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File: 1474511824816.jpg (54.76 KB, 300x400, th_1_org (1).jpg)


or barefoot? This site has jeffrey campbell shoes, which are actually a kind of art deco high heel



damn spam bots catering to my fetishes now


File: 1474618768574.png (348.43 KB, 847x724, theFoot.png)



Is this now a foot fetish thread? To be honest, I've never really understood the fetish; care to elaborate to a sushi what it is about feet that gets you going?


File: 1474642415789.jpg (434.72 KB, 900x1200, 50b441f7572cc22eb5d8ef8ea0….jpg)

I heard it was anchored in some dominance / submission interest, like when you dominate someone who is under your foot and vice versa. To see and examine someones foot you have to bow down or even crouch in front of the person, a gesture showing greatest respect or defenselessness. You are at the mercy of the foot holder and must trust his gross motor skills.


I don't think it's a bot. see-
>use the subject line
>post things other than links
>the image is related to the post
>the link doesn't contain cp

Moreover, back in the day we used to move all spam to /hell/ and add a note saying that all links had been scanned for user safety. /hell/ was a zomg none board.


File: 1474649413094.jpg (245.57 KB, 1920x1080, 1470968855215.jpg)


It's hard to explain.. there's something about the sensitivity of feet that's inherently sexual to me. I guess that's one reason a lot of people have armpit fetishes.

There's also two correlations to boobs I can make with feet. Both of them have round and plush features, and both are usually hidden in clothing, despite not having any sort of sexual purpose. Boobs are just for sustenance, yet they drive men crazy.

And there's definitely some humiliation aspect to it as well, especially for /d/ smellfags.

I think it's hotter and more humiliating to watch a girl walk barefoot on rough surfaces or in public. There's something taboo and liberating about it, even though that used to be a normal thing until modern times.

Heh, I kind of assumed the website was going to be a Chinese store front.


For me it's basically this >>367

A footjob is really degrading because she doesn't even want to touch you with her hands. Then you add in some verbal humiliation.

Feet are also just kind of pretty to look at, along with hands. They're both very unique parts of the body


It's the complete opposite for me. I love me some girl feet but it's still going to be me having my way with them rather than getting submissive. It's like boobs, you can grab and lick them while you're pounding away. Same with feet if you're (both) into it. Even better when it's been a warm day and they actually get shy because they've been walking around a lot or something. If anyone's gonna be submissive, it's the girl. Being in charge gets me going.

I appreciate the foot

Barefoot Japanese women? Sign me upppp


Can anyone vouch for Shoes Like Pottery?
I like the look of them and their unique manufacturing process but I'm scared they won't last long


>unique manufacturing process

I can't read moonrunes, pls explain.


barefoot easily beats any shoe that isn't zero drop. still i try to be barefoot as much as possible

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