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File: 1606544641669.png (907.72 KB, 1300x975, ClipboardImage.png)


What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?


I'd tell me to become Orthodox Christian, would have been 11 or 12 years earlier if I'd begome at that age. Side from that I think the things I regret doing were actually good, or at least ok, for me. I learned a lot and it out me on a path for better things. Except for dumping that redhead, that was a big mistake.


File: 1606575762637.jpg (72.95 KB, 441x441, 8581a5b1cbb45940ba7860129a….jpg)

Don't just randomly enter a relationship with this girl you don't have much feelings with, just because you are bored and heart broken. It went horrible for both.

What else.. Don't lose time caring about politics and put more effort into your hobbies.

I want to keep most stuff unchanged though. I like it here at present


File: 1606584915273.jpg (229.6 KB, 1000x1180, C80BF7552344BFF274E080EA82….jpg)

I'd tell him it's not good to expect too much, but you can't do anything if you're being overly pessimistic. If you just wait thinking it's useless, nothing will come of it. It's better not to worry too much because nothing will change if you just keep wallowing in your misery.

I feel like my life would be completely different had I took that advice by heart. Though I wonder, why can't I do that now? Why do I feel so powerless?


"It's never going to get better, end it now."


When you're truly happy, don't endlessly reach for more, or you'll lose what you have.
And keep it a secret. Tell no-one.


watch keion and buy more bitcoins


Learn to be humble. You've got a little talent and potential, but you're not prodigy-tier. Prodigies tend not to come from abusive backgrounds anyhow.
Practice making music more. It's not going to hurt if the first few songs you share sound like ripoffs, few things are 100% original.
Dad cares about you more than you think (and more than mom ever has), so visit him more. Maybe even move in with him after high school.
Join a club so you can make friends.
Get off of /b/ and /i/, they're rotting your brain and making you hate everything.
That weeaboo girl doesn't like you. She doesn't even see you as a friend. Stop obsessing over her.
Major in IT, not compsci, it's easier to find jobs in that field. And don't even bother going for a bachelor's, you can't afford it.
In college, do not take four writing-intensive classes in one semester. You'll cave in, drop out, lose your financial aid, and take twice as long to graduate.
If you're still going to chase that dream of making games, then for the love of god do not spend 10+ months engine-devving, you're not a baby for using Game Maker.


You can choose to be happy or choose to be angry and nobody actually cares but you; you're not spiting anyone by refusing to be a decent person except yourself.


Experience comes with time. Remember to take it easy.


Don't bother thinking too much about making easy money. Learn how to be a useful person in the market and the money will come in.


Rules are for fools to obey


File: 1610325952324.png (152.59 KB, 263x265, welcome-to-the-nhk-3-600x3….png)

Never give up and also don't trust her, she's gonna cheat on you.


don't put unsafe objects up your butt


There's nothing endearing about your freak antisocial behavior. Also, nobody fucking likes you because you're a self-important, manipulative piece of shit with the social skills of a mole rat. You're lucky you even have friends. They don't deserve the grief you put them through


File: 1612215054901.png (127.07 KB, 292x300, 2b482e0e1758e5950891fe33a3….png)

Thank you.
You are right about politic.
And also ignore all bad news.
About relationships, I'm in the same situation, that you described, and trying to make my gf happy, she loves me more.
sry for bad eng, im russian


Isn't that the 'cinegnose' logo?


Talk to a psychiatrist. Sneak out of your parents' house to do it. Deal with the issue now before the damage becomes permanent.


That's a good advice


I can relate about the engine-devving. I learned a ton but released no games which should be the entire point


1) Make personal, realistic, measurable goals with deadlines and keep track of your progress. Adjust them if you feel overwhelmed or too exhausted, but keep the challenge up. Use this information to accurately judge your capabilities and don't beat yourself for being unable to meet your expectations. Repeat this process every month.

2) Find a productive hobby that can double as a way to relax, to cope and to express yourself. This will somewhat guard you from destructive behavior during hard times and can serve as an autobiography. Don't be shy to try a couple of things.

3) Keep your friends close and cherish the time you have with them. Chances are they won't be around all your life, so make sure to form great memories and always be open to meet new people that might catch your wavelength.


File: 1697802411034.jpg (541.11 KB, 1000x1340, b0b385625781c568991ef5ae3d….jpg)

Stick it out and finish high school.
Just be yourself, you'll make better friends that way.
You have ADHD, please don't wait 10+ years to get meds that help you complete a single thought.


Make an effort to stay in touch after graduation. You're not positioned to achieve your dreams, so don't let go of your friends just because you're an assburger. Losing both is not good for your mental health.


Do your fucking homeworks!!!!!!!!!!


Finish high school (do the tests asap!) and go to uni. Don't pick a programming career!


Made this post ages ago and man, it sounds like I cheated on someone. lol


Get a job


It only gets worse


stop repressing/denying you prancing lala homo


Don't get involved with girls, stay away from all women forever, and just focus on you! You'll 100% thank me later.


kill yourself before it's too late


"School/work stress brings out the worst in people - keep your cool and be kind to everyone, always. You have no idea what they're going through." I also had problems with succumbing to peer pressure.


File: 1704808293811.jpg (830.66 KB, 4000x2220, 1691798177822708.jpg)

Keep a daily schedule, balance learning, socializing, and hobbies. Open your mind, smile. It is not that bad.


Your passion for learning is your greatest asset and you will reap the benefits of all your invested time.

Also you might have ADHD and should get that checked out before starting your engineering studies, its gonna fuck you over majorly.


This. Some fun things happen, but then it's a long downhill slide into loneliness, poverty, and overwhelming dissatisfaction. But, if I could go back in time I'd just go back to before I was born and kill my parents. Having children is the worst crime you can commit.

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