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File: 1655926705034.png (763.77 KB, 975x975, 9c15d9647b9643dfbc5e522299….png)


There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left, they could be part of the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the rich to the poor, but instead, they choose to display a snide moral/intellectual superiority. they could make massive headway towards their goal but instead choose to turn up their noses at this lifeline they've been thrown, eventually an ideological swing will occur but by then they'll have already shot themselves in the foot and squandered a massive opportunity. I hold many viewpoints that coincide with what a lot of the left is aiming for, so watching them unintentionally fuck themselves over is pretty disappointing. a deus ex machine came, but their to stupid to see it.


Sorry, I think this is not a comfy topic but a call for a flame war.


Too late for you to squeeze water out of that sponge and yah, your post does not seem very comfy. I can only suggest you to lurk more.


You're not making it any comfier complaining about it, you know. Any topic has the potential to be discussed in a fine manner.

I can respect NFTs as their own thing and believe they have a right to exist. There is clearly a demand for them, so I think of NFTs as really just an expression of free market capitalism.
Crypto is very interesting and I think its suspicious how much scrutiny they've gotten in the past few years (On all the predictable platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Etc.). Crypto isn't perfect but its a damn good start to regain privacy and to operate away from centralized, controlled currencies (I'm thinking of Bitcoin/Monero as I write this, I know there are lots of other cryptocurrencies that probably don't fit this description). I can understand why some people would want it gone.


>Any topic has the potential to be discussed in a fine manner.
I don't think "the left" even exists. Granted, one can have "left leaning" or even "right leaning" attitudes, which merely means to position a subset of one's view of social issues in a one-dimensional compass, which ultimately amounts to not much and is used for the most part to pick sides in a struggle for power by groups which will ultimately never care about you nor will they be able to fulfill their promises because (a) they are made just for your vote and (b) they don't have a fraction of the complexities of reality in mind when they made them.

As for NFTs…. I really doubt such grandiose promises as "the greatest transfer of wealth in history."

Sorry if I thought this was a bait thread, but the terms in which OP talked suggest to me they haven't given much though to any of what they said.


No thread on an imageboard framed as an opportunity to shit on """"the left"""" has ever been a comfy thread. LURK MOAR!

But long as we're here… NFTs do not present an opportunity for wealth transfer, lol. The entirety of the crypto sphere is based in speculation and the people that are getting rich are the people that are getting lucky and/or had existing capital to invest. The original promise of cryptocurrency providing a new standard for currency and everyday people is long dead and most of the scene's founders have denounced it.


File: 1655991342823.png (245.18 KB, 3030x1142, upload_5d69a63da0d4ebb6cc7….png)

I would like a currency that makes it more possible to tax the rich, not even less possible. Also proof of work makes me squick.
I like experimental financial structures, but tbh I'm more worried about summoning demons then hopeful about saving angels.


and putting your retirement fund in stocks is communism because it means that the workers own the means of production right?


>There's a lot anti crypto/anti NFT opinions being expressed by people on the left
It's because if you're left-wing, it's likely the case that you think capitalism itself is a flawed system that needs to be replaced. From that perspective, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are just band aids to cover the problems capitalism has, like the tendency towards monopoly, at best.

At worse these things just represent false hope that the wealthy are open for a change to being on a level playing field with average joe workers and are letting them in to some incredible future market on the ground floor in a once in a lifetime opportunity. But that claim wasn't true when Jordan Belfort was selling penny stocks to people over the phone in the 90s, and it's not true now with teenage youtubers showing off the Lamborghini their dad bought them while they talk about their investments in crypto.


>hates centralized authority governing commerce
>invents new centralized authority governing commerce
smart ppl invest in energy from spiral knights

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