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Do any of you sushis eat gluten-free flours?
I'm gonna get checked tomorrow because there is a chance that I might have high blood sugar, and decided to cook some Gluten-free bread so that I don't feel like ass with regular bread. It was surprisingly tasty, I really really liked it. It's also a huge plus that it doesn't make me feel like utter trash.
The high price is a big downer though :(


yeah, sometime in my 30's I started developing chronic GI problems, and after a year of the doctors running a bunch of tests that came back inconclusive they finally decided that maybe it's just a gluten/wheat intolerance. Been feeling a lot better since I stopped eating it a couple years ago.

Gluten-free bread is always expensive though, and it's hard to find any that tastes good. Never been devoted enough to try baking it myself.


Yeah, it's annoying to see how one loaf of gluten-free that is technically less than a pound of bread would be 3 times more expensive than the same amount of regular bread.
On the bright side, some gluten-free cookies are much less expensive than the regular refined flours ones where I live. Granted that it varies very strongly from store to store, going downtown it seems it is less expensive there.


That sounds cool, what kind of gluten-free cookies do they have? The only ones I can usually find that aren't super expensive are the gluten-free Oreos.


File: 1685045369089.png (590.6 KB, 2452x1816, 1636817885835.png)

Well I went to the store yesterday and the light isn't as bright as you'd imagine
Only a very select kind of cookies are less expensive, the rest range from slightly more expensive to three times more expensive.
The cheap ones were some biscuits that come in many flavours, the more expensive ones are the ones with filler in them, but they come in many different shapes and forms. Some with chips, some are pretzels, some are salty. It's quite varied all things considered.
Surprisingly so, when I asked the owner of the store about things without gluten, she went fairly in detail about it. Apparently Celiac's disease is real brutal, but thankfully right now it's all an intolerance. Not as bad as shampoo giving me skin rashes, but only time will tell.
On another note, I think I developed an intolerance for bananas now? I am not too sure who should I go to so that I can check my intolerances, but all of this just comes out of nowhere and it's kinda blindsiding me.


I can eat gluten just fine, but my sister has celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Having it sucks, but it's not the hardest intolerance to work around.
>I might have high blood sugar
Gluten is the protein I thought. Shouldn't impact your blood sugar more or less than gluten free breads.

Assuming you want to avoid gluten rather than sugars or carbs, there's hope: Not eating gluten became super popular with the "alternative nutrition" crowd a few years back, and hipsters and hippies alike decided to buy it, which is amazing - because as a result there's a large variety of gluten free products.
For normal nutrition, avoiding carbs that have wheat or gluten and instead using carbs that naturally don't have any (rice and potatoes) are great. Some gluten free pasta is fine as well, though that will depend on brands. I'd recommend you buy the ones your local store has and try those first, especially the cheap ones.
Sadly, the way my sister describes it is gluten free baked goods are usually where the quality suffers (or they are super expensive). She got herself a bread machine and a pasta machine and makes both herself. Her breads don't taste as good as a homemade sourdough, but better than the usual supermarket bread, and it's economical as well. So I'd recommend getting those. Bread machines second hand are super cheap, they seem to be in the category of "a lot of people buy them, don't use them, and they take up too much space to just stand around", which drives second hand prices down. Just remember to give them a good wash, both because of gluten and because of general nasty surprises you may find. Also be aware that there's a lot of "hidden" gluten especially in sauces like cheaper (and worse) soy sauces. Your mileage may vary and it depends on your health situation, but for her she says anything that states "contains traces of gluten", she doesn't eat and anything that says "may contain traces of gluten" she does.
Good luck sushi.
>Apparently Celiac's disease is real brutal,
It really depends on the person, but if you have celiac's disease and keep eating gluten, it tends to get worse and worse until it can get really bad. So if you just have a intolerance, probably still better to stay on the safe side and at least reduce gluten intake.


Hmmm I've never looked much at biscuit cookies. Good luck on getting something like intolerances checked; I was seeing a doctor for something like a year for chronic abdominal pain before they finally suggested maybe my issues could be a food intolerance, and even then it was more of a "try cutting out foods and see if you feel better" than any kind of formal test.

Also be aware that there's a lot of "hidden" gluten especially in sauces like cheaper (and worse) soy sauces.
Even the regular Kikkoman is brewed with wheat. Oddly enough the cheaper La Choy is not.


I feel everyone's pain. I am really intolerant of milk and it is incredible how much milk is in our foods, as a sweetener especially.

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