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I came across and wanted to share an old cookbook with a neato infographic on spices. What are you favorite ways to spice certain dishes?


This is super neat. Thanks sushi. I’be personally started sprinkling a little bit of my home made bbq rub on my fried eggs in the morning. I know, it sounds weird. But trust me. The brown sugar gives it a bit of that dark sweet flavor which goes great with the runny yolk, the pepper gives it a little kick. I overdid it once and it totally overpowered the eggs but just a little sprinkle on top is great.


There were these and other tables and graphs like that on that old 4chan images compilation. Around 4gb.
In 2012 i think it was already old so i don't know if it still exists. I had it but deleted most of it due to lack of space; now that i'm cooking i want them back, funny.


I know nothing about spices so I never put them in unless my recipe or mom or sis tells me which ones to… All I know is I don't like ginger…


File: 1593399165062.png (8.77 MB, 2973x1920, herbs.png)

Joined the images together and cleaned them up a little, as I love charts. Sadly I'm not patient enough to try to de-blur them, but I adore the little drawings on top. Certainly has the potential to be a hung on a kitchen wall (if I do decide to go through with it).

Don't discredit herbs and spices, as your family is right. They certainly add more to the meal!
Try to give ginger one more chance, especially when it's to make some tea. Works like a charm when you're sick and wish to feel better.


That's very nice sushi, thanks a lot.


My favourite is spiced hot chocolate. Dark chocolate with milk, cinnamon, cloves, and amaretto liquer.
Extra comfy in winter.
I'll share the recipe if someone's interested.


Just experiment man what can go wrong
Worst comes to worst you beg your sister to make a meal for you because you messed yours up or you buy a pizza instead of eating whatever disaster you cooked up. Experimenting with food is what makes cooking worth doing, if you're just going to follow a recipe it's boring.


File: 1593473052769.jpg (188.85 KB, 549x780, 2c53a07b450ebb551e1e6d3447….jpg)

Winter is a long way off, but I'd love it anyways.


File: 1593518967347.jpg (67.42 KB, 554x600, 51fc4c334579312b85c9d2ab13….jpg)

50g 55-70% dark chocolate
150g whole milk
3 cloves
a pinch of ground cinnamon
25g amaretto

Put everything but amaretto in a pan and bring it to heat, stir constantly. When the temperature hits 65-70 celsius, take it off the fire. Strain in a mug, add amaretto and stir it in. Done.
That's how I do it at home. At work I have an espresso machine, with machine it takes a minute to prepare.


Honestly you can eat anything. Just don't put more than two sprigs if you're unsure. It'll still be edible, don't waste the food.


That sounds divine. I'm going to buy amaretto and chocolate tomorrow and make some.


Well ideally wasting food is never good, but I get the feeling a lot of sushis won't want to eat what they cook if it's really bad. I've seen the news articles about people managing to make eggs catch fire.


I love seasoning potatoes with romero and paprika.
Sometimes potatoes do well with a little nutmeg as wel, and of course black pepper.
Black pepper works with everything. Sometimes I like to use oregano too. Or parsley.
Besides that, there's little use of spices in my cooking. I think my food is rather bland. Most people often use either tomato sauce, cream, curry, etc. But I think that's too much. I prefer a somewhat frugal use of condiments generally.
Oh I also use ginger a lot, and garlic too (though I usually do not mix them, it's garlic xor ginger)


Did you do it?


I did! I wanted to wait for a nice rainy night to enjoy it but it took a while to come (the amaretto's almost gone).

It was heavenly, as expected, tastes even better than Italian hot chocolate which I've been trying to find ever since returning to Australia. I used 90% cacao which was very bitter to start with, but the amaretto adds the perfect dash of sweetness.

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