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File: 1489097961553.jpg (227.89 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)


Why do people here post in giant walls of text?

It's really fucking annoying

Stop trying to use an imageboard like it's a blog

Just chill out and get to the point




pls no


File: 1489126200527.gif (122.94 KB, 512x256, tv4GAe6.gif)

oh no where are my cool guy socks?!


File: 1489126491448.jpg (275.4 KB, 600x600, Photo Dec 03, 19 47 22.jpg)


I agree that writing walls of text is annoying, it's just too much beating about the bush, you can always find a way to be concise and express all that you want to say instead of just writing an annoying essay about your life that nobody will read, it looks daunting in the first place and it usually is nothing but a bunch of random thoughts just put together because you didn't care to think about what you were going to say and the most efficient way to say it, so you often end up repeating yourself or giving out a bunch of useless details. I am sure everybody can, giving it enough thought, express themselves succintly and clearly, perhaps you have to say a lot and you end up with some very dense stuff, even obscure, either by the choice of words or just because there is so much meaning behind what you are saying that some ellipsis is necessary. There is no way around entropy anyway, any means of expression is bound to introduce some noise, and writing too much is one such way of obscuring the intention of your post, people might just ignore it altogether, or just be annoyed because you end up thinking in circles. Indeed, it seems like most of the times you write and write and write endlessly you're just dumping your thoughts which, in your own mind, are unorganized and even chaotic. It lacks not only self control but care about what you're writing and regards for the reader's attention, you are just dumping, not going back over what you said, it's as if every sentence you write just goes right from your stream of thought and into the screen, and then you leave it behind and not even care about what you just wrote. In the end, the only thing that comes clear is how restless your mind really is and how unorganized your ideas are. Often the strategy for right expression (or whatever) is to carefully craft your words in order for them to have the most impact, else, when you write walls of text the meaning gets dilluted. Even in the process of organizing your thoughts for expressing them, you are doing a service to yourself in organizing them inside your mind so you end up less confused. Most of the huge walls of texts are people that can't set their mind straight and introduce a lot of noise from their own mind, they distract themselves from that which they say they are trying to focus on. The point is that these long texts end up looking like a confused rant.
So please don't write walls of text, I urge you, I beg you, you can do better, please be considered to us all, don't go into mental loops, don't make us have to look at megabytes of texts that say essentially nothing. Better to spend that time figuring out what it is that you're trying to convey and the best way to do so. Else you'll just be repeating yourself; you'll just be repeating yourself.
I don't know what else to say at this point, so I'll just say this: I don't really know what else to say, I should end the post soon, I don't know if my objective has been reached, I cannot assert it from what I can see right now. Nevermind I found a way, I can end my post now. I hope you have enjoyed what I said, without more asay, I will take my part.
Plese have a sense of humor


File: 1489170694201.gif (3.19 MB, 480x270, azn_dance_2.gif)


u a qt roll

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