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I'd only agree if the slogan was the only substantial part of the message, with little or no meaningful content framing it, or if it was intended to be incendiary.
I think the post was sufficiently framed, it provided enough of their opinion on a relevant topic that a little slogan like that can easily be glossed over if you don't wanna read it. The post stands sufficiently on its own, it's not some "cancerous" shitpost as you seem to imply. Thinking that it is, or thinking that it's a slippery slope, is overly reactive. Please don't focus on this one negative component and discount all the other stuff - it was just meant to be a simple comfy nicepost about an anime they liked that brought up a topic they support. It was a slogan, said in a context appropriate for the thread, understated and in moderation.

Also blanket approaches >>>/otaku/2294 are the worst attitude to have when you're trying to discuss any media. That was the one I had the most gripe with when I made that post. I'm only really advocating for a lax attitude towards this, something that demands a modicum of moderation from the poster and modicum of tolerance from the read. i.e. take it easy.

I'd say if things are so highly strung that:
>grrr no politics at all
is the prevalent opinion, then it's just as shit as all the other boards that vomit politics, just on another vector.


Blow it out your poopie


In a weird way, the heavy desire to be comfy ends up breeding uncomfiness due to causing arguments about what fits under the comfy definition (light politics in this case). I don't really think a no politics rule is a bad thing, it truly has been the most divisive (and therefore least comfy) thing that has plagued the modern internet, but I suppose it comes at the cost of well-meaning discussion about (even minorly) political media. I do think that this is largely an issue in the specific case of transgenderism, as I have little seen a topic more decisive than that one in modern times.


But the blanket approach is the most awful one, you end up walking on wonder eggshells, worried that the slightest mistake is gonna cause a fuss, like what's actually just happened with the other sushi's post. Look how apologetic they feel the need to be - sushis would be terrified they'll step on someone's toes and be shunned out of the community, for what?

>Anime Discussion Thread

>This anime has a tr⁎⁎⁎g⁎⁎⁎er character in it which forms a significant part of the anime. Reminder not to discuss anything about this character.

Because that's real fucking comfy isn't it?
No contextualization; no patience; no moderation. It's a shit attitude that's as extreme as the ones you despise and just gives a veneer of comfort. If you're currently overwhelmed by something as nebulous as "politics" then you should tune out the extreme shit that's actually causing you grief, rather than force the silence on moderate communities, in moderate discussions, predominantly about some fucking anime of all things.
Let's have some exception handling in our executive functions.


Was observing this from aside, now I see it's rolling on its own through the circles of Hell.

>I think the post was sufficiently framed…
But it turned out to be a landmine and was set off a little over an hour later, we can't (always) have nice things and not everyone is willing, or able to take a step over it. It's just generally a good idea to recognize and be careful when dealing with volatiles. Without the no-politics rule, this place couldn't be and if you let smaller things slip by you have to deal with more similar situations in the future, which either becomes a new norm or gets shut down at "This is why we have a complete ban on that now"-post.

On the contrary, sushis should trust themselves more and this thread is proof of healthy concern over sushis' comfiness and ability to speak their minds, as well as a reminder that hasty judgment is itself uncomfy. It's the urge to share your resentment for politics, without consideration for the thread, that stained it and cast us to Hell.


Sure, I guess you're right


I'm used to seeing phrases like that used in a very militant and uncomfy manner so I do agree that they should be avoided. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. But I'm sure the poster didn't mean anything negative or antagonistic by it and I certainly don't think an absolutist approach is necessary either, especially if it would squash discussion.

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