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File: 1606512677070.jpg (135.63 KB, 1350x1300, 20201020_164721.jpg)


Since we are here at hell anyway why don't we talk about God or Gods and such? They don't even have to be real, they can be higher archetypes you identify with or interacted with somehow, I'm not really pagan either, or anything at all.

What Gods have you met or interacted with? Or what higher archetypes have you explored in your mind or identified with?

I have always been avid about the west past and present collective conciouness, even if it's about exploring the east and even if it's exploring the east via west lens via the internet culture. Recently i took hold of my life again and this Éris Goddess just keep taking me everywhere and distorting my world and paradigmas non-stop, Its been the most chaotic fun i had in my life even if it's quite rough. It was all a ride from Her to the dual and non dual of existence and it was pretty neat. Biggest God experience a friend of my had was first talking to Ganesha while tripping on ayuhaska or other friends that met God throught their Anima either on rituals, DXM or LSD, others just connect by more collective methods like neopaganism or even throught themselves like Absurdism or Nihilism. Other people relate experiences about Gods or archetypes along identification or synchronicity. There are even talks with ideas of monotheistic Gods, coming in form of a Father God of all or Mother God of All or even Gf of universe. I just want to have fun talking to you guys and see what comes out.


File: 1606820384863.jpg (380.17 KB, 1000x1368, image.jpg)

I allegedly interacted with Kali on my first Ayahuasca experience. I'd feel her presence on my left side and a masculine presence on the right one… Looking back, it was more of a Anima manifestation on the left side and the other-me on the right, but I was not really invested in that back then, so probably not.
On my third Ayahuasca experience, I strongly felt my Anima and we were very intimate to each other.
So far, I feel like my Ayahuasca experiences were to explore the depths of my being instead of an outwardly and godly one, even though I had a stronger connection to the universe as a whole during the third one.


File: 1607576137108.jpg (130.33 KB, 850x1203, __cirno_and_yakui_touhou_a….jpg)

Happy holidays
/hell/ seems quite slow nowadays and maybe this discussion could have been elsewhere.
I feel some desire to search about Lilith, but i think its quite annoying how internet treat Her with fear. I find it fun to mix some astrology with greek pantheon personal interpretation, since all planets have roman gods names and are associated with their characteristics. A planet just have been named Eris some years ago and Lilith has been on astrology for a while too, hell, if you do an extended chart theres even Juno.

Heyy tell about Kali, when i hear about Kali its usually quite abrupt change.


Other than her name echoing on my mind, nothing happened.


I met eris on acide, god is a dominatrix and she causes discord like steppng on you. I met hatman in a dream (he's not a god but he is something interesting i don't understand). I never met lain but she guided me for a while, like ratatouille she's in my hat pulling my hair. not so much any moore i think she has more important stuff to do .


I met Eris too once while meditating. She embraced me, not sure why. Guess she was just in a good mood that day.


Hatman seems like the same type of hollow archetype that lowly spiritual creatures dress up to inflict fear on victims. There are some archetypes like this, of course not discrediting how those archetypes keep coming back with appearances alike on different cultures at different times. I guess an example of those on older times would be the boogeyman, who is said to take the kids and blah blah, more recently would be the slenderman who does the same, but it's just from a photoshop competition, even then there was a case of two girls sacrificing another girl for slender on usa. Those archetypes are hollow, but vivid in children's mind who are afraid of them, lowly spiritual creatures use this opportunity against them.


File: 1608742917774.jpg (220.57 KB, 700x1400, 78a10f704a21b7f0cb480b4231….jpg)

It's pretty funny how Eris went from a disliked greek goddess to the Goddess by the discordians since principia discordia and then more and more influential over the years, even getting a dwarf planet named after her in 2003 and random pop culture representations lol
Yesterday I was meditating to enjoy some of the geometry from the comedown of a DXM trip and saw her slicing her throat and the cut morphed into an eye over the middle of her throat, don't know what it means, but it was pretty.


File: 1629845524861.jpg (103.66 KB, 640x675, eris_of_the_month-20170519….jpg)

No way!
Eris sold me weed, I love that friendly lady


Yes I worship the Goddess, Kalisti desu

When she first came to me she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She does have a nasty side though. But what can I say, I like sweet and spice

Eris has her own official ImageBoard btw, uses the Discordian calendar and everything.

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