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File: 1465414307469.jpg (589.17 KB, 1600x1200, typMitBrot.jpg)


This guy knows his bread. He walked quite a distance to get what he wanted to have, but in the end he reached the bread seller, so he could buy his delicious bread from a bread shop. He has nothing to regret while eating the bread. There was some hassle at work today, who cares? Not this guy. He is enjoying his meal to the fullest in the center of a dark and empty parking lot, only lit by this place, yet filled with delight about a gorgeous bread he just bought from the bread sellers bread shop. He likes this bread. He also likes this place in particular with the bread.


I am glad he found his bread. I would get some bread with this guy.


Where can I get in contact with this guy? I need to know where to go to get bread like that.


I bake bread, it's not as good as quality bread you can buy from a bakery yet but it's good doing it


That bread sure looks good, I hope he enjoys his bread.


Sorry about the unintended sage.
Bread bump


I bought some bread today but I dont think it was quite as good as that bread.


I'm always amazed at how easily terrible bread/rolls can ruin an otherwise perfectly good sandwich.


No matter how good the other ingredients are, poor bread will ruin the wich. I'm glad this many bought good bread


Even a bad piece of bread becomes good when warmed or toasted. Next time you make a sandwich, grill it or use a panini press. You'll have a better sandwich guaranteed


peepee press


What is the bread's purpose for existing? Why was it baked?


File: 1468209320299.jpg (23.82 KB, 470x437, anxiouspepe.jpg)

If you look his face for some time, his smiley turns into a doubt face.


Try avocado on your rye bread.


What if that's not really bread?


File: 1502745805129.png (551.48 KB, 964x912, 1490531611118.png)



Looks like good bread. Well roast.

pls, some sushi roll are posting on dialup


It's about time you upgraded your internet, joka.


nice philosophic text sushi roll. but the "dudeWithBread.jpg" kinda ruined it for me tbh.

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