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File: 1626125971363.jpg (1.58 MB, 4032x3024, dinner.jpg)


Last night I made Tuna steaks, broccoli and yellow peppers sauteed in soy sauce, fried brussel sprouts topped with kewpie, some kimchi, and a fried tortilla.
All washed down with a golden sip.
What did you have for dinner?


>What did you have for dinner?


Looks fucking delicious, would crush after a workout any day.

Last night I had instant ramen with slices of trumpet mushrooms, seaweed, dumplings, and green onion.


Two nights ago I made some Chili beans in a crock pot and corn bread. It was pretty delicious!
Yesterday and today haven't been as exciting :(.


File: 1631468096050.jpg (28.96 KB, 474x266, 34234.jpg)

Hoover stew. It was an old depression era meal made of noodles, hot dogs, and tomato paste. Some versions have beans and corn mixed in, I didn't add them.
I had it and boy you can taste the depression. It's a passable meal, taste good if you add spices, but you can tell it's kind of a mishmash of shit you have lying in your house. 6/10 wouldn't make unless I had nothing else.


>depression at Duckduckgo
I'm sorry sushi roll


Tonight was rice, corn, and a frankfurter. Not the best dinner. Passable, though. I’m sort of excited to have a kitchen and be able to make my own food someday, probably in a couple of years. Just not sure where I’ll start.

My favorite thing they serve at this cafeteria is jasmine rice.


I made this Gordon Ramsey recipe. It's a quick and simple dish that doesn't leave many dirty dishes so it's become my go-to when I'm cooking for myself. Plus it tastes good.


I bet it would be good if you put a simple cheese sauce instead of the tomato paste
Because at that point it's just mac and cheese with hot dogs, and that's a classic childhood meal. For me at least


Chicken kimchi salad with homemade mayo
miso soup with jalapenos and tofu
rice with added instant oatmeal
later had edamame and a can of baked beans as a snack. The baked beans were wayyy too sweet and there was too much of them, but I can't be bothered to toast bread to go with em because I don't have a toaster so I have to wait for my ovens broiler to warm up and I think it uses too much electricity too.


File: 1632097729529.jpg (526.92 KB, 1320x990, cheese and bread.jpg)

made myself a little cheese and bread plate with some beer


The souls of the damned


Today I had rice pudding with cinnamon, allspice and lavender, a banana and some cashews.

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