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File: 1647457646943-0.png (644.93 KB, 720x690, Screenshot_20220314_041405….png)

File: 1647457646943-1.png (537.43 KB, 720x690, Screenshot_20220314_041405….png)


How do we stack up gang?


File: 1647525282363.png (543.76 KB, 720x690, bingo.png)

Not too well it seems, but i am happy
I'll probably get a job soon


File: 1647560268775.png (585.26 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)



File: 1647621448743.png (598.13 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)



File: 1647677892572.png (586.58 KB, 720x690, normalfag_bingo_mine.png)


uwah this one is really normal, scary!
don't come too close! It could be contagious!


File: 1647705321612.png (525.4 KB, 720x690, IMG_20220319_095356.png)



File: 1647706555104.png (534.12 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

I didn't realize I was so surrounded by the evil normals!


You better watch out!
I might invite you to a new years eve house party, and give you a big old hug after smokan the weeds together.
Might even gives you lotsa compliments, the horror and huge manatee!


File: 1647717409086.jpg (107.54 KB, 680x1024, cross.jpg)



File: 1647728182403.png (710.61 KB, 720x690, normo.png)

like half of these happened within the last 6 months. i made it fellers B)


File: 1647746933849.jpg (21.22 KB, 720x690, lllll.jpg)

so close


what the heck happened to your image lol


wow, not sure how that happened


File: 1647794480398.png (587.23 KB, 720x690, 20220320_123725.png)

Haaaa I didn't realize I coulda been a normalfag if conversation wasn't pain on ice.
Heh. Formal nag.
Good job fag I am proud of u
Neat glitchery


File: 1647831295300.jpg (29.39 KB, 476x480, hell be fine.jpg)

I literally don't fill any of those…


I bow to your superiority


winner winner chicken dinner


i was about to complain about this content being toxic to the site until i clicked reply and saw the board




File: 1647984007375.jpg (114.61 KB, 1000x750, 1663ff470fd00f969e6a136cab….jpg)


File: 1647987056661.jpg (122.64 KB, 850x744, 1631211415289.jpg)


File: 1648660784741.png (571.01 KB, 720x690, normalfag bingo.png)

I don't live with my parents anymore but they still pay for all my room and board so I don't really feel like that counts


File: 1648721111442-0.png (91.44 KB, 512x512, nfb.png)

File: 1648721111444-1.jpeg (21.77 KB, 400x480, 54848442313849.jpeg)

I wish to make a revision of the board, c4 is impossible.


File: 1649155012157.jpg (58.26 KB, 777x1200, criticalHit.jpg)

Ow-ow-ouchies, my normsicles…


File: 1649210018022.jpg (43.55 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-157420813-612x….jpg)

yeah that's right, get outta here!


I'm sorry, I'm a little dumb - which one is C4?


File: 1649374284353.png (544.19 KB, 720x690, NormieBingoFilled.png)

I'm in basically the opposite situation - I live with my dad, but I pay half the rent and we pretty much live as roommates. In any case, it feels like I moved out of my parents' house ever since I moved away from my mom.


File: 1650412141519.png (518.3 KB, 720x690, bingo123.png)


File: 1650468181323.png (570.16 KB, 720x690, Untitled4_20220420081411.png)

Uhh… oops <<;


Looks like we got ourselves a normie over here!


File: 1650554424369.jpg (36.88 KB, 680x709, pay for your sins.jpg)

Please proceed to the cross.


File: 1650779573423.png (627.76 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

So i am a normal fag eh?
Kind of like the idea of that.


File: 1650792114318.jpg (117.3 KB, 800x690, imdone.jpg)



File: 1650799318868.jpeg (49.44 KB, 640x359, cross.jpeg)

IDK mate, you want some help getting off that cross?


File: 1651663762146.png (504.27 KB, 720x690, bingooo.png)

some of these are kind of iffy but I included them anyways


File: 1652282199861.png (598.99 KB, 720x690, normalfagbingo.png)

Not sure if an improvement from last time I played, but at this point "Lost virginity", "had a relationship that lasted at least 1yr", and "can make conversation easily" are the only other ones I care about getting anyway. I don't need promiscuity, drugs, 10+ friends, and sports/parties to feel normal.


File: 1652299816027.png (544.66 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

2 in a row baby


File: 1652301522306.jpg (542.63 KB, 580x800, 36546376_p0.jpg)

I'm OP and that's the sort of outlook I was hoping people would have, like, you shouldn't make hitting all of them a life goal or anything. I posted this more because I was curious about the sorts of experiences that sushis have had, I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad.


File: 1657546715077.png (958.25 KB, 1080x1035, 1657546697235.png)

Couldn't even get a bingo


File: 1658754516429.png (651.4 KB, 720x690, nfb.png)

You guys are joking, right?


File: 1659087862722.png (244.05 KB, 720x690, boingo.png)

I don't know that team sport should count since I was a kid and basically everybody played T-ball/softball. Honestly my favorite part was sitting on the bench talking to my friend and when other (more athletic) kids used my bat and had success with it.

I went to one concert with friends in high school, but every one since then has been with family.

What does 'held at least one birthday party' even mean? Like threw a party for someone else?

My parents have said they're proud, but I can't help still feeling like I'm lukewarm at best. Maybe I'm too hard on myself.

I don't generally care much about my body, but my weight isn't too bad I don't think.

I may have been exposed to secondhand haze at that concert in high school, but I don't think that counts.

On New Years I'm kind of alone with family. I'm up at midnight every night, so that's nothing special, the snacks aren't that great, plus I don't drink so champagne is also out. Also I just generally find it to be a meaningless holiday so I choose to just use my time off as if it were any regular weekend (watching TV and posting on obscure chan-like boards).

tl;dr functional recluse


File: 1659119271028.jpg (439.73 KB, 753x2174, 20220729_112734.jpg)

This thread is making me think how it is difficult growing up in an era of slowing prosperity. After the second world war there was an economic boom and it was, so the story goes, easier to get a good career and own your own home. Now it isn't as possible to do that, so there are many people who compare themselves to their parents who could and did own their own homes, but for whom its unrealistic to do so themselves.
Is this how the world is?


normalfag sushi…


File: 1659503127902.png (542.52 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

Pretty much a wizard; as this only happened when I was like 12. Though I'm trying to change things I don't really know how to function.


File: 1660413629271.jpg (70.09 KB, 720x690, npcmoding.jpg)

some of my problems stem from NEETing in a place where i didnt know the local language

on my 21st birthday i bought an onahole online to see how it felt like if that counts

i dont find wagieing tedious but its maybe because life is completely monotonous otherwise, i'm very anhedonic and lack desire or knowledge to do anything

you can take the hiki out of the home but you can't take the home out of the hiki…


File: 1661952403117.png (540.96 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)


File: 1661992274173.png (593.79 KB, 722x690, 無題.png)

I feel like I have almost everything figured out with the exception of romantic/sexual relationships. (conversation I checked because I find it easy to connect with those in and tangent to my interests/job/education but people off the street I am hopeless with. also didn't check birthdays/new year because I'm generally with family and felt like that wasn't the intent of the box.) I know we joke about being autistic on IBs but honest to god I think I probably am because all of my development in that area has been so late. Going out with someone I really like right now though, moving slow but happy. Maybe the school dance this year ://)


File: 1662115403856-0.png (553.87 KB, 720x690, always.png)

File: 1662115403856-1.png (529.28 KB, 720x690, today.png)

I used to be more sociable and outgoing but since I finished Uni I became a lot more recluse. In total vs last decade.


File: 1662256823401.png (591.61 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

im in between being a shut in virgin and having an actual social life. like i have friends and have gone out with people but im also just home most of the time doing nothing


File: 1662824683258.png (600.72 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0.png)

Haven't had a girl say she loves me but my crush did tell me she really liked me


File: 1663056174499.png (471.63 KB, 720x690, 1647457646943-0~2.png)

At least I am godlike and pure with my virginity intact

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