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File: 1611806561771.jpg (179.45 KB, 800x800, 1597795327474.jpg)


This is a weird one, sushi rolls. For my whole life I've only been attracted to girls, but the other day as I was going through bad music from childhood I ended up on one of those terrible boybands meant to seduce little girls, the main singer was warbling some shit about love and suddenly for no reason I just fell for him really hard. I watched many more of their videos (cringing at myself immensely but I kinda liked it), thought "that was weird" and went to bed. Ever since then though I've been fantasising constantly about boys and kissing them and dating them. Seeing my friend soon and I'm scared I'll act really weird because now I have a crush on him I guess. Just wondering if any sushi rolls have experience with this? I don't want to feel like this anymore, if you can help me not be gay by sunday you will have my eternal gratitude.


I kept telling you to filter the water sushi roll, this is what you get.


My guess would be you're bi but just more into women than into men? I am that way and there are definitely times when I'm feeling more or less attracted to men. Most recently it was because I was thinking about a guy I used to know who I should have stayed in touch with as a friend, but in thinking about that also got strong feelings of attraction for him (that I didn't have at the time) and then was more gay than usual for a few months.

I think it makes sense: if we're more attracted to the opposite sex, and saturated in straight media most of the time, that's what our mind might associate with our needs for intimacy, sex etc. But making a man an object of desire (even if it's not sexual) or getting one crush, sort of reminds the mind that it's bi.

From that perspective, i really wouldn't recommend trying to not be gay - imagine if you previously had just tried to get repress all attraction to women. It would fuck you up, that mental need would have to go somewhere, probably weird obsessions. But not wanting a crush on your friend makes sense. I've always had the best success just accepting that I have x feelings and that what happens happens, and I just won't act or indulge fantasies because it's not possible, and it goes away eventually… but that's pretty lame advice for this lol. What kind of acting weird are you worried about?


I would drink nothing but jam and milk if I thought it would help sushi roll.

I could have been secretly bi all along I guess? I don't see what would make me repress so much more than other people esp. when I probably consume less media than them and more of mine is lesbiab japanimation. I know trying not to be gay when you are actually gay is bad, I'm kinda hoping this a disease or something though.

>What kind of acting weird are you worried about?

I can just imagine myself getting really nervous or saying some really stupid shit and he'll notice. I already typed out and deleted some awful awful awful texts while trying to sleep.


>I would drink nothing but jam and milk if I thought it would help sushi roll.
Sorry, it was joke. In any case there's nothing wrong with being bi and I'm not aware of such a thing as a gay disease (lol). As for the cause I have no idea, and to be honest it's probably beyond the purview of strangers online to diagnose something as complicated as your sexuality. Maybe it was always in there and you were repressing it subconsciously, who knows. Just be honest with yourself and other people. Are you worried about your friendship with this guy being damaged?
>more of mine is lesbian japanimation
Also, this is just an observation because a sample size of 2 is basically nothing, but the only person I've ever known who was huge into yuri ALSO turned out to be gay. Maybe you've always been into homosexual relationships and just didn't consider the other kind of them?


>I can just imagine myself getting really nervous or saying some really stupid shit and he'll notice. I already typed out and deleted some awful awful awful texts while trying to sleep.

Makes sense, I'm glad it's mainly about this instance. I'm afraid i don't have any helpful advice or anything that'd be different from crushes in general though.

If it's really bad and you don't want to tell him, and this sunday isn't a special occasion, maybe you can postpone to get some more time to get a handle on it?

Best of luck sushi, and i hope you can maintain your friendship whatever happens (probably can, many friendships do survive this kind of thing one way or another)


It'll pass. I'm straight but very occasionally at work I'd see saw a guy whom I instantly fell for. A couple of days later I was back to normal though.


Oh yeah I knew you were joking, milk and jam sounds lit anyway. Thanks for all this rolls, I've kinda calmed down a bit about it now, still really confused but I think maybe the bi theory is correct? Sorry I didn't mean to imply it's a bad thing to be I'm just scared. I might cancel which would be sad, not really worried about it ruining our friendship (maybe that's ignorant of me), I just don't want to be embarrassed. Who knows though, maybe he's caught gay disease too and we can get married. I'll update if anything happens otherwise this thread can be /gayificationGeneral/.

That's helpful to know, thanks.


your supposed attraction to men is just a random spike of uncertaity, further excacerbated by fear of having been gay all along.

how much do you dislike the proposition of being gay, sushiroll? your opposition towards homo-ing is just as legitimate of a feeling as you might be thinking of gayness, and it's been there longer than your thoughts of being gay that suddenly appeared one day.

also, watch the ingredients of the food you eat, soy gets into everything nowadays.


There've been a few times where I've been in basically the same situation: going a while without much face-to-face interaction with people, and I start to think that I might be bi because men seem attractive in fantasies, or in anime or books. But then every time that's happened, the next time I actually interact with another man in person I instantly "snap out of it" and start wondering why I ever thought I might be attracted to men. There's just something about in-person interaction that makes it different (my guess is that it has something to do with pheromones, but I don't actually know).

Of course, I can't speak for your situation. Maybe you're actually bi and just realizing it now, maybe you're not. Either way, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just pursue whoever you're attracted to regardless of gender, and remember that sexual preference is only a description of who you find attractive, not a rule you have to follow. I'd also like to say that I think >>3272 is horribly over-analyzing this situation.


Don't listen to this guy. He sounds like he has a few screws loose


I'd say don't suppress it and go to the bottom of this (pun intended). You'll know either right before your kiss a boy and go down on eachother, or right after you climax, you'll know if you're gay or not. Why be scared of it? What's the worst that's gonna happen? Truth is truth.


Eh, while I'm generally pro exploration i don't think that's really how it works… someone can totally be into just a few people of the same gender, or have hangups from their upbringing even if they are totally gay.


cute thread


If you figure out you're gay, that's fine.
If you figure out you're bisexual, that's fine.
If you figure out you're straight, that's fine.
If you figure out you're straight but have exceptions, that's fine!

Don't be afraid to do some introspection on your feelings, it's all "normal".


Words like gay and straight are just descriptions of who you're into, if they don't completely cover the way you feel then that's a limitation of the language and nothing more. He sounds really special I think you should go for it, just make sure you can still be friends if things don't work out.


I find it so bizarre that you think of your feelings as "wrong", your feelings are your feelings, it's only actions that could be right or wrong, and even then I don't think that loving anyone could be right or wrong.
But as much as I am all about freely loving who you want, you might really find that your feelings are cloudy and you just admire him very strongly, but you wouldn't actually want to be in a relationship with him. Sometimes it's more like "I want to be like you" rather than "I want to be with you".

I think you should pursue a friendship with him so you can find out which one it is for sure - you can make a friend along the way!


File: 1620809112868.jpg (137.83 KB, 900x1200, 1614579274770.jpg)

I,too, recently found out that im gay. Just come out to your friends and they'll understand.




Is this roll still here?
Was it a phase? Do you have a husband now?


You were hrainwashed bh le ebil left to make you a trane, now you gotta wear "programmer socks" and stream your butt on twitch


seems pretty appealing aside from the butt streaming part


Yes and no, I stopped being crazy but I was probably always bi. I'm more sexually attracted to girls and more romantically attracted to guys, I was a late bloomer and this was the first time I'd really felt romantic attraction. I managed not to ruin things with the friend, the rolls saying I'd get over it when I saw him in person were more or less correct. I think >>3266 saying "Maybe you've always been into homosexual relationships and just didn't consider the other kind of them?" was onto something too. No boyfriend or girlfriend yet, if it happens it happens but I'm just trying to live life right now. Thanks again to the rolls who helped me out 2 years ago, also AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLEASE LET THIS THREAD DIE


File: 1685139648448.png (884.3 KB, 1000x1400, fa15c953268b334ebdc82106fc….png)

Thanks for the wrap-up roll, glad you're still here and are coming to terms with your sexuality. I think with that, we can finally let the thread die in peace.


File: 1685822080331.png (477.36 KB, 850x601, ClipboardImage.png)

How did you discover that you liked men?
I am at such a point in my life that I decided to start talking to gay men on messaging apps, but it all feels stiff and awkward. It's like a part of me doesn't want it, but the other one just craves for someone to talk to so badly that these are the only people I can talk to now.


Sorry bud, I didn't read this


File: 1685882266584.png (814.04 KB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)

brother, you don't have to stoop so low. I have been trying to rekindle what was once lost, but you have left me hanging. things can go north again, just take my hand. LETS BE COMRADES LIKE WE ONCE WERE!


you've been posting this on every single thread, drop it altogether, if your friend doesn't want to talk to you there must be a very good reason for it.


to be fair, the friend himself does pretty much the same by complaining about 3 things in every thread. either women being mean and not giving him the time of the day, their late mother or their underage ex-girlfriend


and somehow throwing dirt at him is going to bring him back? what kind of logic is that?
you need to get some help.


you're confused: i'm not either of these two people. i just lurk :)


You were repressing it, nearly everyone is bi and maybe soon you're realize you're trans too.


File: 1689380281239.jpg (64.46 KB, 720x705, 352700108_257913316826270_….jpg)


Sounds like sushi found his peace :)


File: 1690845771044-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 1888x2200, 108262808_p0.jpg)

File: 1690845771044-1.jpg (849.96 KB, 1415x2000, 90070595_p0.jpg)

I found a Japanese furry artist who makes a lot of mtf. Is there a good thread or image board for this stuff? I feel like I've been missing out by hanging out in non-furry friendly places.


File: 1691116571514.jpg (589.39 KB, 1068x1598, 1691037539380327.jpg)

Honestly that mangaka's point kinda does resonate with me. I really do want to know how the other gay relationship would be in experience reality, and fetish stuff just isn't the same thing.

I'm by no means gay, but I simply can't help but wonder what it's really like to be dating a man.

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