first time
Making the starter is fun, I feel like a mad scientist!


File: 1622961367021.jpg (161.89 KB, 900x900, 1618253931152.jpg)

Talk to me sushi
I am drunk and lonely


Thinking about my online friend again. I dunno if they're a girl or a guy, but recent habits and in-general events I picked up from them probably makes me think they're the former. And… they're just so sweet to me. Even when they're super busy to even so much as talk, I can tell they're trying, and they flat-out admitted that they love being around me, in an indirect sort of way.
I mean, I'd offer to meet up IRL or even get to see the IRL them, but that really can't happen for several reasons, the main one being that last time they did show anything IRL to someone, once they split up, they apparently started posting their pics with some pretty dark captions.
But… to bring it back to being comfy, to be honest, I really don't care who they are. I mean sure if they're a guy that drops me wanting to be an actual boyfriend to 0, but we can still definitely be tight-knit friends, and, hell, I'd have an easier time introducing him to my other friends were that the case.
Probably posted this like several months ago here, maybe, or somewhere else, but still man.


>they apparently started posting their pics with some pretty dark captions.
I'm confused, was it the person you're talking to doing this, or that persons old friend?


The person's old friend… well, ex-friend more like.


I see I see
It's an interesting situation you're in. I wish I had any good advice for you, but I really don't. I guess I would say that, if you guys are good enough friends, I wouldn't be afraid of asking for IRL meetings or confirmations of gender or intention if that's what you really want. Honesty is the best policy after all. If they decline then it is what is I suppose, and you have to resign yourself to just being internet pals, at least for the time being.


Yeah, that's… pretty much what I'm figuring on, too. We're good friends, but we're only good online friends – probably the same status the ex-friend had before he got ditched. So, I would not blame my friend if they were suspecting me of doing the same thing. At some point in time I have to ask them if they really are a girl, but like, I'd have to wait for a proper opportunity. Almost never do any sort of discussions between us happen that could lead up to me asking that question and have it not be awkward.
Still, though, thanks for helping me reflect.


Well, scratch that thought, maybe I could find some sort of situation that "requires a woman's touch/intuition" and go on from there. Maybe ask them if they're a woman/know enough of them so maybe it doesn't look like I'm completely datamining them.


me, someone with big eyebrows.


Same here, cheers sushi.


Wait I thought the "how are you doing today" was supposed to be this thread


File: 1623002964008.png (351.02 KB, 598x551, 1622971520636-s4s.png)

I acted weird again


Well I don't know you
But I googled "girl with bushy eyebrows" and saw plenty of 3D qts


File: 1623004970277.png (2.19 MB, 2000x2000, 1618471936344.png)

You're too late sushi roll now I'm just hungover and lonely!


Feels like I still have chlorine in my eyeballs and up my nose after being repeatedly dunked at the pool yesserday

I'm gonna wind up down this rabbit hole now, and it's your fault.


I suppose there isn't a single little thing like this that makes someone ugly or not, it's all of these things together that decide.
I must be altogether ugly then, lole.


File: 1623024398251-0.png (36.58 KB, 787x250, 2.png)

File: 1623024398251-1.png (28.79 KB, 700x177, 1.png)

File: 1623024398251-2.jpg (24.89 KB, 260x402, 3.jpg)

I wonder if a sci-fi story based on medical biopunk exists. I'm diabetic and I also browse random chronic condition forums; what I've discovered is that every condition has its own history of using their medical devices and pills in ways against what their doctor recommends, be it aesthetic difference to down right dangerous. For diabetics it's injecting insulin into the muscle, a way to get ultra fast acting insulin in exchange for a less stable dose, and hacking pumps; For those in wheel chairs it's modifying their chairs wheels and engines; For epilepsy it's trying illegal drugs to try and cure their condition. To add on people without chronic conditions can use medications made for those with them, body builders us diabetes medication and people get high off of aderal. If you put a sci-fi spin on these ideas you could most likely make a somewhat interesting idea.
I would also wonder what disability technology looks like in the future. What a CGM/closed loop, a 'fake pancreas' that tracks blood sugar and gives insulin for a diabetic automatically, might work like once AI technology becomes possible. What a seizure dog would be like once genetic engineering or mechanics becomes strong enough. Would people with osteogenis imperfecta, bone fragility, get robot suit covered by medicare? Will they try to modify said suits?

I don't know much about sci-fi so I don't know if this exists. All I can do is google scholar "disabilities and sci-fi". Anytime something like this does come up it's often a side not for their back story (ex: he was disabled in a car crash, but now he has a robot body. )


I had a weird dream last night that Sushichan had a live board, and it kinda stressed me out


Combine these two ideas and you have people attaching all sorts of animal ball to themselves.


Stop being so hard on yourself roll


File: 1623339469042.png (163.39 KB, 520x315, ;(.png)

I'm somewhat irritated now because when ever I try to search cyberpunk online cyberpunk 2077 comes up. It was bad enough when the synth playlists took over, but cyberpunk 2077 has the added con of attaching it's self to all cyberpunk concepts so it'll come up even when you google ideas.
Somewhat related, but I think cyberpunk 2077 will be the nail that killed cyberpunk. The genre had a strong start as a response to the cultural zeitgeist of its age, but as the decades went on cyberpunk never responded to new zeitgeists and simply became self referential. This led to cyberpunks aesthetics taking over, Neon lights, place vs place: japan, robot arm because robot arm is cyberpunk, leaving any philosophical commentary, besides big corporations bad, in the dust. As of now something advertised cyberpunk is comodified rebellion at worst and at best a campy ramp. Some good cyberpunk works exist, but they are rare in a genre thats becoming overtaken by "neon Tokyo= cyberpunk". Cyberpunk 2077 accelerations this downfall by taking the worst traits of cyberpunk and existing as it's most popular work, people think of it as cyberpunk and people see it when they search cyberpunk now.
In the end I wonder what comes next. Will cyberpunk stay in this culture that loves nostalgic kitsch or will it be usurped by a new "-punk" or scifi that responds to this cultures zeitgeist. As of now solorpunk seems somewhat popular, but all I've seen of it is "Wow that looks cool" and not actual works on it. I think internet cyberpunk will become popular because it's the current cultural obsession. The main thing stopping it is most people don't know how to make theoretical internet conversations into full entertaining stories. Personal bias, but I want biopunk to be the next thing


File: 1623352141403.png (215.07 KB, 429x406, kannabonk.png)

I just got back today after taking a break from imageboards for a year. Actually, I wanted to do it for three years, but I have not had as much fun as I normally do when I take long breaks from imageboards. I never even sat down to think about what I wanted to accomplish and I kind of cheated in the sense that I would sometimes check the 4chan archives for people to email. It was a weird liminal experience that I do not wish to repeat, although it was not all bad. I think I will just catch up with things here over the summer and try again with a better plan come Autumn.
A lot of things can happen in a year, so I am happy to see that sushichan is still going strong.


A year without imageboards? What did you do during that time?


File: 1623378118367.png (488.76 KB, 1080x1186, 2723377.png)

Since this is random thoughts…
The evolution of the word "based" fascinates me. Originally meant to say "I agree" with rebellious denotations on imageboards. For example Kevin saying the sky is blue is not based (excluding modern contexts), but him saying a perceived controversial opinion is. To be based is to not just be right, but to be martyrdom of rightness who uses logic or harsh truths to rise above the sheeple. The term lost the specific, along with rather pompous, meaning and soon became a general catch all for "I think this is good". No longer did you have to have a point, but simply be aestheticaly beautiful. The term started getting mocked at this point because it was obviously being used by people who lacked the intelligence to articulate why they used the term. At best it was people who couldn't explain why a work resonated with them, but at worst it was people who lacked any critical thought besides recognizing they symbols of "my side". I can't forgive the former though because it often leads to the latter and is caused by obsessive internet use that replaces any hobbies that can teach someone to articulate. This trend started on late imageboards, before it was less common not uneard of to spam the word, but gained full steam on popular SM which infected imageboard culture, like a feed back loop. No longer did big SM sites cooy content from big imageboards, but they also produced content that would ve posted there. A wojack a popular imageboard could have equally originated on 4chan or Twitter. The current stage of the word fully embraces the IB SM feed back loop and is in a state of extreme irony. Something so wrong it's funny is based, something extreme of what you believe in is based, everything is based. Based has consumed any need to articulate both something you agree or disagree with. The user has lost any ability to feel sublime emotions and instead engages with media on a shallow basis

I wouldn't find it odd if an internet user could only respond with based to any emotional stimulus in the future


I think thats a lot of lexicography that can easily be reduced to the image you posted.
Based = Content I like
Cringe = Content I dislike
I personally don't feel too aggravated about it, because it's the internet, and fads change with the time.


File: 1623388525060.gif (114.07 KB, 192x256, 1614615482023-v.gif)

Speaking of, in my quest to get friends IRL, it seems to my dismay that they're not weebs. In fact I didn't come across many people that were weebs as of late, someone bullied me for using a tengu picture to end my stream last week, and all these people that I befriend IRL seem to be into trendy stuff like Call of Duty. I still can't believe people talk about it. This just makes me believe that a lot of westerners really don't have taste.
Normalcy and imageboards really are two worlds apart


Didn't "based" originate as kind of well meaning jokes about the rapper lil B calling himself "based god"


File: 1623397108479.jpg (439.33 KB, 600x800, 1593247179286-2.jpg)

Welcome back roll


Sushis, is it just me that sees summer with melancholy? Like you'd expect it to be a period of happiness and enjoyment but all I feel is this feeling of missing out on fun stuff to do.


Yeah, that's exactly it. I remember all the earliest examples of "based" being used were in the form of "Thank you based X." IIRC, it was used that way for a while before I'd ever heard anyone say that something "is based." I'm pretty sure what >>11558 claims is the "original" usage was already a heavy mutation of its actual original usage.


Yeah, I also had a moment of depressing realisation that cyberpunk is dried up and shrivelled. It was a few months ago when I saw song related. The YouTube algorithm thought it was perfect for me, but, in a way, it was too perfect. It was almost as if a neural network had generated the song based on other cyberpunk media I had watched, but only managed to recycle loads of clichés in five minutes…city strung with cables…life pulsing through the wires…I saw your neon reflection in the infinite plate glass sea of the EvilCorp skyscraper…blah blah blah

Don't get me wrong, I love cyberpunk, but the aesthetic now feels so narrowly defined that it's hard to be original with it. Another problem is that everyday reality is now damp with dystopian elements of the genre. Mass surveillance has been tolerated for years. The line between the real world and virtual worlds is blurring as we spend more and more time on computers. Inequality between those who benefit from technology and those who are made redundant by it is stark. Eventually, real life will be only superficially distinguishable from cyberpunk dreamscapes. At that point, the genre won't be shocking any more, and it will die.


seems my embed was eaten - the song I mentioned was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF5mf4LV7Jw


no, it's not just you. girl in red and 5 million others feel the same: https://soundcloud.com/lyfsuxx/summerdepression

personally, this song reminds me of being a teenager. I spent most of summer indoors, watching TV, playing Minecraft and occasionally going to the park with my dad. the thing that puzzles me now is that I did have friends at school during this time, but (apparently) I made no effort to see them and do teenagerish things. who knows why?


I didn't do that much, hence my frustration. The whole thing is a blur and the more I think about it the less I remember, but I also worked more than I usually do so that may be why. I did read through all my old diaries, though.

Thanks sushi hope you are having a good day today.


Anyone else in a good mood? I'm in a good mood.


File: 1623561685988.jpg (31.89 KB, 489x465, 68963552_p49.jpg)

I am in a good mood too
Content with my life and the things I am accomplishing, however small.


File: 1623563425018.png (2.73 MB, 1720x2048, 1618819718213.png)

beer is good


This makes me happy.
What kind of things?


I got a gym membership, have been going regularly with 2 day breaks in between each visit. Trying to lose some weight. Trying to talk to girls again. Cooking for myself more often. Going to therapy. Little things.


File: 1623600545854.png (221.58 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

I just finished the extra episode of Doom 1993, I feel good.
Should finish Doom II one day, I think the last level I got to was the city in Chapter 2, after the second archvile.
My only gripe is what to play after that. I know there's official extra content for the games but they get kinda blurry in my head.


Protip: marry and you will not have to deal with talking to girls anymore.


Y-yeah I'll get right on that…


you will have to deal with your wife talking to you all the time


File: 1624062704183.jpg (84.38 KB, 300x297, cover.jpg)

In my times exploring music, I'm still amazed at just how much there is, even within specific scenes, though it's not like this is unexpected. I'm quite sure you could spend your entire life just listening to Japanese doujin music alone.


Funny story today while working. I work as a French tech support and somebody called in saying they got a loud warning on their screen with a number to call. While obviously a scam, the user called the number but since they don't speak English well they hanged up on the scammer and called us. Almost feel bad for the scammer. The one that got away.


This is so real. I love discovering new music.


Interesting. I feel like I've hit a wall w/ music. The songs in my favorite genres are all starting to sound the same, and I'm not finding any new genres to fill the gap. I still find some gems in the industrial scene, but more often than not I'm listening to repeats from years ago. I used to be obsessed w/ a particular genre for months and now it's like I don't care about music at all anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xrrohhXSOE - this keeps my attention for now.


File: 1624282960734.jpg (88.2 KB, 643x709, prison.jpg)

Super long, think years long, "to do.." lists, to read, to listen, to watch, on hobby sites are often never actually finished. This unfinished nature makes them less lists recording what the user plans to do, but more a time stamp of their desires. Looking back on my to read list I wont finish half the books I put on because I wanted to read them when I was a different person. I recently cleaned my goodreads lists, I had a max 200 to reads and I needed to clean room before I hit the limit, and about 7-10 books I no longer wanted to read because I wasn't interested in the topic anymore.
I also wonder how much of my to reads list is redundant. I read two "intro into body studies" books and they overlapped a bit, but it wasn't *unbearable* since intro books are so broad they can't really overlap. The more niche books I'm more worried about. I have 5-6 different books on body mods, cultural history and reaction to obesity, and freak shows. I feel once I get 2-3 books into a topic the other books will be redundant.
On a positive not I've read enough body studies I get what works/ideas body studies texts reference. the con is that some of the references are trite. You really can't have a book on the cultural history of obesity without mentioning William Banting and you can't do body studies without using Foucalts biopower. Another problem is only know the works from second hand sources and I gotta know them first hand, so those references are reminders of my ever growing to read.


File: 1624400653905.png (6.81 KB, 523x32, 4674754.png)

That much? I really thought there 5-7. Man am I stupid


File: 1624401944953.png (241.54 KB, 340x318, 1235234621342389.png)

It has been 576 days since the original thread was created.

Earlier today at a meeting in work… it was as if I woke up.
Didn't know what happened, and who I report to, or how I got this job, or how I've had it for this long.

TO be wandering in your own head for half a thousand days, what else can be said?
At least you can learn to want less.


I gave shoddy advice to someone with lumbar pain caused by lifting something too heavy at work. I didn't have access to more data but the pain he described made me rule out a hernia, although not with 100% certainty. He got an IV, medicine to take home, his boss was considerate enough to give him days off until monday to recuperate, and I had him buy a lumbar support that was probably too big a hit on this man's wallet, since he definitely looked working-class (or maybe his work clothes and his honest tone and straight-forward gaze made it feel that way). I'm afraid he went and got it out of fear of things getting worse and I made no bigger effort to make him think it through outside telling him the price range and that it's not a purchase to make lightly. It's eating me up from the inside because I know how life-changing these injuries can be, how early proper care is essential in preventing the condition from worsening and I worry I didn't provide proper advice. I should have spent more time on him. The lumbar support at least will help him but there's conflicting evidence on whether he should lie down with his back straight or maintaining the curve of his lower back and I told him to keep his back straight. All this and I forgot about the simple use of a warm water bag. What a failure.


"The Man With A Thousand Balls" would be an interesting porno.


long long seasooooon


Half the year already over…


File: 1625361475815.png (499.98 KB, 595x441, 445cc3e259ab11a8eb119c8a5f….png)

i just made this thing for no reason …. fortune telling thing idk……..



That's pretty cool roll
I like how it's like a "pick a card" game
My first try I got bad luck though…


>The songs in my favourite genres are all starting to sound the same
I get this. I feel like I've listened to so much phonk/trap that certain rhythms on the 808s are permanently burned into my brain.

But maybe if you listed the genres you're currently into, sushis could suggest others which you haven't tried before?

Also, maybe there are genres which you have listened to but which you dismissed. It's worth going back to those. This happened to me when I first started hearing trap around me - I didn't like it initially, and it took years before I re-discovered it and found the groove.


My pretty lucky and also pretty cool what? I still like it despite the grammar mistake.


The epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest surviving story and piece of literature, is about a man trying to cope with the fact that one day he's going to die. He had the ingredient to immortality on his hands, but lost it. He tried to get it back, and failed. Then, he just accepted his mortality, and moved on.
There's something so ironic yet beautiful about that. Death and humanity, the eternal struggle.


File: 1625531256554.png (10.76 KB, 241x242, ClipboardImage.png)

Incredible, noncredible, and uncredible are all synonyms and are etymologically very similar, but I feel like people use them to mean very different things. Like, I would feel weird saying "an incredible witness" or "that stunt was noncredible".


File: 1625546102374.gif (2.73 MB, 540x400, tumblr_b8ea0fc4164eafe8201….gif)

Was watching the vision of escaflowne a while back. Haven't had time to watch anything else of late though.


Woke up early today, it's comfy when nobody is around


waking up early is such a nice feeling, the world feels at peace.


I always wondered whats a highly realistic version of "word history without religion" would look like because those stories are always written by athiest or hard core christians who under value or over value what religion did. Also a lot of Christianity effects aren't blatantly obvious things. One example is in the book "Fat: the history of stuff". In it Christianity was one of the big factors that shifted fat from being positive to negative because they believed in asceticis and "body over mind". Obesity was physical proof someone wasn't living a chaste life and gave into their earthly desires. If Christianity didn't exist fatness negative view would never exist or would form into somthing different. Which is just weird to think of


>I always wondered whats a highly realistic version of "word history without religion" would look like
It raises the question of how far we would need to expunge "religious practices" from history. Are shamans allowed to exist in this alternative universe? What about rites which have mundane functions but are imbued with religious significance, such as burying or cremating the dead?

>If Christianity didn't exist fatness negative view would never exist

Well…medical science predates Christianity (e.g. Hippocrates) and I don't see how the lack of religion would prevent its development. Surely medicine would have found out eventually that being fat can make you ill and raises your risk of disease.


I really dislike the japanese way of cutting watermelons and really love the "normal" way.


File: 1625859954614.jpg (735.45 KB, 850x1200, 52627189_p0.jpg)

I think I overdid it at the gym, I gave it my all but now I'm feeling kinda sick and lightheaded
Lack of sleep probably isn't helping
woah I got a blessing


enlighten me


File: 1625862821335.jpg (241.38 KB, 1000x1000, __kirisame_marisa_hieda_no….jpg)

Seconding >>11765. You can't drop a post like that and not expect us to ask for clarification.


I wonder if you can interpret the "neckbeard/internet mod" meme as the internets projection of their jungian shadow, the dark side someone tries to repress. The main point that leads me to this is that in order to get the "crazy internet user" meme you have to use the internet 1. more that the average person and 2. always search for the crazy sides of the internet. Contrary to most discussions online you have to work hard to find the "weird" sides of most mainstream websites and if you constantly see them the algorithms know you'll get outraged and interact. What the average person thinks of an internet controversy is somethinv so big a MSM channel picks it up. While people do see internet oddities without trying to if you see them so much you get memes in it it you might be online to much. Heck by even knowing about the meme I spend to much time on the internet, even though I'm trying to stop. If this is so the average person who gets the neck beard meme is no better, expresses their neckbeardism differently, or had the potential of becoming a neckbeard.
The meme actually worked for a while because it helped name and get rid of the people who embodied it, but now its lost its edge and instead is being used to project issues. As of now the neckbeard meme is a way of suppressing the reflection on the shadow through projection because "even though I'm a loser, I'm not that much of a loser" or "only they have those traits". You can see this when site A says site B is full of neckbeards and vice versa. Also a personal problem the parody memes of sites syre getting trite because they're now based off of "x said this about x site" instead of the users experience on said site. The meme has become old and useless now


File: 1626066284386.png (1.1 MB, 957x1146, only alcohol can save me n….png)

It feels like cute aesthetic lets you get away with a lot of flaws. You can have bad writing, generic music, uneventful setpieces and unengaging gameplay, but as long as the characters are qt people are gonna fawn over them and make a lot of fanwork based around them.
I just hope it's my cynicism writing this and not me, because if it's me I'm not gonna have a good time on certain imageboards.


Is the site acting weird for anyone else?


>We just did an update! Let me know if anything breaks. ~Seisatsu
oh, well that probably explains it.


gonna hide away for a while.
i wish i could just wake up and it's like 4 years into the future and maybe then my friends would realize that i'm just a husk and I have been for a long time, maybe then they'll let me die.


File: 1626515814570.gif (720.39 KB, 300x275, 1594247326731.gif)



May there always be sunshine


Nothing as comfy as the very sweet sound of silence.


I love this GIF


File: 1626652065528.gif (938.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1626615073350.gif)

I'm bewildered by the term "ironic weeb". What the hell does it even mean, it just seems like another buzzword.


they might just want to fit in with a particular crowd or project a certain image for the fun of it.
i've met a few people now over the years that fit the words "ironic weeb".


Ironic weeb refers to someone who is a poser. Weeaboos are just weeaboos without thinking, but an ironic weeb acts like a weeaboo while exclusively watching popular anime or none at all.
>"LOL I use /a/ I'm suck a weeb"

At the end of the day though I do think its just a buzzword. It just refers to annoying people, usually teenagers.


The word irony has lost its original meaning to zoomers. Everything they think is funny is now considered ironic.
My best guess would be that everyone who's into r/anime memes and Pewdiepie (or popular anime YTbers) is an "ironic weeb"


I get the impression that the "ironic" label is used by people that don't want to commit to something out of fear.


Speaking as a zoomer. I think it's a result of what we grew up with. We were raised on newgrounds parodies, youtube poops, abridged series, angry reviewers, and snarky gaming webcomics. Our tastes were defined by media that made fun of other media.


Huh. My conception is that Gen Z are raised on twitter, short form viral video apps, and lets play youtubers/streamers. I've always considered myself a millenial and what you describe is what I remember watching on the internet growing up.


I’m also a zoomer. I think our relationship as a cohort with the internet is more varied than pretty much any other age group. One aspect is that internet penetration progressed at different rates in different countries. Another is that some of us started using the internet as active participants way earlier than others. My siblings are just a few years younger than me, but despite all of us being of Generation Z, the 2000’s Internet (i.e. those YTPs and abridged series) was a part of my life where it was not at all for my family and even some of my friends. There is definitely commonality within Gen Z though.


File: 1626996120183.jpg (171.3 KB, 1440x1080, cap_[bonkai77].The.Vision.….jpg)

Very nice, Sushi. I've been watching Escaflowne and I really like it so far.


I'm trying to remember the name of a few imageboards I've visited before but have lost their links. They were 'live boards' where everyone could post in real time and you were able to see sushi rolls typing their post.

One was along the name of "shamikoo" and there was a strangely unique one where the website was only open twice a day for an hour.


that's guca. for the url, try sachik.ooo though sometimes it swaps back and forth with shamik.ooo

/tea/ is the other one you mean probably. idk the url. it's too clique-y for me and one time they bullied my friend.


Apparently the Japanese olympics are still a thing. I thought they were cancelled for good.


what did you mean by this
yes, that's it. It's not like they could be the only imageboard like that. I got the idea it was rather tight knit my first time there.

ty for the link


>what did you mean by this
it traces its lineage back to the original meguca (before the m*nifesto and sh*oting). everyone calls each other "guca" there like how posters here are "sushi rolls".


what other boards out there are compatible with 4chan-x


I think I have covid. I will eat lots of garlic. I was too lazy to go out and get the vaccine and now it is coming back to bite me.


Wait, why garlic?


Because it's healthy and good for you.
The key for Covid would be Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B12.


File: 1627142622742.jpg (25.94 KB, 566x195, 1-s2.0-S1876034120305311-g….jpg)

You're better off looking up specific risk factors instead, vitamin D deficiency was one of them.


The funniest thing about the Olympics this year is that Australia accidentally commissioned a furry artist to make all their promo material. Look it up.


I don't really care about the olympics, even if it's hosted in Japan.
No fireworks or animu girls are gonna make me interested in sports


File: 1627291260200.jpg (182.93 KB, 1615x2048, 1611940464592.jpg)

Some real "interesting" posts tonight. Wojacks have to be my least favorite of the various cancers infecting the internet nowadays…


>Awful correlation even for epidemiology
>Barely significant in cases and non-significant in mortality



>flood post

>on a scale of 1 - 10 how attractive are you?

I feel like anyone who rates themselves a 6 is trying to come off as humble/modest but is also quietly stating they are above average (better looking than most).
>I'm not really that good looking at all, really. I'd give myself like aaaa 6…
Even if you are 6 conventionally, I will not consider you one simply because you called yourself one. I am more willing to believe those who consider themselves a 5 or below actually more than they claim they are than anybody who says 6.


File: 1627302959366.png (12.5 MB, 1548x2244, __megumin_kono_subarashii_….png)

I'd rate myself a 6, mostly because I know I have some good features, but combined with the rest of my appearance and the amount of skincare I need to just look "normal", I consider myself just about average.

It also depends on what you consider an average score. In my mind, a score of 5 would be less than average, and 6-7 would be average. I don't know why I'm biased like that, though.


File: 1627304087588.gif (936.61 KB, 500x281, 1625052333596.gif)

Fanservice is rubbing me off for some reason. It's not that I dislike tits, but it just seems like a bandaid fix to an anime being uninteresting or uneventful. I try to downplay it and not pay much attention to it since I don't care a lot about it, but it eventually appears when you see people talking about the show. Sometimes it even happens that the mangaka was a horny fuck.
I feel like the only reason many people denote certain works to be of quality is because of sex, and frankly I don't care much about that.


>I know I have good features
>I'd rate myself a 6 but I'm humble enough to know not everything about me is attractive
this is sorta exactly what I'm talking about, people explain themselves as why they're a 6 but like talking themselves down but they're really talking themselves up. 5 is the normal looking people number, its silently agreed upon because its the middle number.

If you believe yourself to be a 6 then call yourself a 5, people will either agree or correct you. Why would it change anything for you to call yourself a 5 when you know you aren't? By saying you're a 6 then you are immediately placing yourself above the norm but only by the smallest increase of a single integer in the attractiveness meter based off of a 1 to 10 scale as to not look too narcissistic for lack of a better word.

Perhaps those who don't call themselves a 5 are afraid to realize they are in fact just average looking and not as attractive as they lead themselves to believe - myself included.


That's a lot of of assumptions into someone's thought process. If you're inquiring about someone's perceived attractiveness, of course they're going to compare themselves to the standards of an attractive person (8 to 10), and explain why they're rating themselves below that.

>Perhaps those who don't call themselves a 5 are afraid to realize they are in fact just average looking and not as attractive as they lead themselves to believe

Sounds like projection to me, but I'll drop the matter here, as this isn't quite comfy.


I did say myself included, it just my thoughts on people who call themselves a 6. an opinion

if anyone wants to call themselves a 6, fine. but if they go and call themselves a 5 or even below, it sparks something in me to think why they might be something more than they think of themselves.


Someone rated me a 7 when I posted my face on the internet once a long time ago.


everyone here is a 10 out of 10 for being nice!


File: 1627360618923.jpg (164.06 KB, 1024x1024, 56145192_p0.jpg)



File: 1627434879725.png (4.9 KB, 316x363, 1623807531639.png)


>>11890 here, update I am pretty sure it is not covid and just a summer cold for the following reasons. I do not have covid specific symptoms like losing smell and taste or having trouble breathing. Secondly, the first day (when i made my previous post) was quite severe, but after that it became basically just a sore throat and runny nose.
garlic contains a compound called allicin which has been shown to be beneficial to the immune system and also has various anti bacterial effects and stuff. It's best raw.


I didn’t know that! thanks sushi!


Guca seems fun but after using it for a few days, a lot of what they do is play games and watch things together, and I'm afraid to ask how to join because I don't wanna get banned…


File: 1627716005778.jpg (324.05 KB, 850x850, sample_5637ff185c0a1bdc1b6….jpg)

>I'm afraid to ask how to join because I don't wanna get banned…
Why not just lurk more?
They also *coughs* play with themselves *cough* together at /ftb/. They are quite serious when it comes to asking newfags to lurk before participating in their culture. I've seen many get caught, sometimes banned.

I feel overwhelmed by the choice of imageboards out of hundreds of active ones to post at right now. Each site that started a year back has developed its own culture its difficult to just jump in and participate in discussions.


Help I can't get it out of my head


Is there a way to keep track of all the places that get founded and also of those that died?
I know of none that got created a year ago nor do I know hundreds of active places.
All I know is Creamy's list of imageboards, which isn't really helpful.



File: 1627838936691.png (466.37 KB, 634x475, doremi_smile.png)

Doremi will never leave your mind.


File: 1627929676864.png (74.53 KB, 419x248, 19ogue.png)

Not even expired ssl certificates can stop me from posting on sushigirl. I hope everyone is having a good monday.


File: 1628044040446.png (200.88 KB, 644x727, ce943c0da8b2daebd28ad80d59….png)

My monday was kinda lame but my tuesday has been comfy. I watched some of the olympics and played geimu and cleaned up my room


Sounds comfy, sushi. What olympic sports did you watch?


Climbing and skateboarding


Reminiscing about how great a show Wataten was…


File: 1628393910010.jpg (61.95 KB, 500x726, 82091096.jpg)

I'm not one to believe in superstitions, but I picked up a tarot deck to have another fun little party trick-type of thing up my sleeve for social situations. It so hard to memorize all the card meanings waaaah!!


File: 1628418437934.jpg (144.07 KB, 1086x1092, b6f5464dc0295e25decf6f5d45….jpg)

Cute fortune teller roll
Can you tell my fortune through the internet?


File: 1628452799362.jpeg (25.62 KB, 480x360, ryou_fujibayashi.jpeg)

*Shuffle, shuffle*
Alright roll, from your post ID >>11996 I've chosen 3 cards from my deck: 11, 21 (99%78) and 6.

Your future as it is now is given by card 11, the 8 of Cups. It indicates introspection and being less involved in the world. Not necessarily the negative connotations of isolation or going hiki, but I think being drawn inside ourselves is something all us imageboard users face from time to time.

But then, let's see what hidden influence is guiding that outcome. Yours is given by card 21, the Two of Cups. It represents relationships, but also connection with others in general. That's the opposite of the first card, so there might be tension here. Especially since both these cards are Cups. This suite is generally about emotions, so I'd say its important for you to examine what feelings guide both your sense of internal self and how you interact with others. And maybe even how the two are connected?

The last card relates to a potentially different future, one that comes from understanding your hidden influence. Its card 6, the Hanged Man. Usually it means a lack of movement, but in this context, I think its waiting for the right moment to readjust and improve. Relating to what the previous cards said, it might be that being patient with your feelings can result in new social growth.

I hope that's okay, fren? I'm still very much a beginner at this. But I wish you luck, no matter what happens.
If there are other sushis interested in fortunes, I think I'll want to start a new thread as not to spam this one.


Make one! I'd be interested
Plus if you ask people to tell you, you can get their actual results a couple weeks later and compare them to what you predicted


File: 1628466729022.png (25.21 KB, 174x212, 645783684578.png)

Interesting! I can certainly draw some parallels with those two futures to my current life. I've indeed been less social or involved than usual regarding my friends and family this year, and certainly you could say relationships of many kinds are the cause of that. At the same time I've been struggling to fill my time in a way that feels rewarding when alone at home.

You know, generally I'm of the opinion that fortune telling and such things only work because they're vague enough to apply to nearly anybody, but perhaps the true value of such things is letting you think about your own life through a unique lens.


File: 1628558075595.png (504.58 KB, 1080x1080, 29e3c7af53a5c643b465c0b726….png)

frick not again


File: 1628560527682.jpg (41.14 KB, 560x420, Caiman-crocodilus.jpg)

Wandering around the internet and seeing posts from years ago gave me a strange feeling.


File: 1628570121024.jpg (61.26 KB, 400x571, 2.jpg)

No kidding. Hard to describe the exact feeling. I especially get it when I see old drawings with old dates in the corner like this. Feels strangely at peace, like a long gone era. Maybe that's what archaeologist feel when they dig up old pots and tools.


File: 1628658984905.png (72.01 KB, 1920x1080, 13ecc61d9396b2966dd42800a5….png)

The NEET life is coming to an end for me


you need some retard repellent


Updated my webpage.


File: 1628776982890.png (61.07 KB, 206x206, 874c2eef3317c4011bcc120f53….png)

I need help from the samapeople. I'm looking for that archive that had every song posted to the mp3 thread, or even an archived version of that thread. Does anyone have it?


after about 5 years as a hikineet and occasionally falling into and then crawling out of the r9k incel hole repeatedly, i think i have finally attained a gf???? This is a very surreal experience. If i can do it, you can do it too bros!


I had this bookmarked from the 2017-2019 music thread but sadly the uploader deleted all the music files that were there…


I was beginning to wonder where you'd gone. I like your writing so I hope you'll be able to set aside more time for the site in the future.


File: 1628883015148.jpg (3.74 MB, 3840x2203, d6822555f0de332fac0ee73cfe….jpg)

Its a misspelling of "biased". A long time ago someone accidentally a word while typing too fast and it was funny so it caught on. And then we all forgot why we were talking the way we do. But I didn't. Not me. I 'membered. Bit of useless information, there.


Congrats! How'd you end up in a situation like that?


Had some fun recently watching 10+ year old AMVs on youtube


I'm pretty sure this isn't true.
The lineage (from what I understand) is:
basehead (as in crackhead) -> based (as in crackhead) -> Lil B using it to mean being unique -> imageboards catching on to it from Lil B to mean an unpopular opinion -> whatever the modern meaning is


Ridiculous! Next you'll tell me we all just really like ham.


I gotchu roll
Give me a bit to upload it somewhere


I'm not entirely sure myself to be honest.


I'm getting to meet an aquaintance just the two of us for the first time in just a couple of days, quite excited about it.
We've "known" eachother a while, must be at least 1-2 years by now. Though we haven't met often, always felt chill vibes from her when we did. She even dragged me out to some meditation over-the-day retreat once. She's a bit dangerously cute, but as of yet I don't have a problematic crush or such, even though she's def. way inside my taste in women.

Been ages since I got to know somebody new, just been hanging with the same three peeps for years mostly. Really hope this turns out to be something recurring, but also need to keep my chill so I don't scare her away. So easy to get too hype too fast because as a semi-hermit all social stuff means so much more to me than to the other party every time, when they have so much larger & active social lives.

Gonna try to focus on just appreciating the moments I get with her, so that I don't waste it if we don't meet again soon. Hope I get to hug her, it's been too long since I had a good one, hugging dudes is just not the same.

Only bad thing about it is I gotta clean a buttload, my place is in total chaos. But also good in a way cause I've been lazy about it, finally have a reason/motivator to get it done at least partially.



File: 1629211370688.png (248.61 KB, 640x360, FMquREb.png)

I've gotten into a mess with a group of people online and it has messed up my 2021 so far.
It started when I joined this Discord server. Then they started following me around wherever I go online, psychoanalysed my shitposts and generally treated me like shit. They posted their "findings" on a 4channel board and at my lowest point I couldn't do anything other than furiously monitoring that board for hours to see what kind of things they had come up with, whether it's insults or their general opinion about things that I've said.
I'm pretty sensitive but I am really good at hiding it. I've told them to leave me alone because it's ruining me, but they retorted and said that I could leave whenever I want. I couldn't just ignore them because… I don't know. It's a complicated feeling. But whatever it is, I think I've had enough and they've had their fun analysing me too (otherwise why would they go on for MONTHS doing this???). I think the weird feeling is mostly gone for now and they've found a new toy to be played with.


You can't honestly sit on a high horse about degeneracy if you're sitting around jerking off (literally or metaphorically) on sushi rollymous imageboards for long periods of time. Have a little more self awareness, you degenerate scumbag.


Had a similar issue when I joined not one but two Discord servers, and one of them was even run by a childhood friend of mine.
Don't know what compels people to bully others especially in a tight knit group chat.
I recommend changing your socials or if you're unable to (I had some find my work related accounts) lock it down. And delete Discord, nothing good comes from that platform.


>>12074 again, met her today
Fuck. She's so nice.

Feeling kinda sad and low now that she has left again. Miss her already. I had forgotten how it feels to be lonely. Scared that I won't get to see her again soon, that she's a bit too amazing for someone such as me.

Did get to hug her, just not nearly long enough.
Gonna cocoon up inside a blanket, listen to sad songs and play some games until is time for sleep.


>And delete Discord, nothing good comes from that platform.

i found a nice group (of about 100, with maybe about 30 or so active members) when my fren invited me. i lurked for a month or so, then i started talking. i got along well with most people there, maybe some find me annoying but tolerable, i have fun there at least and no one has said/done anything bad to me. i also get along really well with one boy in particular, especially after i opened up to him and i think he might soon become my bf. now i have some new frens and potentially new bf, i haven't felt this good in like 9 months.

you really do just need to find the right group. and it probably won't be a big public server…


How do you lurk properly in a discord server? Whenever I join one I feel like if I don't talk immediately as "the new guy" I'll never have a good excuse to join a conversation. It feels too awkward to suddenly butt into a conversation a week/month later when no one knows who you are.


You're in the south once you start seeing "yield for tractors"


File: 1629252501900.gif (147.87 KB, 340x340, mpejhqq04p1qz4rgp540.gif)

I don't know, once I've realized that they're just a bunch of immature brats obsessed with their own retarded views about the world that they've gotten from the internet instead of some larger-than-life figures that they're trying to portray themselves as it's way easier to detach myself from them. Only then had I realized that I've been dealing with idiots all along. And yeah, I think I'm pretty much done with them now.


Right? My guess is you just have to force yourself into conversations and make your presence known. It scary and hard though.


File: 1629266545584.gif (250.94 KB, 242x322, akari-akaza-akarin.gif)



The fear of organ trafficking is both real and fake. The fake part is that they'll take your organs while your alive thats just media hoodoo. The real part is that a lot of organ harvesting companies have lied to the government and said a corpse that didn't agree to be a donar did, ala Mastromarino. Also tendons, bones, nails are also harvested not just organs


>>12091 again again!
Got reasonable and talked to her about when we should see eachother again, nothing planned as of yet but felt good vibes. I guess I was just spooking myself when I was tired and caffeine-crashing.


> And delete Discord, nothing good comes from that platform.
It is unfortunate that more and more small game developers are using Discord rather than IRC. I don't have the program installed, but I end up using the service a lot since games that I play/make content for are rooted in Discord. Fortunately, small game devs tend to be mild and not prone to causing trouble.


File: 1629314844882.jpg (102.56 KB, 750x1000, 1628830715997.jpg)

Why use discord when you can hang out with your friends on sushichan?


File: 1629323665531.png (433.6 KB, 390x557, 1440605972101.png)


Ironically, I'm really reserved on sushi rollymous imageboards, and I lurk more often than not because I don't know if what I'm typing adds anything of worth to any conversation I'm in.
I'm more chatty when I have a pseudonym.


I watched the final Evangelion movie today. I thought it was wonderful. I do not think the journey could have ended better any other way and feel at peace with these characters' stories being *truly* over, no stones unturned, finally.


Updated my webpage.


File: 1629396575228.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 888790_20201213161504_1.png)

Being a wageslave is hard…
Being a NEET is hard…
I just want to take it easy


Wait we're all friends here?!If I'd known I would have brought banana bread or something.


>Why does bad [incredibly nuanced topic] exist
>Because, [popular thing to hate on]
It tires me


File: 1629446543021.jpeg (113.27 KB, 679x476, Screenshot_20210820-16035….jpeg)

are you safe right now? are you okay? you can talk with me if you'd like.


File: 1629455271445.png (545 KB, 532x652, 1530909636199.png)

Please don't use Sushi as a staging ground for Discord drama…


Do you think Nestle will respond to it's criticism or just ignore it? I say this because "fuck nestle" culture isn't new in the 70's to 80's they were mass striked, for tricking african mothers into thinking powdered milk was better, which they responded by making fake watchdog orgs for their company staffed by old workers, infiltrating their opponents meetings, and vowing to reform by "following" UN rules. This worked and all this strikes were dropped along with the pr team thet helped them, pagan international, became famous in the business world. The new digital anti-nestle movement has got zero response from nestle besides being 10 times as bigger and critical. If you want to be positive (?) it could because they're insidiously working behind the scenes to stop them, but if you want to be negative 'fuck nestle' is just internet spectacle that wont result in protest that hurts them, the modern movement has had no big strike, and nestle owns to many child companies to strike. Kind of sad because the internet movement is always acting like it's one month from winning


How do you go about getting diagnosed with mental issues with out having a public break down?

I've long thought I have ADD but have always supposed that the fact I think I have it, is proof that I don't have it and I'd be laughed out a walk in clinic for suggesting it.


I doubt much of anything will happen. Internet campaigns like that almost never result in change, no matter what they're fighting for. From the perspective of Nestle, there's no reason to do anything. Fighting back with a PR campaign may even give the opposition some legitimacy. However in the end I doubt people saying "fuck nestle" really affects their sales.


This video is so funny out of context. Yes the actors are hillary and bill Clinton


File: 1630306577724.gif (2.7 MB, 268x170, pepesilvia.gif)

What the heck went on in here


File: 1630306773583.jpg (298.11 KB, 1320x990, murata.jpg)

I have a really cool artbook from one of my favorite artists that comes in a binder so the pages are removable. I framed a couple of pieces and I think they look really great!


I miss discord-drama-kun now


That looks really cool, sushi roll! Who's the artist?


Does anyone else remember the 90's subculture of self published books telling you how to do illegal things. From the legally grey, how to dumpster dive, to flat out illegal, make your own gun/grenade/poisons, they were everywhere in punk and anti-gov groups. The subculture died when the groups died off and the government cracked down on them when they realized what a threat the books were.
I'm surprised a new subculture hasn't evolved online because in the 2000's-2010's if you had a vpn/tor the rules were so lax you could post how to make anthrax without any legal repercussions. Even now skeevy parts of the internet could make guides. Even stuff normal people would be into, how to make dmt, isn't that popular.


File: 1630360818649-0.jpg (2.75 MB, 3000x4096, a36ec94da2a370320069c3e9ec….jpg)

File: 1630360818649-1.jpg (422.83 KB, 1280x1720, c345d9875e15a7a44557c0d49a….jpg)

File: 1630360818649-2.jpg (554.9 KB, 883x1280, d1b0cd325c802b39fb4fc2a7d2….jpg)

File: 1630360818649-3.jpg (102.94 KB, 570x806, fffcfc43c8360b7d18dc67f15d….jpg)

It's Range Murata, I really like his character, clothing, and mechanical designs


File: 1630393965427.jpg (205.63 KB, 1920x1070, cap_[Judas] Mahoromatic S1….jpg)

A moment of silence for all the deleted posts itt.


File: 1630701338228.jpg (94.8 KB, 500x335, fjrwacd.jpg)

>TFW you'll never be a dragon head caterpillar


ISP knows everything one posts online. sushi rollymity is a farce. The surveillance state is real, but hidden.


Do ya think anyones interests with drugs started with videos like these?


File: 1630819421891.jpg (366.92 KB, 600x4840, Clipboard01.jpg)

Rewatching THE LAST AIRBENDER. It's as good as I remember.


File: 1630825684480.jpg (1.6 MB, 1419x2006, 74f6d7fcaffe64463723c240f1….jpg)

I could be ur angle
or yuor devil


It's 4:00AM on a sunday! What are YOU up to Sushi?


File: 1630885270476.jpg (141.89 KB, 800x600, 800px-Five_kg_rice_bags.jpg)

How much damage could you do with these bad boys? I say you could break someones back if you launched it at them and put a dent in a car


i get rice in 20kg bags…


I missed the boat on ATLA. As a kid I was really dismissive of action cartoons. I looked down on them as inferior to shonen anime, so I didn't watch most of them. Even as an adult it's a genre that I can't get into, and I have this vague feeling I'm missing out. Oh well.


w-why are you wondering about such things?


File: 1630933321177.jpg (161.18 KB, 850x478, fb658dbbb8b12b9aeda65f8595….jpg)

I thought that I'm finally done with them but I just keep getting angrier every time I see them. Is this how madness feels like? I see them everywhere and the only thing that pops up in my mind is their smug smile thinking how their shit will lead to a long winded seethe about wanting to be left alone yada yada. God fucking Christ it's tiring.



I don't know, they have this knack of making themselves seem larger than they are. That kind of smug self assurance. It's annoying, but maybe that's how people like them just behave. By making others seem small, no matter how. And they have a single goal in mind: to make me look like a loser to them (???) while I'm just having my daily life as usual. And it's mildly… annoying? Like cockroaches that keep slithering about in my mind. It's just annoying.


When I die due to a sports car driver switching three lanes without a signal I'll have the last laugh because I'll be able to smirk "bmw drivers" before the metal rod tears through me


This is my post for today. Please enjoy.


Feel sorry for guys named John Doe. Most sites instantly ban any person claiming to have that name because of spam reasons. I'm not helping the names reputations though


File: 1631033491387-0.png (12.26 KB, 835x67, heh.png)

File: 1631033491387-1.png (18.68 KB, 808x122, potency.png)

I like reading the FDA recall page for funny sounding recalls


Feeling lonely tonight but I feel at ease knowing that at least I'm not alone in my loneliness.


I'm sure bags of rice would be lethal at high enough velocities
I dunno how you'd get it going fast enough without ripping though, maybe like a big slingshot?


I had to travel to be with family and then ended up getting sick. Finally after like a month I got my shit together enough to go back to the gym but I think I overdid it, my wrist really hurts!


File: 1631142706423.png (41.95 KB, 796x498, ouch.png)

Nothing more brutal than the stocks of a pharmaceutical company after their first drug test comes back as "statistically insignificant"


File: 1631285515565.png (668.12 KB, 1016x759, Do it properly.png)

My insane masochism has finally paid off. My school being 70% commuter and having a severe parking space problem doesn't affect me because I lunatic who put all their classes in the morning. Somethings are worth waking up at 6:30 for


File: 1631345432698.jpg (793.03 KB, 2500x1406, es-thegreatoz-inde-1508878….jpg)

Watching Oz again. I'm not usually one for these long television dramas, but there is something strangely compelling about Oz.


File: 1631553644940.jpg (133.9 KB, 1113x822, Ep9pWQpUUAAyKJx.jpg)

Headache today
But I went to the gym and now I'm gonna go do some work. Feels good to be productive. I'd like to go get lunch somewhere nice, maybe finally get over my fear of going to a restaurant alone


We're rapidly approaching this videos 10th anniversary. Surprised it hasn't become a meme. The Yt description just pushes it into unintentional comedy genius territory; "This original rap music video made for JavaOne 2011 celebrates the "Java Life". Dedicated to the developer homies everywhere who code hard day and night. Think Java programmers meet street Hip Hop."
The worst part is the song sounds decent and has one to two 'that was kind of clever' lines


File: 1631730900857.webm (1.6 MB, 480x480, 1583171240390.webm)

For a long time, I was wary of buying toys, figures, merchandise, or other things for myself. I had a bad impression of the practice due to extreme, obsessive examples online, Instances where people would blow their entire income on collectables, have walls covered with sealed toys, putting things like Funko Pops everywhere, having explicit statues and/or tapestries, etc. I didn't really feel secure indulging in that sort of thing.
I recently started letting myself enjoy some merch in the form of larger sized (50cm and up) plush dolls. Being able to 'hold' a familiar character has been soothing for me. It even settled my picture collecting tendencies, and obsessive preoccupation with certain characters. It makes me understand more why merchandise is popular, though I doubt I'll be inclined to collect nearly as much as others. I'm not going to be jumping in to dakis or openly displaying explicit decore either, that kind of thing just isn't for me.


what plushies you get roll?


File: 1631737545608.jpg (276.39 KB, 1500x1500, 81RqKptoXIS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Much of my friend pile is made up of rag dolls of various shapes and sizes. I was pretty inclined to them for a while, but didn't have he guts to go and grab some until very recently. As far as Merch ones, I have Sailor Moon, Amy Rose and a big Minnie Mouse. The Amy Rose one ended up being a favorite despite myself. I have a few more coming as well, pic related being one of them. She's about a meter tall, because I like my cloth companions big.


File: 1631744882914.png (47.53 KB, 1217x131, zoom.png)

Medicaid scams are amusing because the people involved are always selling the dumbest sounding shit. Something about phrases like "After the FBI raided the scooter store" is infinity funny.
Scooter store had it coming though. You can't make 108 million dollars worth of fraudulent medicaid charges without someone noticing


Very cute! I have some smaller pokemon plush I really love, and I'd like to get some bigger and more huggable ones


Sounds cute, sushi.


Mr.Pickles is funny, but it kind of sucks the whole satanist theme wasn't more fleshed out. The only thing the show only really knows about satanism is the pentagram and 666. The more bizarre moments when they combine unrelated movements with satanism, bdsm and metal get the worst half of this.
Kind of sucks because the show works best when it's free to make it's own bizarre mythology, use opera based soundtracks, and body horror. The whole satanic theme just holds it back


File: 1631905620776.jpg (154.52 KB, 1114x1500, 81LRtiG6Q0L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

It is, though I've accumulated enough to make making my bed slightly annoying. Still, they make me feel nice, and fuzzy, so it's worth it.


File: 1631924898678.jpg (42.19 KB, 503x828, 0i9a5gsdxpn71.jpg)

Der in den USA hergestellte, mikroprozessorgesteuerte Herzschrittmacher von Leonie Brich F. erleidet einen Chipinfarkt der das Herz des Generalsekretärs zum Stillstand und den Kopf zum Aufschlag auf einem roten Knopf bringt, der seinerseits mikroprozessorgesteuerte Abläufe in Gang setzt, von denen Strategen dies- und jenseits des Eisernen Vorhangs bisher nur zu Träumen wagten.


I wonder how robots will deal with the drug addicts since they're infamous for stealing steel and metal scraps, something I'd assume robots are made of, to sell for money. A heroin user will 100% attack at terminator for some black tar money


File: 1632110239968.jpg (1.07 MB, 1600x1304, kff1xC3[1].jpg)

First time back here in over two years, I'm glad to see sushichan is alive and well. I'm excited for autumn, since it'll be finally be cold enough for sweaters and tea again.


File: 1632122938891.png (1.51 MB, 2154x1668, __original_drawn_by_zinbei….png)

Welcome back, sushi! Where have you been?
Autumn is the best season.


The phase were they tried to make animated legos realistic was a dark time


what is love?


The force that holds life together.


File: 1632482769120.jpg (754.68 KB, 1050x1200, ee8457a7035c742caf8167338c….jpg)

Autumn is the best season, I like cool weather and dressing in layers, but I hate dealing with snow. Also the leaves turning is very pretty.
Baby, don't hurt me?


I like winter a bit more than autumn. Both are really beautiful where I live tho. The colder half of the year is my favorite


File: 1632617586052-0.jpg (21.24 KB, 190x190, nocturnal.jpg)

File: 1632617586052-1.png (118.34 KB, 500x706, conspiracy.png)

They do look oddly familiar


I would love to try out Melty Blood: Type Lumina since I haven't played a fighting game since a long time ago and this one caught my attention, but I feel like I'm going to be an absolute secondary because I don't know any of the characters and that ticks me a bit off.


File: 1633142893517-0.jpg (56.67 KB, 1000x1000, Salt life.jpg)

File: 1633142893517-1.png (140.96 KB, 1077x746, the criminal.png)

Something was uncanny about the book on mental disorders I was reading until it hit me; they were using some weird riff of the salt life font as their chapter headers.


Is it just me or have fighting games gotten really more popular in the last year or two?


File: 1633318448416.png (2.74 MB, 2551x3000, 1633214135714.png)

Choose your team!
(I take Dragon)


sheep for me


Dog, i like Asagao way too much. Never realised Snake only has 2 people…


File: 1633380898014.png (23.58 KB, 565x87, hmmmmmmmmm.png)

Reading about cosmetic surgery demographics gives you some major "hmmm" moments. People with severe BDD also such a bad post-op satisfaction track record it's recommend to screen patients for it and refer them to a psychiatrist before any surgery is done; most people don't due this because customers will just find a surgeon willing to work with crazies.
One unexpected thing was "narcissists" tend to fare better post op because their motivation is internal, 'I want to look good', instead of external, 'my problem will get fixed if I do x'.


good taste, cute brown girl is best


Felt too off-topic to post in the actual thread, but all that Tale of the Heike discussion on /otaku/ reminded me of this clip in Cosmos. Although apparently all that stuff about the heikegani crabs evolving to look like people isn't true.


I'm in a dilemma
Someone moved into the apartment above me about a month ago, and ever since then their dog has been howling nonstop at the worst possible times. like, 1:00 in the morning times. I really don't want to be the guy who complains to the landlord and gets them kicked out or whatever but it's seriously interrupting my sleep and I don't really know what to do.


Have you talked to the guy yet? Chances are he doesn't even know his dog howls in distress when left alone, I wouldn't get the landlord involved unless he's being a prick about it and deliberately neglecting his dog.


Been feeling a lot of Dorcelessness lately


File: 1633998257359.png (549.1 KB, 850x824, doublegary.png)

i am pissed
my life needs a change but I am not changing


Let us all pray to be reborn in a world were characters we find cute are MC's in their fictional worlds and not side characters who appear once in a blue moon.


It's more cute when they're on the sideline.


File: 1634257008252-0.png (83.93 KB, 250x250, Sakurafish.png)

File: 1634257008252-1.png (112.87 KB, 1001x647, oh noooo.png)

Posting this image everyday until you learn she died of fish related thyroid storm


Wonder how draft dodging will evolve once the US declares another war. Right now we have stronger and more diverse drugs than ever so faking a disease is one anti-thyroid pill bottle away. Once that draft comes out a whole lot of insulin bottles will go missing and a whole lot of nurses will develop "hypoglycemia of unkown origin"


File: 1634304332502.gif (143.58 KB, 200x200, 1633158650994.gif)

It's Friday!


File: 1634306075601.gif (653.28 KB, 500x643, 1483198632760.gif)



File: 1634317266088.gif (137.47 KB, 170x244, believe in mahou.gif)

i was sitting outside enjoying a croissant and an iced mocha, and it slowly started to rain. the sound of rain hitting the leaves grew louder and louder while people slowly scattered from their tables. it was absurdly picturesque.

it is indeed friday.


Haikus are fun, I
can not stop writing them! Oh,
but they are silly


File: 1634406782659.jpg (33.9 KB, 229x238, 1419318129879.jpg)

I made Saturday night sushi but the salmon was bad so I made 'raw' makizushi and nigiri. The rice was unfortunately slightly overcooked and underseasoned, and also my kitchen smells like rotten salmon now.


File: 1634421181029.jpg (318.3 KB, 1000x1334, f7a083c7815c465bc4239794b9….jpg)

My room is a blast zone of a mess, but at least got my desk all neatly fixed up, feels nice to sit here again.
Really need to get rid of as much stuff as possible to make it easier to keep things tidy, or at least decrease the potential future messy levels.
Also really looking forward to having a clean space again, when I finally get it all sorted out. I miss being able to lay down on the floor all sprawled out.


In a weird twist of fate plastic surgeons are one of the smartest doctor sub-specialties. It's the best paying specialty making it one of the most competitive to get into. You have to be a cream of the crop medical student to get a job doing ass lifts all day.


Good on you, sushi. Having a clean desk is such a nice feeling. I need to declutter my desk, too.


"College is so cool because you get to choose when you come into class!" hasn't been true for me because 60% of my teachers make attendance a big part of the grade. Missing 5+ days would seriously mess with my grade


File: 1634680913770.png (226.03 KB, 460x579, ClipboardImage.png)

Does sushi practise this?
I do, but it does bite me in the butt more often than not.


File: 1634690796141.png (17.16 KB, 1576x53, good source bro.png)

I remember it because it lead to one of the weirdest wikipedia sources ever.
I feel so-so on the disease its self because it feels like something someone just made up. All previous studies on 'sleep procrastination' relate to people not sleeping due to self control issues and not regaining freedom. Very little literature, or even online mention!, existed before this tweet and yet now people are treating it like a real 'medical' thing. Two small details is that it might be a culturally bound syndrome, like Taijin Kyofusho or Dhat Syndrome, because Chinese work expectations are nothing like western ones and it gives a few mediclization vibes were it says "this is your problem we can fix by fixing you and not by fixing the culture that makes you act like this". These are all nitpicks though
I relate to it, but more midday. I lived with my parents during college, so they maintained strong control over my schedule except mid-day when they were busy. In order to exert control sometimes I would skip meals, so I could lie to them and say I ate. I did this for no reason other than to control myself outside there bounds.
I do believe disordered eating has been linked to control issues before.


Wouldn't it make more sense to get up earlier? During the night you are tired and can't think well, and you're more prone to decision fatigue.


File: 1635490049194.jpg (173.66 KB, 1393x1024, 20211031.jpg)

Resident Evil is a better name than Biohazard.


File: 1636662302689-0.jpg (74.39 KB, 649x866, 236mtg.jpg)

File: 1636662302689-1.jpg (171.44 KB, 850x1092, 238mtg.jpg)

So tired but then again it could be the sudden coldsnap making me hibernate.

Gotta move more…


File: 1638048957927-0.jpg (57.13 KB, 380x540, 202112XXX.jpg)

File: 1638048957931-1.jpg (96.75 KB, 710x1004, 20211212.jpg)

Indeed. Clean up your desktop!


File: 1639245807461.jpg (225.19 KB, 755x630, cc438574b801e0c074b17f783b….jpg)

This is >>11552. I was originally going to leave imageboards again in August, but decided to delay until today both to get into imageboards again and because I normally start my long imageboard breaks in December. But now I'm going to make my final attempt to leave imageboards for three years. If this one doesn't work, then I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I'm doing this because I have many bad habits that have ruined my life, and they are all fundamentally intertwined with my computer addiction. The last ten years have disappeared into a black hole of screen-induced lethargy, and I have had problems with my wrists as well from years of poor ergonomics. The only times I've ever made progress in the right direction was when I dropped imageboards completely, but this was always nothing more than the first step on a long road. I've spent the last year thinking about and preparing ways to live less with my computer, and I'm going to put everything into practice now.
Normally, I'm more a lurker, but in the last six months I challenged myself to explore other imageboards and to post more often. I posted every day here in September and even started some threads, which I haven't done in ages. I've had a lot of fun with everyone, and I think I am leaving with a new appreciation for imageboards.
I wasn't sure where to put this post, but I didn't want it in a thread that would show up on /kaitensushi/. It doesn't matter if anyone reads this; I just wanted to leave one last sign that I was here, because three years is a long time and anything could happen. I'll see you sushi girls in three years and I wish you all the best.


File: 1645089596982-0.jpg (74.88 KB, 1264x1157, aCnC.jpg)

File: 1645089596982-1.jpg (124.95 KB, 1430x2048, awave.jpg)

Doing a course of ninjutsu


File: 1652342971602-0.jpg (152.64 KB, 1000x542, 20220508.jpg)

File: 1652342971603-1.jpg (146.46 KB, 1080x720, 20220515.jpg)

Is summer here yet?
Still feels cold.

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