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File: 1657479476221.jpg (282.17 KB, 1200x628, tabz.jpg)


What are your experiences with drugs?
Not done any but interested?

Iv been a stoner for the past 4/5ish years and have had to quite suddenly due to finding a job i somewhat enjoy but im due a drug test in the first 3 months :(
Getting to sleep has been a real struggle and im the most aggy Iv ever been.

Acid has to be my favorite drug, best bang for ya buck. 6 hours of tripping for £10 and depending on how you use it you can come to some profound conclusions. I do feel doing so much over a short space of time has kinda changed the way I look at the world, for the better or worst im yet to find out lol.

Ketamine is also fun, its like half psychedelic half downer like weed or alcohol. I went through a stage of doing a few big fat rails every night after work (a job i fucking despised), monging out and watching spongebob. Gud times!

Iv only done shrooms twice but the second time was real bad I was in the country side on a bright sunny day with people everywhere curled up in a ball feeling the most isolated iv ever felt in my life. Strange.

Ecstay/MDMA is fun but not the sort of thing you can do at home by yourself so i only really get to do em when im on a night out and that is very rare. I do have some really good memorys of doing pillys when i was a teenager that i will never forget.

Cocaine is by far the worst drug in the world. So expensive for the feeling of a buzz for half hour till it wears off and you NEED more. That the problem with coke, its so bloody addictive and even if it wasn't it still doesn't justify the price. Iv seen friends take a downward spiral due to coke. Its heart breaking to watch.

Im no proper big druggo but iv stuffed a fair share of consumable chemicals into my brain box so feel free to ask any questions if you are interested!


I abused LSD when I first tried it, took it once a week for a little while, did a job on my mood, I developed some depression and anxiety and it took me at least a year to get over it. Today I don't do drugs, I just have no interest whatasoever, but if someone offers me some acid I'll take it, it's really fun. Nothing beats peyote and the shrooms, though, but they're harder to get.
As for weed, I very occasionally smoke, mostly because my only friend in the area does and sometimes he's smoking when I go see him. Doing it once every blue moon is actually pretty good, any more than that it simply doesn't cut it for me. For one thing, it really causes me to feel physically uncomfortable, my head hurts when it starts wearing off, and I can't sleep for the night. In the long run, it makes me very, very lazy.
I also stopped when I first got a job, mostly because I can't function at all when high.


I work for the government, so drugs are off the table for me if I want smooth sailing toward a security clearance.

That's not a problem for me though because I don't really feel motivated to experiment or take any substances, even alcohol and caffeine (in the form of energy drinks, more specifically). I feel like the association with that is always that those kinds of people are always boring straight edges, but I just really hate the idea of having even less control over my brain and its chemistry than I already do. I don't think I'm risk-adverse, just maybe too protective of my psyche?


File: 1657554647694.jpeg (45.02 KB, 512x386, dale.jpeg)

>I just really hate the idea of having even less control over my brain and its chemistry than I already do.
You see, after doing many different substances over the years and now understating the different effects I have to opposite view. to me drugs are like brain 'stabilizers'. If I smoke a joint i know for the next 30/45 minutes im gunna be chilled out, I know if i do a line of ket im gunna be spinning out for half hour. Once youv tried a drug once you sorta know how its gunna make you feel. Sober all sorts of variables out of my control dictate how I feel throughout the day but taking a drug i know the effects of and know how its going to make me feel. In a weird way doing drugs grans me a bit more control over the way I think and feel.

>I work for the government, so drugs are off the table for me
pic related


This is what an addiction/dependency looks like, if anyone was wondering.
“I’m not dependent on X, I just don’t like going without it”
“I can stop X any time I want (they can’t)”
“I’m not myself unless I’ve had X”
“X opens my mind, I’m not a full person without X”
“Stop taking X? Thats just what they want you to do! X is freedom!”

A lot of people in my life have had their lives destroyed by addiction and dependence, even on “minor” drugs.

Please don’t do drugs. More importantly, please don’t turn sushi into a druggie board. Lots of boards have been ruined by druggies burying worthwhile moments in endless nonsense about drugs. I don’t want sushi to be like that, it’s the last comfy place on the internet left :(


hahahah your funny. I didn't say any of those things you are quoting. Yes if you consume drugs everyday your are dependent but as long as you can recognize when 'want' turns into 'need' you can still use them to your for recreational purposes. I had a friend that tried acid once, had a wonderful time and has never done it again. Its not as black and white as you think. Its like putting smackheads and somebody that has smoked 'a weed dude' once in the same category.

Often times its the circumstances of the persons life that causes the dependency not the drug itself. If you have a normal healthy stable life and smoke a joint once you are not likely to continue everyday as you have nothing to run from. If you have a horrible life where everyday you come home (if you have one) to family/people that actively make your life miserable drugs are often the most readily available escape.

During the Vietnam war heroin use was rife amongst American soldiers to escape the harsh reality of the horrors they were facing. If they were never sent to war and continued there peaceful lifes at home most wouldn't have even considered touching the stuff.


>More importantly, please don’t turn sushi into a druggie board. Lots of boards have been ruined by druggies burying worthwhile moments in endless nonsense about drugs. I don’t want sushi to be like that, it’s the last comfy place on the internet left :(

just hide the thread?


I've tried a little bit of everything.


>kava kava

>poppy-seed tea

>Psilocybe cubensis

>Nitrous oxide

>Atropa belladonna extract



Oh fuck and I forgot Salvia somehow lol.


>just hide the thread?
I don't mind people talking about drugs but "just hide the thread" is a dumb argument when it comes to being concerned about the overall community a site is fostering.


Things I enjoyed in my druggy years:





Anything you would recommend from that list? Best combinations?
I had a stellar experience with mxp + 4-aco-met.
Many nights of recreational fun were spent with cannabis + 4f-mph + kratom, floating in a wakeful state of comfy motivation.


I haven't heard of these ones before. Could you tell me more about what they are like?

>Anything you would recommend from that list? Best combinations?

Yeah I'm surprised nitrous oxide wasn't on your list, you should give that a go. It is expensive which sucks but it is also legal, easy to get, and very safe. It also combos well. Actually using it by itself is kind of a waste. When you hit nitrous by itself you just feel euphoric then black out for a second. When you hit it while tripping hard on mushrooms, acid, DXM, or something like that you enter a whole different world for a brief moment like a DMT trip. Your entire visual field becomes complex fully defined geometry and you sometimes encounter entities or have crazy epiphanies.

DXM + nitrous is my favourite combo ever. It is so comfy.


File: 1660650729963.png (368.51 KB, 560x620, f762cf0628d2ecee9f1f02a718….png)

I tried N2O a few times. It's just too expensive and the dissociation feels really cold, metallic, clinic. I like warm or hot dissos. In my previous post I only listed things I really enjoyed, excluding things I wouldn't recommend even to dedicated medicine otakus.


Ethylphenidate, is the ethyl version of methylphenidate aka Ritalin. It binds stronger on dopamine receptors, therefore increasing the euphoric effects. In lower doses it is just as functional and I used it to study a few times, but the euphoria quickly ramps up to recreational levels. Moderate duration and forgiving comedown for a stim make it very enjoyable.
4-Fluoromethylphenidate is a very similar substance in terms of effects profile, but way stronger and even more euphoric. Again very manageable comedown for a stim this strong. My favourite stim.
Diphenidine, a dissociative similar to mxp. I found it a tad less euphoric and more dissociating.
Some very new dissociative, that is still legal in many places and often found among the substances of rc vendors. The effects are rather weak with mild euphoria and dissociation. It is one of the few dissociatives that have sedating qualities instead of stimulating. The smell and taste reminds me of a freshly opened booster pack of pokemon trading cards. Bonus points for that.


Oh I have heard of diphenidine actually. I've heard it's one of the most fiendish dissos. There was a guy on youtube who fried his brain by smoking a pound of it in the span of a year and his videos were just schizo nonsense.

Speaking of warmth in dissos though, one time I was doing nitrous while on a third plat DXM trip and every time I passed out from the nitrous I would find myself moving through these tunnels toward a dim red light somewhere ahead, and I felt such an incredible warmth and comfort emanating from there. I felt very loved. I can't really say I know what you mean actually, every time I do nitrous combo or not it feels comfy.

Though, drugs affect everyone differently. Everyone says that AL-LAD is less headfucky than LSD but I find it quite a lot more headfucky and so I am not doing that again.



It's strange hearing you all use proper chemical names for all these drugs. From the UK dweller such as myself the only drugs that are wildly available are weed, Coke,ket, escasy or acid. Half of the ones you speak of Iv genuinely never heard of before. Here is also a bit of a get what your given sotra situation and is often bashed with all sorts. Got a few questions to ask really.

What are the LSD variants like and how do they differ from each other? Iv taken lots of lsd so i know pretty much what to expect to feel like now but sometimes when i get it from different people its just 'different'. Wondering if i could be taking one of the variants.

What are the differences between DMT and 5-MeO-DMT?

and finally what would you say has been the most and least enjoyable?


File: 1660692610988.jpg (85.06 KB, 640x780, newConsciousnessDrop.jpg)

Have to be careful with it sadly, I react weirdly to it. Immune to the paranoia aspect, but inclined to catch mania on it.
>street amphs
Not worth it. Took a small amount along with weed once. Didn't really notice much of a bonus, and my heart felt unusual for a while afterwards. Who knows what was in there.
Have tried some times now. Still unsure whether I actually like it or not.
Dislike it in social situations, because I talk more freely than I'm used to and it makes me uncomfortable. Makes it feel more like talking just for talkings sake rather than carrying genuine conversation.
Would always get too nauseous on it to appreciate it fully. Turned more into waiting for it to pass so I could feel okay and comfortable again, while idly observing the visuals.
Way too fun. I tossed what I had after trying twice because I had a hunch I'd get too deep. Still think I made the right call. If I can get too manic on weed I'd hate to see what sort of creature I could've become on a binge of this.
Comfy stuff. Just don't fall for the misinfo that it's not habit forming.
I don't really mind the taste of the tea either, surprised that people seem to find it hard to get down. Maybe it's just a loud minority.
The drug itself renders itself uninteresting because of how void of meaning and joy it renders your perspective, regardless of any funky changes to reality it applies.
I'll refrain from recounting the interesting parts because it might tempt someone to try it because it sounds neat (which it most definitely isn't), and is freely available someplaces (it's not where I'm at, was curious enough to import).
Each of the 2-3 times I gave it a chance I opted to timeskip out of the experience by just going to bed.
Actually really nice. Some apple/cinnamon oats with a generous dusting of nutmeg improves the days mood quite a bit.
Going further up, a low dose makes you feel kinda fuzzy & tired, while also really enhancing daydreaming. Sit back in a soft chair and watch your mind for a bit under a blanket.
Would not recommend going to trip territory, can't imagine that it'd be good for your internals. Somewhat similar to DPH, but without that nothing-fucking-mattress effect.
The good stuff. I was very compatible with it.

Nowadays I'm mostly retired from drug world. It was fun while it lasted, and you learn to appreciate your sanity, among other things.
Sober world is nice too though, you feel more stable and grounded if you don't mess with your chemical responses too much.


File: 1660693765167-0.png (375.86 KB, 852x635, 1cp-lsd.PNG)

File: 1660693765167-1.png (221.83 KB, 636x493, al-lad.PNG)

I'm not a chemist, a pharmacologist, or an intelligent drug designer, so if I get some details wrong and there happens to be an expert lurking please correct me. ALD-52, 1P-LSD, 1CP-LSD, and 1V-LSD are N1-substituted LSD analogues. That means they have an added functional group on the first nitrogen position of the LSD molecule, while the rest of the molecule is the same as classic LSD. Basically, you add this extra functional group to the molecule, and it is no longer technically LSD, so it is no longer illegal in many places. There are many such compounds, called research chemicals, molecules which are similar to illegal drugs and produce similar effects but skirt the laws. They could be any kind of drug, not just ones similar to LSD, as the other sushi roll mentioned, he used analogues of PCP and methylphenidate. New drugs pop up all the time.

Back to the N1 analogues. What does this actually mean for someone taking them? As far as we know it seems like the N1-subs are prodrugs to LSD. Basically you take 1CP-LSD for example, it turns into LSD in your body and then has the exact same effects as LSD. I can speak from experience, that 1CP-LSD and 1V-LSD feel exactly the same as LSD. AL-LAD (or you could call it AL-LSD if you wanted I guess), for example, is different though. It has a substitution at a different position, is not a prodrug and produces unique effects. This difference is probably because the LSD molecule binds to the receptors at the "bottom" part or around the N1 position, basically where the substitution would be, which affirms the prodrug hypothesis for the N1-subs. AL-LAD is the same molecule as LSD, but modified in a different position so it presumably binds to the receptors the same as LSD but the altered duration, visuals and headspace is due to the differences of its own alternation.

I hope that makes sense.

>This is LSD attached to a brain cell serotonin receptor

>Return of the lysergamides. Part VI: Analytical and behavioural characterization of 1-cyclopropanoyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide (1CP-LSD)



Yeah nutmeg is actually really nice, aside from the taste of drinking the shit. I would use a dose of 4 tsp and it would give me a nice mellow high very similar to marijueenie but without the paranoia. I hear a lot of bad nutmeg experiences but I think that's because in most reports people use 4 tablespoons rather than 4 teaspoons and become delirious.

My Salvia experiences were all weirdly great also. It seems like most people have problems with this one but for some reason it was always great for me. I smoked 25x.

Weed doesn't make me paranoid since it is legal here there is no reason to be paranoid. It just makes me generally dysphoric, gives me racing thoughts and feels generally confusing and shitty. I find phenibut really helps this but I can't do that too often.


Off-Topic, but feel like chances are somebody checking this thread might know.
Did 420chan finally die? Anybody know what happened?


it would appear so, I only popped in now and then so I don't know why


Yep. I think it's gone for good. The owner of the site, Kirtaner, had a meltdown. He claimed he hacked the Canadian trucker convoy, then he started claiming that he founded sushi rollymous in an unhinged rant.

Also lesser known fact about 420chan, it used to have a hidden board similar to 8chan's /hebe/ but CP would be regularly posted and the rule against it wasn't enforced.

Shame because it was a genuinely useful resource. Way more useful than reddit for drug advice.


Oh another thing about nutmeg btw, just a tip. Even if you only have just enough to give a small bit of warm dreaminess, a little more than purely for taste, do refrain from tobacco for the day. Gives a bit of a headache combined. Something about the MAOIs or something IIRC.


File: 1664653439820.jpg (75.51 KB, 532x621, irrelevant_image.jpg)

Might I ask the reason you bring up the hidden one? A clue as to why it went down or just, I dunno? Seems unlikely with how AFAIK the accepted narrative was that he was a gov op, for from however long. Though yet again, if one is to carry the tinfoil torch, maybe less unlikely given the obviousness of the whole either gov run or gov approved epstein thing. Or he was just of his time, was a wild west out there.

But yeah I'm mostly aware of the most recent-ish things before it dropped offline. Wondered more of the actual specific cause of doom. Had a foot in the discord server but I only ever checked in a couple of times. Lost the account.

Warning btw: Nostalgia venting incoming
I essentially grew up on there, skipped straight there instead of going to other chans first for some reason. Lots of interactions and ideas, lots of excellent times. Saw a bunch of things I probably shouldn't have at such a young age (lurked /gore/ alot when it was still there, very edgy teen, never knew about the hidden inappr. one until maybe 1-2 years before EndOf420 because people started bringing it up after the whole I-started-sushi rollymous thing), but that was the whole gen. those days anyway, equally fucked all of us those who where there. It felt quite weird at the end, for quite a bit, not really the same vibe at all. Ol Braz was the most 420ch of all the ones that stuck with it to the end IMO.

Shoutouts to all the schizoposters who took their turn at the wheel of yellow signs.
Also just in case someone strolls by who were around the same era, as a reminder of good times, I was the GIMPy dude. And stream-of-consciousness-thread-dude. And the designated schizoposter more times than I care to admit. And the librarian of threads regarding elephants. And the dude who officially inherited the TPG questline after the OG got tired of his work. Didn't do many, but I did do some, I did accept. Quality over quantity. Also if you saved a certain picture of a certain organic body part in a small paper hat, you might say I have boned your computer. I might have done many things more but those are lost in the exhales.

It was the best kind of internet I ever knew, it was home.
HIFFWE in peace, may any seeds of positive intent and influence spread and flourish. HTP with slayer.



if anyone is interested in starting a successor to 420chan – one that does NOT have a secret cp board – i've been thinking about it. Technically speaking it's trivial, and there are modern imageboards like jschan that could do the job on low resources, the real issue is having moderators who are discerning, judicious and without egos.

bring if up on #420 > irc.p2p-network.net if you're interested, or if you just want to find a chill 420 friendly community


Tbh IMO one of the charms of 420ch was the kind of archaic and totally-its-own siteware it used. Like the lack of a catalog, I imagine it acted somewhat like a filter for some kinds of users that needed everything to be like everywhere else to stay around.
The architecture and ergonomics of a place affects the userspace interactions.
Would be ironic if the new "420" looked just like those least-effort-required-generic-chan things that get spammed around. I'm probably a bit prejudiced there though, maybe that's more that they didn't spend any effort in customizing and making it their own.

I've been thinking for a while about some chan structural concepts I've never seen implemented, just need to get to grips with learning all the webdev bullshit if I'm to actually manifest it. I think it'd be fun if the incrementation of 420 actually evolved the chan medium somewhat.

Though of course it's not like it'd be a bad thing with several offspring, may the most viable seed thrive. I may never get around to my thingy at all.


File: 1676134907665.jpg (5.14 MB, 3072x4080, PINS.jpg)

Back on topic and hopefully revived!

I'm currently growing some mushrooms and I just had my first pins this morning! I'm so excited to see something that I worked on have things happen that are tangible. I feel the happiest I can remember. Who needs to take drugs for a high just grow them hehe.

I have never done any drugs so I'm a little excited/nervous about my first time taking something actually mind/perception altering.


>6hrs of tripping
>for 10 pounds
really? youre overpaying so much
i can get acid for 2 eur


File: 1687694744461.jpg (2.05 MB, 3072x4080, HARVEST.jpg)

The grow ended up living! I don't remember the final dry weight but it was <30g. Can recommend growing your own, it's very rewarding!

The trips I had with it where a bit meh over all, varying from 1.5g to 6g. I should have planned better I think. The first one was the best. I got very emotional over child hood artifacts, I also really liked touching things like the textures of stuff. I was on all fours rubbing the carpet with the dumbest grin on my face. I ended up with my fingers in my mouth with my eyes closed exploring my mouth with visual hallucinations, it was fun.


that's amazing!


Super jealous, always wanted to grow some, never took the initiative.
Given that it's your first mind altering segments, would just like to say, people have different makeups and well everything. For me, psy-stuff has only ever been an interesting mind-bend with potential of insight, never really something I enjoyed. World of mind altering stuff is HUGE. Though it always shares a something also, IME. It's always not-here.
What I'm trying to get to, I've tried pretty much everything but benzos and MDMA, but weed is the most worthwhile otherwhere you can go, at least in my experience.


Just on the 420chan topic that's been recurring in here
Seems it's reviving "soon"?
It's been up a while and the former ETA wasn't accurate, but it's in the workings
Seems the end goal is for hotwheels to be "chairman of the board" running things, but somebody else running things until then
I think kirtaner and hotwheels were on the same page morality and errything wise, so I cant see any harm in that

I do love sushi and I wouldnt wanna be without it but 420 was my true hood and home growing up so I'm hyped


for many drugs are a source of comfort.
for many drugs are a source of relief that "legal" drugs dont provide.
Just because you know a few idiots who dont know how to keep a needle out of their arm for 24 hours doesnt mean there arent people with chronic pain who use ketamine to relieve suicide inducing amounts of pain.
Personally I use LSD and weed to feel relief from anxiety, depression and a lack of emotional connection with the world around me due to the above issues as well as autism.

Just because you've seen people abuse drugs does not mean they cannot be used in healthy ways.
Just because the government tells you drugs are bad doesnt make it true.

>“I’m not dependent on X, I just don’t like going without it”

This is a normal thing. I could say the same thing about countless things you likely enjoy. Soda? Video games? Coffee? tHE FUCKIN' INTERNET? all things that im guessing you dont depend on, but would prefer not to go without.
>“I can stop X any time I want (they can’t)”
The only way to know if this is a true or false statement is to provide them with a reason to stop. A person with a real addiction will not stop, and will do drugs at times where it only hurts them. But quite often the case is rather that you are telling someone to stop something they enjoy and telling them they are addicted and they are trying to tell you otherwise.
>“I’m not myself unless I’ve had X”
As mentioned above, lots of people use drugs to treat mental disabilities. Two years ago I was trapped living with my abusive boyfriend who would threaten me, lock me in my home, lie to my friends, etc. I truly could not be myself without weed. When I was sober the only thing I could think about was how to end my life. Drugs literally saved me. I was not myself when I was sober because when I was sober I wanted nothing more than death.
>“X opens my mind, I’m not a full person without X”
This sounds like it's specifically referencing acid or psychedelics, and you're misinterpreting what was being said. psychedelics do actually alter your mind and, acid especially, allow you to draw connections and sights and communicate with yourself and others in ways that you simply cannot do while sober. I didn't realize my former circle of friends were hateful and harmful to me until I did acid, and after that day I never spoke to any of them again and my life has only gotten better. acid objectively helped me open my mind to the idea of living a life I had never considered living before, and I acted on it. I am now healthier, have a larger support group, have artistic and emotional support, and feel safe in my community for the first time in my life.
>“Stop taking X? Thats just what they want you to do! X is freedom!”
I mean…. yeah. That is what "they" want you to do. In this case "they" is in reference to controlling weirdos like you and the government. In this debate. drugs ARE freedom, because people like you are trying to restrict what people can do with their bodies. If you were trying to ban me from picking my nose, then picking my nose would be freedom.

tl;dr you're letting entertainment media and flailing evangelicals on fox news tell you what drugs are rather than talking to people in communities where drugs are used in healthy and safe ways.

There are two kinds of drug users. The kind that loses their home because they spent the last month with a needle in their arm, and the kind that keeps narcan in their bag and offers to test your ket when they see you crushing it.


420chan was a bunch of reddit-tier special snowflakes. If all you want out of life is DUDEEEE PRETTY COLORS LMAO and brain damage, knock yourself out champ. Cripplekike being the new admin is fitting


File: 1700569193074.png (31.86 KB, 561x183, Screenshot from 2023-11-21….png)

I made this post a year ago, and now I've stumbled on it again. Well, I've learned something. The MDMA I had tried was fake. I was given some sort of stimulant instead - so I listed it alongside other stims. But I've tried real MDMA now and I would not call it a stimulant at all. The terms "entactogen" - touching within and "empathogen" - creating empathy are truly fitting categories.

I've used it about 5 times now, each time alone in my apartment quietly listening to Brian Eno. The experiences I've had are as ineffable as heavy psychedelic experiences but in their own unique way. I get suicidal quite often and my strongest roll made me realize how much value my life has… I just can't explain it. Rather than a hangover and a depression following these experiences, I actually got an afterglow. I can totally see why this could be valuable for treating PTSD.

Please sushi rolls, if you are of sound body and mind, and aren't on any medications, please try MDMA, real MDMA. And you don't need to be in a party environment to do it, in fact I think it's better to do alone. You won't regret it.


I've been really really considering taking Vyvanse because I cannot focus for shit and it's ruining my life.



you can just try it once and see if you can get anything done and function more "normally".
I've been thinking the same but it's very difficult to get on it in my country. i might try it by taking a friend's, honestly hoping it won't help me at all because going through the process here is a huge time and effort and money sink.

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