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File: 1473036348270.jpg (133.61 KB, 1280x720, 1443120886383.jpg)


Lainchan betrayed the sushi again. Affiliate links nowhere to be seen again.


more like shitstainchan


Oh, I was wondering why i had this site (at it's old address) in my browsing history. Now I know I must have clicked from lainchan months ago.


File: 1473078228247.gif (32.1 KB, 640x400, jeansbutt.gif)

Can't say I am surprised, that place can be a fucking cesspool.


File: 1473083842117.webm (168.77 KB, dark_world.webm)

Really? I had a rather good impression from lainchan. There has been a decline in user count on all imageboards I frequent. Well, some never had high numbers to begin with.

I wonder if they all went back to 4ch (centralization) or have been spread on so many small chans I don't know (decentralization). Either way the net has become quiet.


File: 1473093597901.gif (29.5 KB, 640x400, spacegirl3.gif)

I love the irc, and there are a ton of great people, but there are some people who really enjoy starting shit on there. No one likes drama on an image board tbh.

All in all its pretty comfy, but I just can't enjoy it the way I enjoy sushichan.


Lainchan's admin is trying to find a way to make a collapsible menu for affiliates because he doesn't like how wide the navbar was. Don't really think the size of the navbar was ever an issue but whatever hopefully it goes back up eventually.


The owner sold the site recently and the boards are getting restructured left and right. Maybe lainchan's days are coming to an end?



The board restructuring and removal of the affiliate link was before the sale. The new admin has said that he's not going to make any changes just yet.


File: 1473692759649.gif (63.11 KB, 400x596, 21 - M1Nt2KB.gif)

was there even an actual admin or has the balance of power just collapsed?


How lainchan is organised:

One owner (was kalyx, now appleman)
Multiple admins (of whom the owner is one)
Multiple moderators
Multiple janitors

So the owner has changed, but the majority of the admins is the same. The owner does ultimately determine site policy, and their opinion is sought when something controversial comes up, but in practice it's more of a direct democracy than a dictatorship.


if lainchan is kill i am not upset


File: 1474012523917.png (444.7 KB, 500x540, 1450815841762.png)

Lainchan is pretty chil what are you talking about. Sure the content quality has dipped quite a bit but it isn't as bad as 4chin or something.


Lainchan was the shit from about winter 2015 to about October.
Really helped me get a shit ton of info and educate myself about old school hacking and cyberpunk shit, and was far more detailed than /cyber/ ever was


Now that Autistman1234 has taken over, what do you think will happen?


appleman1234 seems like a chill dude, even if his name is a bit sketchy. At least he is active on the irc, which wasn't the case for kalyx in his final days.

Anyway, he said he wasn't going to change anything in the near future, so yeah.


i don't know him but appleman seems like a goofster and i like goofballing so hey long live tha lain chan

may kathyx live peaceful life of jimmy johns, macbook pros, ddr , and e-fapping


I don't know, he seemed like your generic computerey guy. Too boring compared to kalyx.


its back


Hey guys! A little sushi icon popped up in the upper right-hand corner of the banner, so I clicked it, and it brought me to this site! This seems like a wonderful board!

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