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File: 1476058121694.jpg (9.75 KB, 260x260, q.jpg)


I've seen some posts like these and I feel like the use of racial slurs like 'chink', 'jap', and 'black dragon roll' (though I haven't seen that on this board) are uncomfy. What are the mods' thoughts on this?




This fellow has indeed a weird attitude, asking for advice while insulting in the same breath. I would love to see this shit on /hell/.

t. not mod


Man that was me, I'm sorry if you find it uncomfy. I never meant to be insulting, for real. It never even crossed my mind. I mean if you say spic I wouldn't be insulted because at the end I am not ashamed of my race/nationality. What I mean is that I have no bad intentions at all, I was just joking around. I don't really find stereotypes harmful because they really are mostly untrue or caricatures of some foreigner misconception.
Mods can delete my post if they want to.


>left out the most well known slur
black dragon roll.
There, fixed it for you.


you mean black dragon roll?
I'm thinking you meant black dragon roll
Why does nobody say 'black dragon roll'?
maybe it's word filtered?
just like 'california roll'?


You've got to ask the groups you might think the expressions are offensive towards to make sure that they are before acting on it.
You don't want to work for nothing, don't want to solve problems that aren't there, don't want to build any form of unneeded censorship or tension and don't want to give a word any more power than it has.


It's possible not to be a member of the group and still find it uncomfy. I have some Chinese friends that use the word 'chink' in a playful manner rarely, but I would never say it myself. Also, the entire group won't agree on whether it's offensive or not, so that doesn't really matter. I think I'd be satisfied if there was just a word filter on 'chink', 'jap', 'gook', 'spic' etc. as there is for 'black dragon roll'.

Didn't realize it was filtered till I posted.

Yea, I got that you weren't really trying to be insulting, but honestly no one would think of using 'black dragon roll' playfully.

I think most of the thread was okay, just a few posts were uncomfy.


>you like X too?
>mah nigga
also this is why a comfy chan is a sort of oxymoron, people are so ready to get offended about stuff, even if they're aware it's not the intention.


I think someone mentioned in /yakuza/ that you shouldn't say anything here that you wouldn't say in a comfy real life situation. You wouldn't use these words in polite company. Maybe filter all those words to one word like 'duckroll'.

And a comfy chan isn't an oxymoron, sushigirl manages to be a fairly successful comfy chan.


I feel comfy when I'm with close friends and I can speak out my mind without having to be on my toes about offending somebody.
Sure enough, I don't know if there are chinese people here, but since we're faceless I usually don't think it matter. Slurs mean nothing to me as I pointed out already.
Whatever I'll just stop using them.


File: 1476138252849.png (44.41 KB, 600x800, 5dd056e9c488e29636f79a36d9….png)

I only see people use jap when they're using it as shorthand for Japanese. Otherwise all Japanese people are gooks or chinks. Also everything Japanese is weeb, and Japan should be referred to as Asia or the East and never mentioned by name.

4chan was a mistake.


is calling japanese people nips offensive?


It's derogatory. Same as with calling russians "russky". It's not the meaning that's bad, but a context of words creation and usage.


But, as an Australian, I wouldn't get offended by someone calling me an Aussie or an ausfag or even an oicunt or whatever, I realise it's just a joke and not something I should take personally


>I realise it's just a joke and not something I should take personally

That's the healthy way of dealing with those things. everybody got a nationality, everybody gonna get called something at some point. it's give and take with certain jabs; when shit gets personal it becomes apparent soon enough. Too bad it's the current year and we've got to watch our words very carefully, my good friend of The Commonwealth of Australia.


File: 1476419496914.jpg (36.22 KB, 278x278, cirno_a_qt.jpg)

how is not being able to speak your mind freely any kind of comfy?


Why does complaining about racial slurs on a chan that explicitly has a no racism rule get moved to /hell/ is what I want to know.


File: 1476474441075.jpg (63.01 KB, 1280x720, emilia-1.jpg)

why can't we just talk about cute anime grills and all get along? ;_;


File: 1476636159052.gif (816.73 KB, 250x226, 1474735526001.gif)

There is no getting along in hell anymore! This is the place we play dirty at.


do you actually get offended by them?
Maybe you should take life less seriously.
also "complaining" is not comfy and the topic of racial slurs is not comfy either.


i never get offended by racial slurs then again im not asian so idk


Sushichan is a hugbox.


File: 1477438706374.webm (325.63 KB, 250x282, natsocasuka.webm)

But its supposed to be a hug box.
How else do you get comfy with out hugs?
>threadly reminder Asuka will always be best girl.


How is complaining about racial slurs not comfy, but racial slurs themselves are? This was originally posted in /yakuza/ where that kind of stuff is allowed anyway.


I think that there is nothing wrong with the words themselves, as long as they aren't being used for the sake of being a dick

Something like "real nigga hours" is fine, but something like "I think all black dragon rolls should be hanged" is not

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