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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1499539032896.jpg (71.14 KB, 1001x563, sushi.jpg)


lads, I just had sushi for the first time and it was disgusting

A-am I still allowed here?


File: 1499544175557.jpg (106.99 KB, 1280x720, 4bb377817729931bd21da478dd….jpg)

By the looks of your pic, you got shitty pre-packaged sushi from a convenience store. That's like getting the "philly cheesesteak" from 7-11 and then complaining when it tastes like boiled leather.

Go out and find a legitimate sushi joint. Most kaitensushi is fine, but for the real experience try to find a place that has the chef's name in the title of the restaurant. True itamaes almost always do that, because it means they're staking their own name on the quality of the restaurant's food.


itamae come back ;_;



This. That sushi looks like trash, rollie.
Try some proper sushi.


Shrimps are something… you have to get used to. I liked different kinds of sushi much earlier than shrimp, if that's your kind of problem.


Kinds of related, how do you stop your hands cramping when you use chopsticks? Is it just a matter of using them more often and getting used to it?


You were probably never taught how to hold them correctly. Proper chopstick use should put no strain on the hands whatsoever. Post a pic of your hand holding chopsticks and I'll tell you how you're doing it wrong.


File: 1499763379636.jpg (112.7 KB, 874x343, chopsticks.JPG)

Well that's completely true, I've just kinda gone with what I've seen.


I have eaten plenty of sushi and liked it, and I have tried once the pre-packaged store bought stuff. It somehow doesn't taste at all and tastes really bad at the same time. Not even once.

Forget that you've eaten anything and give it another try sometime, this time from a civilized place. You will like it.



It looks like you're pinching the one on image's bottom. It should rest on the inside of your index finger more.

Also try holding them a bit closer to the middle.


I usually have the lower stick just rest on my ring and pinky fingers which are closed, while the other three fingers all move the other stick.
Never had any soreness from that.

I was once taught how to hold them but now I do it as it comes naturally to me


File: 1499908779304.jpg (1.72 MB, 1836x3264, chopsticks.jpg)


Went to get some kaitenzushi today, take a look at how I'm holding it. The top chopstick is held with three fingers, like you would hold a pen. This gives you the same amount of easy manual control that you would have with a pen or pencil. The bottom chopstick rests on my ring finger and the crook of my thumb.

Hold it this way and you will never struggle. You can even pick up melting ice cubes with this method.


that's a good looking hand °u°


Well as luck would have it I'm getting Japanese take out again tonight so I will give it a shot with the insight and tips. Thanks sushis.


File: 1500078076949.png (272.39 KB, 505x512, Cv0rdJcXYAA89j8_resz.png)

I love how this thread turned into a chopsticks masterclass.
u guise r qt


I still suck at chopsticks, but it was a bit easier this time. I think my main issue is I was having a rice dish so everything (bar the larger pieces of chicken) was pretty small and hard to pick up. I'll keep working on it though, and maybe invest in some non-lacquered sticks so they don't slip and slide everywhere.


speaking of chopsticks, any clue where to find good ones?


I think raw fish is disgusting. You should try cucumber, avocado, tofu or egg. Also don't get it from the supermarket, get it fresh from a sushi restaurant. The prepackaged stuff from supermarkets has been sitting around for ages and that's now how it's supposed to be eaten.


I personally find raw fish absolutely delicious, but the vegetarian varieties of sushi are also great. Loving the crunchyness of cucumber mixed with the rice.

Don't sweat it with the hashi. You'll get there. Meanwhile you can also eat with your hands, which is what I do sometimes. If you bought take away and are sitting at home by yourself, you can do that.

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