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File: 1606783066720.jpg (171.5 KB, 1280x720, pokemon-sword-and-shield-a….jpg)


Hello there dear sushis!!
have you ever try making curry? do you have a favorite recipe? spicy or sweet? any good advice for curry?

>lately i'm very into making the le blanc curry but i want to use a good coffee and chocolate.


File: 1606841789948.jpg (288.26 KB, 1200x799, ready-to-eat-Easy-Tomato-a….jpg)

I love curry! I make it all the time, especially lentil curry. I got a pressure cooker almost exclusively for making curry. I've tried making a japanese style curry (without the sauce cube things) with some success but I'm still working out the kinks.


I don't really understand the appeal of Japanese curry, but then I've usually found Japanese cuisine to be a bit overrated. Japanese curry manages to be weirdly bland and I'm not sure how; I don't even mean lack of pungency, just a lack of…depth of flavor, I guess? Could be an unsophisticatedness to the spice mixes, I guess.


File: 1606896609146.jpg (176.47 KB, 1216x1216, EoLBshxXYAAL7Qy.jpg)

I love and adore curry rice, it's my favourite. I like to take any Japanese curry roux and mix it with miso and gochujangg, typically made with potato and some kind of legume like pigeon peas or chickpeas. I want to try making it with other things maybe shrimp or ground turkey, I don't know. Curry rice is peak comfort food.


also: always topped with drizzled Kewpie mayonaisse. This step is essential and cannot be skipped! I also like to add an extra dollop of gochu.


probably tomorrow i'll buy ingredients to make some curry for the week


I eat curry pretty much every day and I like Japanese curry. It seems like it would be intentionally bland and simple, since it's a comfort food associated with childhood within a cuisine that values subtle flavors. I add stuff like soy sauce and katsuboshi and miso rather than the spices I usually cook with. It helps to think of it more as a curry-themed dish within Japanese cuisine than what someone from a traditional curryeating culture would think of as curry.


What a cute picture


File: 1623896713371.png (1.87 MB, 1555x1706, youhaveinsultedthecurrygod….png)

I love curry of all kinds. It's one of my favorite foods and Japanese curry is actually one of the first dishes that I made while learning to cook.

Japanese curry is super easy to make so you won't even really need a recipe. Cook rice. Then Just chop vegs (onions, potatoes, carrots, etc.) and meat of choice, cook them in pan with some oil, add a cube of the curry roux, cook until it is mixed and dissolved, and then serve with the cooked rice.


File: 1623956709651.png (519.58 KB, 800x1222, Curry.png)

I use this recipe.


File: 1634296675851.png (1.68 MB, 1024x1365, image_2021-10-15_121228.png)

When I was in Japan, Coco's curry had some pretty unusual toppings, but they tasted amazing. Sometimes I look up their menu online for inspiration.

I always make a big batch and it tastes x10 times better the next day because all the flavours have had time to mesh together. I test something different every single time, so that no two curries taste the same. As OP said, coffee or dark chocolate make the sauce really rich and luxurious. I also make my own stock, which can be a bit of a wild card.


File: 1634318206746.png (72.74 KB, 281x179, ClipboardImage.png)

A few times I have made curry with Eggplant, Mushroom, Onion, and Daikon Radish, which I was pretty happy with. I am not very skilled at frying the Eggplant yet, so sometimes I cook it mushy by mistake. I am a big fan of Daikon's texture when boiled so I try to include it in every curry I make. Sometimes I also include potato. I use store-bought Golden Curry cubes. I substitute some of the water in the recipe with Coconut Milk and a bit of Red Wine – last time I used Apothic Red. This gives the curry a slightly chocolatey flavor and creamier texture which was a hit with my roommates. I always add plenty of Garlic.

I used to have a vegetarian roommate so I wouldn't cook with any meat, but next time I might like to try cooking with Lamb because it is my favorite meat and I rarely get to have it. Otherwise maybe a soft kind of beef, like Beef Chuck.


Chocolate in curry? Like putting in cocoa powder?


File: 1634496109509.png (1.77 MB, 1600x1200, __original_drawn_by_bcd__7….png)

I cook curry almost every week. It's just so delicious, easy to make and provides nutritious food for several days.

My Curry

- 400g fresh mushrooms
- 400g fresh chicken breast
- 3-4 carrots / alternative: pumpkin (cooks quicker, so add later!)
- 2-3 onions
- 1-2 potatoes
- 1 red bell pepper
- oil / (optional) oil from roasting spring onions (great taste enhancer)
- water

- soy sauce
- curcuma
- cumin
- chili
- fennel seeds
- (optional) fresh ground garlic
- (optional) sweet paprika powder
- (optional) glutamate

Heat up a large pot with oil generously covering the bottom. Chop the mushrooms and add them to the hot oil. Mix occasionally. While they are getting some colour, peel and chop up the carrots, potatoes and onions and add them to the pot. Mix to prevent the ingredients from burning at the bottom. Chop the bell pepper and add it with enough water to the pot. The vegetables should almost be covered with water. Now cut up the chicken breasts and put them on top. Finally add all the spice on top of the meat, close the lid and let simmer for a couple of minutes.

Serve with rice or bread.
Tastes better after reheating.
Provide chili crisp and soy sauce for adjustment of the taste to personal preferences.


File: 1634522963535.jpg (1.12 MB, 4000x2669, 18337596-8a87-432e-b7e5-1c….jpg)

My friends, simply acquire this export of glorious nippon state.


But where's the fun in that?


Just a square of dark chocolate!


I follow this recipe when cooking curry using golden curry cubes. https://www.justonecookbook.com/japanese-beef-curry/
I deglace the pan that I used to brown the cubes in with red wine and put around 200gram of finely minced beef in, which I seperated into smal pieces/bits when browning it. You won't notice them anymore but whenever I put them in it tastes better.


File: 1636570053696.jpg (483.93 KB, 900x1262, 1608693893807.jpg)

Tried your recipe today and it was good. A little bit too much mushrooms for my taste though. Next time I will lower the amount from 400g to 200g and compensate that with an additional bell pepper.
A question though, can you tell me what ground garlic is? I looked it up and the results showed me garlic powder and also minced garlic. This confused me, which led me to not use any garlic.


I always make ramen with a thing of curry roux dropped in, and some fried bacon. It's so easy and yummy!


I got some fenugreek seeds recently and it makes curry sooo much better. They're a bit bitter but it gives the distinctive curry smell.


I'm not that sushi, but ground garlic is basically what the name implies: Fresh Garlic, ground. I use a microplane for it personally. If you don't have something to grind it, use a mortar and pestle to create a paste. If you don't have that either, mince as finely as you can.
It's often done with ginger if you want the taste of ginger, but without any distinct pieces of ginger in the dish, though sometimes with ginger people even squeeze this paste and filter it to get "ginger juice" if they want to get rid of all solids in the dish.


File: 1642874352988.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1694, 1605253691507.png)

Thank you for answering my question, even though it is over two months old now, I appreciate that. I will soon try it out once more.


File: 1642875611148.jpg (30.56 KB, 461x541, 0f5fe4c6cbd52891123002b098….jpg)

I really hope you enjoy it, it's a nice way to add a more subtle garlic flavor to a bunch of dishes. Works with most curries, too, as long as they require garlic and you want a smoother texture.


I've always bought Golden Curry at the local Chinese supermarket but now I'm getting tired of the taste.

What's a good way to spice it up? I thought about adding some fresh ginger and garlic next time I'm making it.


just have it less often you silly!


I'm already eating it less often! I've constraining myself to two times per month!



have used this recipe dozens of times and it never fails me. sometimes i make curry just for the fun of it and end up with huge leftovers bc i realize i wasnt even hungry. just love cooking it. on spring break so i might just make a big pot for the week


That looks good sushi roll, wrote it down. I'll give that one a try.


I used to make rajma masala but now I mostly order food (living situation makes cooking hard for me). My favourites are samosa chaat, dal makhani, and chicken vindaloo.

I've never had Japanese-style curry but I would love to try it. There is about one Indian restaurant every block downtown here, but only like one or two Japanese places.


File: 1660562875582-0.jpg (1.57 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20220814_171412807.jpg)

File: 1660562875582-1.jpg (35.27 KB, 500x263, roux.jpg)

I made kare raisu for the first time yesterday and it turned out very poggers!! ^__^

I used this recipe.


File: 1660569694510-0.png (153.96 KB, 500x500, tasty.png)

File: 1660569694511-1.jpg (35.12 KB, 425x425, vermont apple.jpg)

What kind should I make next, sushis? I am going to use chicken this time.


File: 1660593918782.epub (6.89 MB, Iyer - 2008 - 660 curries….epub)

curry+rice is peak everyday-food; easy to make, utilitarian, and infinite flavor variation. Here is a great compendium on indian curry.


I make Rajma Marsala as well as curries with tofu, chickpeas, and lentils. I've also made Japanese curry two times now. The first time was with a beef substitute, which was okay. I didn't particularly like it. The second time was with fried tofu. That was also okay, but it took way too much effort. I also changed up the recipe from the standard box curry to one that included ginger, garlic, and a very ripe banana, smashed in there. Next one's gonna be tofu again, but I'm going to crush all the water and crumble it in. I really like the potatoes, but not much crowding the curry. From what I see in other people's images, that's the right way to do it. I still think I'd like it a lot more with the crumbled tofu. Then, I'll probably add a grated apple, chocolate, or something else. Probably not at once, of course. I'm also seeing how well it freezes. I'm going to unfreeze my Japanese curry and see how it lasted.

I still prefer regular, Indian curry more. Japanese curry seems to be a pale comparison of Indian curry. Like, you can tell it's curry, but there's something off about it. I usually do potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms to my curry, by the way. It'll be fun to experiment more with different vegetables, too. Japanese curry might not be like Indian curry, but it's charming with its variety.


File: 1703993126283.jpg (769.73 KB, 1256x1166, curry.jpg)

I made some curry with chicken katsu the other day, it was excellent!


File: 1703997483310.jpg (664.28 KB, 2400x3000, 1703670834443247.jpg)

Looks so good! :3


that looks amazing, cook for me please!


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