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File: 1644983526758.jpg (25.99 KB, 360x450, Tropico6faq.jpg)


>Be me.
>Be poor and trans in America.
>Read rabid and dumb anti-Cuba propaganda from 2009 that is supposed to be an intelligent smear of Castro's pro-LGBT daughter's intentions.

>"Yet it’s difficult to point to any tangible benefits that Espín’s activism has accrued, other than a decision last year by the Cuban government to dispense free sex-reassignment surgeries."


>I'm sitting here knowing my government won't pay for my SRS so I'll never afford to get one, but at least Cuba is doing one thing right. I keep reading…

>"This is a policy of dubious merit that affects an infinitesimally small number of people, and is better understood as a propaganda tool rather than a genuine sign of concern for the plight of gays."

I feel my rage boiling over. I dropped my phone and laughed out loud at that out of touch U.S. loving writer who thought it's ok to downplaying trans issues as only affecting a few people while claiming moral superiority over Cuba. Laugh with me because it's the only therapy I can get.



I'm sorry you're upset but please take this kind of discourse to twitter or reddit or someplace else. You'll get plenty of positive reactions there.


Gate keeping is for sexually insecure 8 year olds.


Thanks for sharing your opinion.
From the rules page btw:
>Stay comfy~! Uncomfy topics should be obvious, but include religion, politics, misogyny, racism, gay-bashing, ranting, insulting people's hobbies, intentional flamebaiting etc.

If people can't help but rant about healthcare and propaganda and Cuba vs the USA, AND they can't absolutely have to have the discussion here of all places, they could at least make this kind of thread on /hell/.


Great, trannies screaming at the void is just what we needed. I motion that this thread be directed to /hell/. May it stew in it's own disdain for eternity.


Come on don't be a dick, that's just as bad.
I don't care if they're trans, I just want to avoid the same endless politics-adjacent mindrot that is on every other website at the moment.


honestly not sure if you could have posted something less comfy lol
ranting about politics? about trans issues? on an imageboard-adjacent site? there is not a reality where this thread would go well without horrible arguments and such, things this site is used to avoid


File: 1645054850685.jpg (83.82 KB, 1065x859, 1529275615140.jpg)

Is this the vent thread? Because if it is I just want you to know CHINsushi roll that your sexy hot genius ice queen older sister could have spent a fantastic valentine's with me for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW but you choose to CONTINUE to stop us from being together and I hope you realize you're ACTIVELY contributing to your dynamite explosive temperamental double-triple master's degree-having tall older sister's unhappiness.

I expect an apology ITT by noon and your heavenly unearthly sexy as hell older sister's digits in my desk ASAP.


File: 1645059348266.png (1.06 MB, 717x920, 16857532723.PNG)

Oh shit he's finally gonna snap!


Why are you spending your time not only getting mad at people disagreeing with you on the internet, but doing so ten years late? Surely there are far more productive things to do with your time.




Where are the mods? This tread clearly doesn’t belong here.


i feel like any op with the phrase
>I feel my rage boiling over
is by nature uncomfy.
I sympathise with you op, however this is not the place to post stuff like that.


ywnbaw lol


Americans are weird even for online standards.


why would you bump this kuso thread

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