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File: 1504262273565.jpg (102.67 KB, 542x664, image-13.jpg)


Do you like experimenting with food?
What are your best creations?
What were your worst creations?
Ever got something totally unexpected?


File: 1504550117591.jpg (28.03 KB, 560x436, ultimate_kitchen_master.jpg)

I usually cook without a recipe, trying to utilize the things I find in my kitchen as well as possible.

>What are your best creations?

poor guys super fast salad sushi
- get salad leaf
- put rice and sesame seeds on top
- add random vegetables (pickled stuff works well) and soy sauce
- roll up and enjoy immediately
- prepare next one while chewing

mussel with vegetable in pan
- cook potatoes (in a pan) or rice with the mussels and some oil
- add vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots …
- season with black pepper, salt, oregano, …
- add cashews

>What were your worst creations?

I once fucked up my usual pan of stuff with super salty Chinese black beans. Also no one wanted to try my Kimchi, because I added way to much garlic and chili.

>Ever got something totally unexpected?

Blue curacao combined with grape juice tastes like old fashioned candy.


I love experimenting with food, but I also hate wasting it. Sadly that is usually the case. Especially when trying to come up with new baked goods.

Cheese and cheese based sauces work surprisingly well with chicken. Meat is pretty hard to make inedible though, for me at least.

Don't boil canned tuna, it's horrible. Cheap, flour based "sausages" also aren't good for frying on a pan.


Some time ago I made pancakes for the first time. I started off with a ratio from a recipe (1/3 glass of flour, 2/3 glass of milk, 1 egg), then adjusted as I were making the pancakes. Here is what I found out:
More liquid or less flour makes the batter less viscous (more runny) and so you can make thinner pancakes by tipping the pan. Less liquid or more flour makes batter the opposite - viscous, harder to spread, and therefore thicker, denser pancake.
Eggs contribute to "structural integrity" of pancakes. They keep the pancakes together, give them elasticity, and prevent them from crumbling or falling apart.

I tried doing an extreme "pancake" today by adding a little milk and flour to 3 eggs. Essentially scrambled eggs but with a bit of flour. After frying, it turned out very thick and resembled raw dough (even though it was cooked). I could pick up the whole "meal" with a spoon. I got myself scrambled eggs (with some fried onions and cheese) on a stick. It was very filling but a bit tiring after the first few bites.

If you have some tomatoes and dried-up bread lying around, cut up the tomatoes and toss them on a frying pan. Crush the bread into bite-size chunks and also toss them on the pan once the tomatoes release water. The bread will absorb tomato water and soften. Tastes surprisingly well, it has the chewy texture of bread and umami flavour of tomatoes. Works well with eggs too.

Eating food while making food is the best because you know exaclty when to stop and never make too much.


File: 1507064440711.jpg (61.35 KB, 640x640, unfine china.jpg)

>Do you like experimenting with food?
Yeah all the time. I actually run a cooking show b/c I do so much fun stuff in the kitchen.
>What are your best creations?
Multi-generational chicken sandwich. Stove-top cooked chicken breast, fried egg, some turkey meat, peanut butter, and kale on an uncooked bagel.
>What were your worst creations?
Fruit smoothie where I added tomatoes b/c they're a fruit.
>Ever got something totally unexpected?
Chopped up hotdogs mixed with honey mustard and jam. Actually turned out really good.


It's mostly improvisation when I cook for myself, and have a hard time following a recipe without diverging from it. I did some horrendous things at the beginning but it's very rare now I fuck up to the point I have to waste food. Maybe it's because of my lack of discipline and love for creativity but I also hate to waste food and to eat the same thing each meals.

For example, I had half a bottle of broccoli soup. I found it rather bland and didn't feel like trying anything with the oven (potaoes are baking right now anyway). So I poured the soup in a pan, took one of those unsweetened soy yogurt and used it as cream, put the remaining of a bag of grated cheese, and some spices to add taste and colors (paprika, cumin, pepper). At the end I had a pretty balanced meal taste-wise with enough texture (the soup wasn't perfectly mixed). That's pretty tame, but still I got something good out of three boring elements.


It has to do with pancake too. I don't remember the process, but it involved water, flour, chocolate and it ended in an awful mess of lumps, still liquid dough with burn parts, bubbles and no taste at all.

I'll be glad to hear about unexpected ways to cook leftover


The other day I improvised with some stuff I had around, and I called it a "nest". It was a bed of alfafa sprouts, with slices of jicama and sunflower seeds and also sesame seeds. And some vinagrette made with ginger root slices and tangerine juice. It was tasty.
Sorry if the names of the plants are in spanish, I couldn't find english words for them.


I experimented on accident a while back, I was doing some soldering work, and then I had a break with lunch and a sandwich. I forgot that I had been cleaning my soldering tools above my desk without any surface protector, and there was a small layer of solder lead, flaky and brittle, small pieces of solder lead. I can even check the tin / lead ratio. 60/40 it was. Ate about half the sandwich before I realized what I had done. It was all flaky on the underside because I had laid it down before I ate the first sandwhich.


I mean gee, talk about eating a lead sandwich.


Woah. I hear that that's really not good. You might want to talk to a medical pro, if you haven't already.


I've kinda been putting it off. Figured if I didn't notice any symptoms I might as well be fine. But lately I've been suspecting that the symptoms make the symptoms unnoticeable to myself. So maybe I'll check myself in to the doctor soon. It would explain some things.

Thanks for the support sushiroll.


Essentially it has felt like I was trembling under the pressure of something pushing down on me that's been growing in strength, my body falters and my shape contorts. I have no real knowledge of what I actually look like. But I have gained some relief in taking only cold showers, and to stop using shower soap. I simply rinse off in cold water, and it feels refreshing as I don't know what. Gets the blood pumping good, and shakes all the fears off your back. You can stand proud, after proving your will stronger than the temperature of the water.

Before I stopped using body wash I was very frail, I was sick at least once every other month, feeling just sapped of all my thunder, snot would drip continuesly for months, once had a cough that held so long I would start coughing blood in my phlegm. I suffered from horrible suffering tremors in my legs, RLS it is called and should never be looked down upon.
I was suffering every night and I just didn't have the energy to go anywhere, I didn't have the energy to give away to anything but the bare essentials.
In a position without choice but to wake up at 05 every morning and make porridge for myself and travel to school. On the funky smelling curious buses, that always dangled across the road so cozily.

I only ever had the energy to deal with one person at a time. If it's not personal enough to need the saying of it alone, it needs not be said.

This didn't leave me with a very good grip on handling groups of friends.

Shit, this was all before the lead though. The lead just left me feeling heavy. That's why I thought of heavy metals, and hence the lead I accidently ate.

Also guys, I believe that there could be quite an amount of schizoids on this site, it's a real thing and it can be used very efficiently.
(It's not the same thing as schizophrenia, look it up. Schizoids are a kind of people too. I am one)

Btw sorry for all the weird blabberrepeaters lately, I really love this place, and every time I have visited I have felt such a comfy joy inside of my heart. It really has saved many days for me, where visiting this site were the single reason I smiled that day. I really love you all, even though I have merely posted some and unasked for. I appreciate every single last one of you.

It is such a healing feeling, that of feeling appreciated.

Also, this post looks like it belongs in /hell/, is there a function to move a wrongly placed post, converted into a thread in the correct board?

Sorry about all this, I'm just a bit crowded inside at the moment, needed to let off a bit of steam. Sorry if it was a bit splashy.


Today I felt extremely lazy and bought a packet of peanuts (salted) and marshmallows for supper. I found that you can push a peanut or two into each marshmallow and make a salty, sweet snack that's better than either of them on their own. Probably not very original, but I enjoyed it.


I'm impressed at how relatable this thread is.
>Do you like experimenting with food?
I love it, not that good at it yet, though.
>What are your best creations?
Something close to a ratatouille; leek, onions, carrots and 2 other things i don't recall right now with pepper, olive oil and a bit of curry (which i bought to see if i liked but didn't so i just pour small amounts everywhere so i don't waste it) in a frying pan half-filled with water.
>What were your worst creations?
None comes to mind but sometimes i mistakenly skips steps when cooking and have to work around it, the results are almost never good.
>Ever got something totally unexpected?
Not really as most of what i've done was for the first time.
>I usually cook without a recipe, trying to utilize the things I find in my kitchen as well as possible.
That is one of the most fun parts in the end, scratching your head thinking how to make the little you have work.
>Essentially scrambled eggs but with a bit of flour.
I learned how to make crêpes with a recipe that uses 3 eggs but is too big for me, when doing half of it you have to decide between 1 or 2 eggs.
1 makes the crêpe very bland.
2 tastes too much like egg, it's like i'm eating a pancake and it's just like you said "very filling but a bit tiring after the first few bites".
I worked around that so it's fine now but the experience was awesome. Seeing how much one single egg can change so much the final product is fascinating.


>What were your worst creations?
I have too many to count. My style of cooking is throwing any scraps I have into a pot.
Recently I tried to spice up my instant ramen. I had baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, salami and milk.
I really like peanuts in ramen and baby spinach or tomatoes by themselves in instant ramen are quite good, but together with milk it makes disgusting dirt-wash water.
I also put a bit of milk into the kettle with water, because I thought that so little wouldn't be as bad as brewing milk in a kettle. It shot out all over my laptop.


I had an idea after getting some bulk popcorn kernels. The heart (or kernel) of it is in the buttery flavor of uni, or sea urchin. Add some shredded dulse flakes since they're quite soft and serve as the salt. I have yet to try it but there was something to it…


File: 1565295886094.jpg (487.15 KB, 1771x1189, 1543952195865.jpg)

Sometimes I want to gamble for a bit, so this evening I made the following:

- slightly moldy rice I cooked on sunday
- mussels
- onions
- carrots
- ready made pasta verde
- 4 whole eggs
- oil
- soy sauce
- few glowes of garlic preserved in chili oil

Everything fried in a pan. This will be my lunch for tomorrow and I haven't even tasted it. Wish me luck.


It was great. I will make that again (maybe without moldy rice).


File: 1566119793841.jpg (257.59 KB, 1129x1600, けものフレンズ ‐ようこそジャパリパークへ!_1_0….jpg)

i don't experiment with food all that much due to time and money constraints, but if i see something that looks good ill try to find a recipe online and make it.

So far my favorite thing that I have made would be nikuman! It takes some preparation and waiting though, and the recipe i followed called for quite a few ingredients to get the specific taste. I also ran into some problems with the dough to meat ratio, and found that it was off and i was often left with more meat than i wanted. this could have been due to me just being bad with portions and making the dough the right way. but the end result really paid off it was delicious! as soon as i finished off that batch i went back to make more


Sort of, mostly with sauces but I got a few loose recipes that take well to it. I vaguely remember a couple that turned out good.

'Fast food' Sauce
>1/4 cup mayo
>1-2 tbsp ketchup
>1-3 tsp mustard
>1 tbsp Relish (Or chopped pickles, I use whatever or just the brine)
>Sprinkle of Salt, Pepper, very light sugar (Like a half pinch), smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar
Mix it up good and let it set for like half an hour to overnight. Good on burgers, fried foods, sandwiches, whatever really. Optionally add finely minced onions, onion power, garlic, or garlic powder.

Bootleg Okonomiyaki
>1 Cup each of flour, dashi stock/water
>1 Egg, beaten
>Chopped green onion or chives
>Minced sushi ginger or ginger with a splash of vinegar
>1 1/2 tsp corn starch, dissolved in the water
>1/4 head of cabbage, minced
>1/4 cup of panko
>Thin sliced bacon or pork belly, or any other thinly sliced meat you can get
>Bonito flake and nori if available
>Okonomi sauce and mayo (Recipe for the sauce and mayo below too)
Mix the flour, stock, egg, onion, ginger, starch, cabbage, and panko together. It'll make two big ones or about 3-4 smaller ones. Heat vegetable oil in a pan over medium until it sizzles when you drop some batter in. Carefully pour some into about half an inch to an inch thick and let it cook until shaking the pan moves it around cleanly. Lay on your meat and flip, cook till crisp. Flip it back over and add your sauces, bonito flake, and nori.
If you don't have the sauces okonomi sauce is 4 tbsp ketchup, 3 1/2 tbsp worchestershire sauce, 2tbsp oyster sauce, and 1 1/2 tbsp sugar. If you want japanese like mayo just take half a cup of mayo, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, and a little bit of sugar and dashi stock/powder.


>Do you like experimenting with food?
Yeah. Often after gaining the basic grasp of a recipe, lets say sauteed potatoes, I do it again, but slightly change things, differently sliced, spiced, oil. Other experiments are were I'm missing one ingredient and I try to replace it.
>What are your best creations?
I say fried potato skins. You get leftover potato skins and put them on a pan with a small bit of peanut oil and start adding spices you like, I did a pinch of cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt, to it while stirring them around. I stop cooking when they're crispy. Depending on how much spice I put I can eat them alone, if I put a little, or I can use them as crunchy topping,if I used a lot of powder.
I would never make the recipe alone though. Only when I have leftover potatoes. I like to add them to mashed potatoes I've made
>What were your worst creations?
Another potato recipe. It was simple sauteed potatoes, but I put way to much oil so whenever I bit into them the oil would leak out ruining the taste.I also put cheese on it which got burnt.
I also made a re-fried beans and mayonnaise taco. Everyone thinks its disgusting, but its OK
>Ever got something totally unexpected?
I tried to make beans and cheese, just a can of beans with a package of Mexican cheese dumped in, and it came out more like a chip dip than actual meal.
One time I sliced potatoes to thin while cooking them and made some pseudo chips

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