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File: 1475533477352.jpg (227.01 KB, 1280x800, 2016-10-03-150256.jpg)


oishii! ( ・ ・)
homemade nori/tamago furikake & salad!
What did you have for lunch sushirolls?


Fast food, again.


I eat joylent twenny bars :^)


Fried spaghetti with garlic and butter.


Are you eating 5 at a time?


i ate pho noodle soup (not self made)

btw: have you considered buying a new keyboard?^^


File: 1475560842778.jpg (338.23 KB, 2379x1683, Northgate-matias-front-002.JPG)

why buy a new one when this one is mechanical. meaning its not rubber dome shit and a joy to type on
old mechanical keyboards are considered collectors items (this one can fetch up to around $200)
its an northgate omnikey 101, its in perfect condition and its body is completely metal


so far only my daily veggie rice
l8r some chinese-style noodles, again with veggies, I'mnot very creative (also lazy)


a brown bread peanut butter sandwich


File: 1475912590310.png (998.66 KB, 800x1210, tumblr_o20bng9hmE1sleba8o1….png)

I had bread for lunch today. I ate the whole bag.


You can bring it in, I know that feel, I really do.


what's the advantage of an old mechanical keyboard vs a new one? Having to use a usb adaptor seems troublesome.


It feels good.


i have a ps/2 adapter since my mobo has a ps/2 port


File: 1483208535656.jpg (1.46 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20161231_121334.jpg)

Guacamole and mate


I had pad thai, my mom makes it really dry but i put a bunch on sauce in it and it tasted great!

Nice dude! What did u have in it?


I've never tasted guacamole before. What does it taste like?


if you can get avocados where you are, you should just make some
Just mash avocado into a chunky paste with a fork or something and add salt, lime juice, and maybe grate in garlic to taste.


You don't add in any chili? I always like to throw in a small amount.


I dont think it should be spicy, really, but that probably comes from my background as an american where people typically only have it with corn chips, with salsa as well, and thats spicy.
Though I made some and just had it on a tortilla after seeing that picture.


I don't add enough to make it really spicy, just enough so there's a hint on heat with some sweetness that you get from some chili. But that's the good thing with guac, you can make it how you like it.


I grabbed a bag of chips, a can of corn and a can of mushrooms (still protein but cheaper than meat) from the store. Stuck them in the microwave covered in cheese and had me some kickass nachos.


File: 1484903652218.jpg (190.35 KB, 726x957, 1403028817116.jpg)

bbq pork riblet, a sage and onion and cheese panini bread and 300ml of chocolate protein drink from the supermarket.

i had the exact same thing for morning break too.


Just ate a few slices of pork loin accompanied by a nicely fresh salad with red onions and tomatoes. Delicious dish. It would've been even better with some rice to the side.

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