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File: 1694678790140.jpg (188.13 KB, 1200x1607, Sweet-and-Sour-Chickpeas-o….jpg)


Anyone have any simple and tasty vegan/incidentally vegan recipes?

I have a friend who's vegan and I want to make something nice for him sometimes since he doesn't cook very often. I have a couple ideas (meatless chili, chickpea curry, red beans and rice) but I was wondering if anyone else had anything. It doesn't have to be strictly "vegan" either, even just some recipes that have a couple ingredients that can be substituted for vegan options would help!


I have not yet been able to get this one to work perfectly for me yet, but I find it very interesting.


I think it tends to be more critical to follow an exact recipe with things like this.


Lentil soup is pretty good. I've never made it myself though, only bought it premade in cans.


Almond milk can substitute regular milk, just make sure to use plain, unsweetened almond milk. Most almost milk is sold with vanilla and other flavors for drinking, but this is no good for cooking. You can make your own with a cheesecloth and a blender!


>incidentally vegan
Consider homebrewing/winemaking if he drinks.


File: 1694812712986.jpg (818.75 KB, 1024x1000, Woks-of-life-hot-dry-noodl….jpg)

Simple Hot Dry Noodles

- mie noodles
- peanuts / peanut butter
- soy sauce
- garlic
- spring onion
- msg
- chili crisp / chili oil

Cook mie noodles according to package instructions and discard water. Chop peanuts very finely until they almost have become a powder or use peanut butter. Chop garlic finely and mix with a splash of water. Chop spring onion. Stir everything together with soy sauce, chili crisp, msg and sugar to taste. Add any vegetables you fancy. Enjoy.

This recipe is inspired by street food I had in Sichuan. I think they add mustard greens there, but they are difficult to source here. Don't skip the msg!

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