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File: 1678780469656.jpg (72.14 KB, 690x690, 1678723191384263.jpg)


moved to my grandparents place for a month but they use mobile network internet exclusively, so I can't post on 4chan

need to find a comfy high-traffic imageboard to post on to keep me entertained is this place what I am looking for??

tried to post on lainchan but I keep getting an error "please make a better post" idk why


As long as you remember to keep it cozy, you're more than welcome! It's a different kind of community than 4chan though, so please keep that in mind.


>idk why
It says exactly what you need to do. you can't do short/shitposting replies on lain.


File: 1679270799396.jpg (88.79 KB, 630x624, altchanguide.jpg)

Soyjak.party is the fastest altchan, it also is extremely gay. Frenschan is ok, but theres a 50% chance its run by the glowblack dragon rolls.





(ひろゆきの声)何これ… Lainchan? Highest quality requirement for posts? Post-8chan shutdown?

world2ch mentioned at all?

The sentence "this site is much like 4chan, minus the degeneracy"?

Where do you guys come from?


>Where do you guys come from?
Most likely frenchan shill.


all of these sites are trash except for lain and sushi roll cafe


File: 1679486185617.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x2414, 1674509441745.jpg)

this guide might be useful


>openly transsexual moderators
all of them are literal /pol/tards who will ban you for derailing threads if you insult /pol/tards who derail the threads


Exists solely to curb imageboards to the ground before they get enough momentum.
It's not tohno-chan, but at least they're better than…
Literally, unironically, one guy spamming threads and replies.
Heard good things about it.
Still trying to chase that 2014 high, huh
Too much backstage drama for me to give it a honest ty.
You know those time lapse videos that show something slowly decaying? Imagine that, but with a springboard.
Good luck.


lainchan feels significantly slower than this imageboard

which is weird because lainchan is better known


sushi has been rather fast lately
it's nice


what is the fastest board on here? what is the fastest board on lainchan?


I pretty much only use Kaitensushi so for me this site basically just has one board lol


You're missing some high level discussions happening on /lewd/.


>they use mobile network internet exclusively, so I can't post on 4chan
what's the reasoning here?


>what's the reasoning here?

about why they only use mobile network? It's cheaper and they don't really use internet much. it's actually pretty common these days.

about why I can't post on 4chan?
4chan range bans the vast majority of mobile network IPs unless you buy the 4chan pass, and I am not interested in going through VPNs or buying residential proxies or some shit like that


Not strictly thread pertinent but there is a Junior at my university that reportedly browses /a/ in the front row through his stats class the entire period. (Or I assume it was /a/. It was described to me as the “blue anime one”.) Didn’t know that kind of guy still existed. Hope he’s okay.


You're better off not using 4chan much, or at all if you can avoid it.
I use it from time to time on mobile network, too, and about half of the times I can't post. A good thing.


Opened up my laptop at uni once, forgot I left a piracy website open. Hentai ads for all to see.


4chan is a comfy imageboard with a lot of traffic and nice people

don't interact with aggressive / hostile people on there and you'll have a great time


I agree, if you stick to the nice bits, it's not so bad. I am still glad I sometimes can't post because that prevents me from staying there. Any form of sustained use of a screen is bad for you. Comfychans are saved by the slow traffic.


I did this sometimes. I seriously hope nobody noticed, I'd feel so embarassed


Backstage drama?


he sounds based ^_^


File: 1685793343822.jpg (34.73 KB, 305x346, B3.jpg)

As a tinychan moderator I can't believe somebody mentioned us lol.


when I first checked out mathchan back in november they were just discussing thrembo and failing to understand logic problems like the monty hall problem

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