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File: 1606783066720.jpg (171.5 KB, 1280x720, pokemon-sword-and-shield-a….jpg)


Hello there dear sushis!!
have you ever try making curry? do you have a favorite recipe? spicy or sweet? any good advice for curry?

>lately i'm very into making the le blanc curry but i want to use a good coffee and chocolate.


File: 1606841789948.jpg (288.26 KB, 1200x799, ready-to-eat-Easy-Tomato-a….jpg)

I love curry! I make it all the time, especially lentil curry. I got a pressure cooker almost exclusively for making curry. I've tried making a japanese style curry (without the sauce cube things) with some success but I'm still working out the kinks.


I don't really understand the appeal of Japanese curry, but then I've usually found Japanese cuisine to be a bit overrated. Japanese curry manages to be weirdly bland and I'm not sure how; I don't even mean lack of pungency, just a lack of…depth of flavor, I guess? Could be an unsophisticatedness to the spice mixes, I guess.


File: 1606896609146.jpg (176.47 KB, 1216x1216, EoLBshxXYAAL7Qy.jpg)

I love and adore curry rice, it's my favourite. I like to take any Japanese curry roux and mix it with miso and gochujangg, typically made with potato and some kind of legume like pigeon peas or chickpeas. I want to try making it with other things maybe shrimp or ground turkey, I don't know. Curry rice is peak comfort food.


also: always topped with drizzled Kewpie mayonaisse. This step is essential and cannot be skipped! I also like to add an extra dollop of gochu.


probably tomorrow i'll buy ingredients to make some curry for the week


I eat curry pretty much every day and I like Japanese curry. It seems like it would be intentionally bland and simple, since it's a comfort food associated with childhood within a cuisine that values subtle flavors. I add stuff like soy sauce and katsuboshi and miso rather than the spices I usually cook with. It helps to think of it more as a curry-themed dish within Japanese cuisine than what someone from a traditional curryeating culture would think of as curry.


What a cute picture

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