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Captchas didn't work. Sticking to janitors while we try to think of something else.

File: 1618079533652.jpg (120.22 KB, 566x800, 34004713_p0.jpg)


Type your post without looking at your leunpard ot dvtrrn. You're not allowed to delete anything. rvrn if iy mskrd you look likr sn idioit. dot bonus points vhoose your image without looking too!

I… I thought I would do better than this


I mean I dont' usually look down at my keyboard while ytyping, buty the "no backspacing" rule admittedly makes this a bit harder. Are ewe not supposed to be liooking at the monitor either? I don't know what a leunpard or dvtrrn its.


yrp, fbyttnm = dvrtrn, lropstf=krybostf
ok I'll trt again, fvtrrn=dvtrrn, leopstksubostf
Ah sorry I can't do it, dvtrrn=screen, leopard=keyboard


my head is exploding and it really really hurts, you have no idea how much I hate this situation i am in.
anyoene else with a headacehe suffering the pain?


I get pretty bad headacjes sometimes but a long hot shower and some painkillers usuaööy clears it up.


Yeah, the "no looking at your hands" rule is fine for me, and honestly I'm fine not looking at the screen too, but I'll often want to chane my sentence part-way through typing so being unable to backspace hurts. I thik rather than getting my ands too misplaced my main problem is just occasionally skipping leters due to tapping too lightly, though I wonder if my keyboard is getting old too as sometimes it doesn;t feel like it registers a key, usually shift. Do people really have a problem with touchtyping these days? MMOs as a kid were a godsend for quickly typing legibile sentences.

Fun idea OP.


> I'll often want to chane my sentence part-way through typing so being unable to backspace hurts
Yeah, I usually do that too, so not being able to do that feel sreally weird. Also, I don't have a problem with skipping letters, but I foften accidently add extra letters becuase my muscle memory is trying to type a different word.


This sounds like a fun thiread idea. I've practiced a bit of touch pyting ut my dyslexia a makes ilt hard to get the right letters in the rigt order, sometimes the right letters at all! The hardest part about thi is that I'm unable to orrect my errors with the backspace. I'm pretty sure I made alot of errors in the process. Tahts all fine an good though.


I find it funny how ravh person's sentences are examples of themselves. P{ here., feel like I've done better today than I did yesterday. I hope that was an ecample of it'sself too! I at least know I can type sushigirl.us/kaitensushi without any peoblems


Im about tpo get even more headaches, decided to start water fasting today


File: 1618243640173.jpg (157.32 KB, 709x1023, a6d9ad4da773ae8c0e4e632be9….jpg)

Oky, I'll take your challenge, I'm scared of the image I post thought. Hopefuly all that grade 3 touchtyping practicel pays off. I know I've made a few mistakes .


File: 1618251792594.jpg (482.78 KB, 2048x1693, 68f82a59e2ed8ccdb3d9dcb78d….jpg)

nice tastem sqyareoysger is cool

A water fast sounds interesting, I'f kind a;oile tp try it for a few daus kist fpr tje sake pf ot, iI fon't know if it would ne wose tjpigj./ Do you think ir will help with your headache? I van't find much information on.


I can't understand shit, but my headache from before was because of my liver apparently. If you want to try water fiasting, be sure to take the adequate amounts of pottasium chloride, m gunakayab sakltm abd baking soda.


I almost never look at my keyboard, so that part isn't an issue. THe tricky part for me is that I'm not allowed to backsopace. I tend to rush shit out when I type and then go back and edit it abfterwards , so hacving to be really deliberate whith how I type is fucking with me.


File: 1618337392080.png (69.27 KB, 553x435, 346745_1_En_7_Fig2_HTML.png)

thud diunds pretty hard i fight the urhe to peak
ramdom pictyire. im doinh bryyrt thsn I thiughht. never learned how to type without looking at yhr board, bit huess i recall it on reflec? why was the never learned to type part so good?


File: 1618341361383.jpg (1.39 MB, 1200x1580, 95146885878273d30227626188….jpg)

I don't want to accidentally upload a personal phozo to svvifrnzsllx drnf iz domrzhinh lref zo mx gsmil, do I am not going to üick the picture without looking. I admit, I peeked after the word 'upload' but I did not delete anything. Ipeeked again before starting this sentence. Oopd.


File: 1618341693134.jpg (68.81 KB, 729x800, 1717.jpg)

It helps to find the f anf j krus tith your indes fingers using the little nubd on them if your keuboard has that. Interesting picture btw



I am also another of the type not to usually look at the keyboard anyway, but it does feel kind of strange to write with your eyes shut. I guess one could also have shu the screen off I guess…. Will turn it off and see if it feels any different. Or maybe one would be too tempted to steal a peek et the KB if using that method, maybe.

Doing eyes open now, screen tuned off, feels a bit better, but to not see the keyboard in my peripheral vision I have to look up into the ceiling, which feels a bit funny. Its nice in a way, to be totally alone with just the concepts you're typing abnbout. This would be a nice way to keep a diary, to keep it off the cuff and keep from going back to edit something or get affected by your prior writing in the session.


File: 1618410400922.png (142.97 KB, 480x640, 3bc43c441cbd968998143cf563….png)

Wow, only 1 mistakes. Keeping a diary likr this does sound pretty nice, I hate reafing mu oen etiting ehrn iy'd not converdsyion. I think for me thouugh s lot of thoughtd eoulf rmg i[p ;pdy ypo yo,r, fot srvhrologudtd yo frviphrt. Maybe that's a good thing though.


File: 1618422204430.png (36.71 KB, 791x443, 6635417_p0.png)

wekll i gyred un fucking dtjogyff lol


File: 1618422389463.jpg (113.37 KB, 1280x720, 3350284-capture0000.mov_sn….jpg)

HHa! I<ll take the challenge. Extra spicy! Because I am not on my reghular computer setip. I work with computers /so i expect this to be dissapointing

Anyway. I<ve had a really good morning. I had enough time this morning to make some french toast. I haven<t eat french toast is such a long time. Played a bit of monster hunter irse before cleaning my room a n hour before heading out to college. This is the only day in the week were I actually have alot of timei n the morning.

Alright! Back to class. This is fun!


It halps having a default position . when you know what jeys youe fingers are touching at the start it's bot that hard to remember what keys are next to them.


File: 1618450357760.jpg (13.19 KB, 320x240, snapshot20070720153409.jpg)

lol does no one here know how to type at all??


no ;+;


I count 3 actually, ""shu" -> shut, "peet et"-> peek at, abnbout -> about.
. Also lol I forgot the quotes for the last one, dont remember if you were actually allowed to backtrack without deleting. Though by now I don't know how many words to the left that word is.


File: 1618468041632.jpg (244.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1538706717012.jpg)

I'm not the best at it, but I've been touch typing long enough to be mostly accurate, minus some punctuation issues here and there.


Iwould love to post a lot here but I have nothing toi say.


What;s the meaning of life>


To live it as best as we can


No way in heck am I picking an image at random, too dangerous.
Nice mashimaros!
Have fun and don't die


woah I did way better than I thought I would. I never properly learned touch typing but I guess yuears of ihnternet use has taught me to some defgree.


File: 1618622447064.png (3.39 MB, 2935x3740, earth knees.png)

Fastomg os,alomg ,eaññtomlo


if anyone wants to practice thier taping i find a really fun litte wensite to practice. It does different langages and event some coding ones:


File: 1618659218651.jpg (936.05 KB, 1317x1860, 1565476995318.jpg)

I don't touch type my posts but lt's see how I do. To be honest it seems like I'm doing better than I expected, actually wow I haven't made more than one mistake this hole time whoops there it oes I've jinxed it. I blame my nonmechanical keyboard for two of those. I can't figure out i I've actually depressed my keys.

Wow I don't like howI selected a picture this lewd.

I mostly type with only three fingers on each hand or atehr index and thiumb on the left hand and index ring and middle on the right
It works pretty weell and I type fairly quickly.


File: 1618659340122.jpg (687.45 KB, 887x1100, 1604475533052.jpg)

Oh wait you're not supposed to look at your screen either I guess. Does it count if you delete things without looking at your screen? I'm closing my eytes right now but I find my hand instinctively jumps to the delete key once I ealize I've mistyped something.


File: 1618663649059.jpg (114.01 KB, 919x1000, 482f022621c1d3e46d591fb907….jpg)

I thinkmmm /are tiy fastubg abib>

That's kinda cool, thanks sushi roll

I'll look at the screen for this part of myu post too, it's kinfa cool to see live commentary on your own writing. Put a comma there instaed of a fill stop so I had to change mu sentence structure I had plannerd. Oh sine I'm looking nowI might as well say to ??>>11000 what OI meant to say, Are you saying you're the sushi roll who's fasting? Good luck, hope you do well, put another comma there biut that's okay. I use all of my fingers then I mean WHEN I'm typing. I'd say backspacing with eyes closed is still banned but s=I did osme of it automatically too. I think I like it better this way actually (I mean with eyes open on the screen)m but I like the other way better I think actually. Maybe I'll do alternate between them. This is a bit embarrassing actually, like talking in real life. Also >100 I mean >11000 is a pretty funny post it makes me laught for some reason because the picture combined with ehthe incomprehensible tectxt, ok bue bye


File: 1618667964772.jpg (221.36 KB, 1280x960, 1456276524232.jpg)

This was harderin than i thought it wouldb e. I make a lot of mistakes when typing regularly,. It is even harder to avoid correcting myself, since i realize i make so many meistakes while typing, don|t even have to look to realzie i made am stiake.


File: 1618668244963.jpg (141.41 KB, 1280x720, Evg6cFZXEAEZNee.jpg)

this is berry nice thread I must say, a fun idea. as or posting an image without looking, all my file names are terrinle so this is a commn ezperience for me. the thumbnails in my filr manager are brokey. I should really fuc that. I wonder how I am doing, I feel like it's goinmg well but perhaps I missed a dew letters, or perhaps I am acrually doing realy bad, the small bblobs on the f and j kets are very helpfull, whoops I just backspaced without thinking. whiops I did it again lol. ok time to post an image


File: 1618687295273.png (2.3 MB, 907x1280, fridge gaming.png)

I don't find it particularly hard, but english is not my primary language so some punctuation may be missing. Other than that I've been touch typing long enouhg for this tp be pretty ez.


I'm not sure what to type about. To be honest I've cheated a couple times and deleted what I wrote entirely because it feels weird typing about nothing at all. Weird? Did I type that write? OR was it wierd? I forget sometimes. Weirrd.


File: 1619033423088.jpeg (20.1 KB, 596x514, 1570234714487-0.jpeg)

that image is such a mood. but the subjects are odd- how did - no , where did you find this? lmao

Yeah, i too delete thigs , even without looking because i know i made mistakes. well, not that I KNOW , just have a feeling that i did. Habit?
In class i have to take notes quickly becuase the teach goes fast sometimes. So i learned to type and follow along without looking at what i am typing. so when i feel like i did a misatke, i don't delete. unless I have time. Evnetually i became good at it.

I don't even remember why I replied your msg. I don't even remember it's content and I can't look at the screen aaaaaaaaaaa


File: 1619033566146.gif (2.22 MB, 498x280, happycri.gif)

wow my own post contradicts what i am saying ;A;


I guess I;kk take the challengge, actyuallly just have m eyes cloesd rn so it;s weird,. idk what 2 say unter than ig I fel really dizzyu all the time, closing my weues thjis ling is making me feel like I;,m going to fall pver


Typing without looking at the keyboard can be easy until you mess up a letter or handplacement then eevrthing is off centre, looks funny though


I am returning home from being kinda drunk-ish, first time seeing a couple of freinds in a good while. Did some grilling outside , was colder than we imagined but we still kept going through.Messaged a lady I like on the way home, kinda just explaining my feelings wotards her and why I havent been making any effort to message her or anything.
Heard a younger dude calling some peeps on the way home aout some social life bullshit, the younger folks seems to have it rough nowadays with the more open experimental relationship bullshit. Felt kinda bad for him, but also kinda annoyed because hw was trying to rule in peeps and making a buillshit situation less bad even though regardless of how it was handled after this they were still assholes and regardless of how things ahappened after this they were still assholes not really worhty of furtehr aquaintance.

ALl in all, I had a good night, got fresh air and friendly words for the first time in months, it was good.


File: 1619986397685.jpg (78.86 KB, 660x400, filthy keyboard.jpg)

I got an ergonomic ckeyboard and Im still not very good with it, my WPMis down a lot (not that i have chekced oit properly_. Oh well, hopeully my wrists will benefit from it!


They take a while to really get used to, but they feel super nice to type on once you get the hang of things!


interesting but i dont really know what to talk about also i dont know if my keyboard is on serbian or english so y and z will most likely be fucked up


holy shit im good at this


Kept on seeing this thread and thoguht I might as well finally post something. I'm honestly very happy I decided to take the time to learn to touch type , it's so much faster and much more satisfying thatn having to constantly look at the keys. I do wonder if the I should switch to one of those other fancy keyboards like dvorak or something that's supposedly much more efficient. Seems like to much of a hastle for me honestly.
woah I did so much better than I thought I would, I kept on changing my thoughts and rewriting what I said, so I thought it would be super bad


make my wish ome true
all i want for xmas is youuuuuu


I think I might be ab;e to do this, but I also have reallly shaky hands, so they go off of homerow pretty often. Not to mention that I have to stretch really far because of tiny hands…


this is way too easy sushi, i can type like that whole day
but i am gonna restrain my powerlevel, you never know who's lurking

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