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File: 1624747032421.jpg (23.54 KB, 500x333, 732b039a8b77ff5067f4dc4d38….jpg)


so basically the idea is to have someone there who will listen to you complain about your dumb problems and comfort you and watch 90's anime with you on discord, but you'll never get to meet irl or know each other in dept.


That's just called a friend roll



i can't believe i didn't think of it.
i don't think i can act that way towards any of my friends, I'd feel selfish if i burdern them with my problems. they have plenty of their own.


I have a close online friend I've known for almost 10 years now that I can talk to about anything. I often feel bad for burdening him with my (mostly self-inflicted) problems and appearing overly negative, but he does the same with me sometimes, so there's an understanding there.

I don't think I've ever thought about him as anything like a fake boyfriend though.


Op sounds like the plot for "needy streamer overload."


Sushi, that's just your average Discord friend.


I have always thought that's what the Sushigirl chat was and is to this day for. Let's not call sushifriends fake, that is mean AND fake!


TvTropes has a good article on the False Friends trope.


something tells me you're a cis man.

youre showing extremely strong signs of being raised under toxic masculinity. Sharing your emotions or problems is not exclusive to lovers, and helping our friends with their emotional trouble is a normal and healthy thing.

Assuming only a lover is able to do that shows that you may have been raised to believe men shouldnt show their true emotions, which is toxic because it teaches you to hide away your emotions which causes them to amplify and grow, rather than express and work through them


File: 1717840956790.png (968.3 KB, 1988x2011, e8e4172598402c8f0143311442….png)

I have few.

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