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This is a genuine question born out of curiosity.

THE QUESTION IS: Why do you voice your laments, even though people try to avoid them? Why do you leave cries of others ignored?

There are popular threads on /hell/ which are echo chambers of crying and complaining, with majority of posts lacking any replies and every other post whining about the same thing as the last one.

I see this everywhere: live chat rooms, forums and real life. Sometimes the vent keeps the conversation silent for a while before moving on, sometimes the topic is just changed quickly, sometimes it gets shaken off with a "everything will be fine :)". Yet people keep crying and ignoring cries of others, often both.

I cry because I hope for attention and romanticized being miserable. I ignore people who vent because I often end up as receiving end of their (now annoyed) complaints due to me coming off as rude or crudely blunt.


I don't think most people in those threads are expecting or even really wanting attention. I think it's more about the fact that if something's been bugging you a lot, then openly complaining about it can legitimately help to get it off your mind - that's what "venting" is. It's not about attention, it's just about getting it out of your system.


File: 1703164953371.png (1.37 MB, 1159x1316, thebullet.png)

It takes a considerable amount of my mental energy to engage and support someone who is miserable, I don't have that so I ignore it. It's the same shit as blogposting. I don't care, so I don't reply. There's nothing I could say that would help anyways.

I find it annoying sadposting tends to end up everywhere I go. Pretty much every online community I'm apart of have people sad posting and trauma dumping in general chats. It kills the nice feeling of the community and freezes chat rooms as no one wants to post after someone talks about how they've been diddled as a kid or whatever


Sometimes i vent. I don't do it much because, like the poster above, I get annoyed when a board starts getting a lot of whinyposts. Case in point is l**nchan which I stoppe


Fucking screen keboard.
Anyhow, …chan which I stopped using because people would start opening whole threads to post stuff that should be on the vent thread. It really gets super annoying to see yet another thread that's essentially identical to 3 other ones. Worse even, sometimes these people won't take advice and will try and refute every reply that tries to be helpful.
So, yeah, I vent only when I am at a limit. And I don't expect replies, of course.


The hurt has to come out somehow. If you don't put it out, it will come out in another, more uncontrolled fashion.

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