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File: 1566741594644.png (781.15 KB, 604x806, ClipboardImage.png)


Why does it feel like in the English speaking internet everyone take your words as an attack on their hobbies/personalities and instantly start being passive aggressive towards whatever it is you're saying?
Have you noticed the same? How do you deal with this phenomena?


yeah, the problem is clearly every single English speaker on the internet, not you


Yeah, something very similar to that
It often happens when I ask genuine questions like this and people instantly try to derail it thinking that it was a personal attack


I really mean no offense by this, but do you have autism or asperger's syndrome? People with those issues tend to not understand social interaction and can sometimes offend people without even knowing it. In that case, it's important to reconsider how you talk to people, and maybe consider changing instead of blaming everyone else.


No? I actually have a manager position in IT and work with people daily. I know ways for my word.
What I experience in the English internet specifically are interactions like >>2146. For example, here's my recent interactions with the "public" (posts on forums and whatnot):

Me: do you prefer MMOs with trinity or with fluid class system? I personally prefer the trinity, (etc etc listing some reasons)
2 people at once spering out at me simultaneously: well I bet you blizzfags can only play trinities lol

Me: why do people use qt for windows-only development when you can do basically the same with .net in less code and time?
The entire chat room turns against me saying that I'm worse than hitler

Me: is there an anime like X? I really like (this and that, listing some things that I like)
Some dude: I bet you also like eating shit (more or less this point scattered across like 5 messages)

And I don't even just express my opinion. I propose a discussion point and even list my personal reasons for this and that, but 90% of the time I'm met with some passive aggressive shit as if I'd threatened their families with my messages or something like that.


a little self-awareness goes a long way


On the internet you only communicate information that can be written down or, in case of image boads, displayed with a grafic.

Gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions all that is missing. My theory is, that people are too dependant on those and automatically assume a bad intention if they couldn't read their opponents non-speech channels in face-to-face communication, thus applying this approach on internet communication as well.

A great example of the scarceness a text-based communication channel has. One could read this post as a personal attack on >>2149 s capability to asses themselves or on the capability of the people >>2149 communicates with or as a matter of fact statement. Anyway it is not clear what was really meant due to short message. A message that could deliver its point in face-to-face communication without further explanation, but stays behind as a vague announcement only indicating reference with a link to a whole other post.


>Me: why do people use qt for windows-only development when you can do basically the same with .net in less code and time?
If you posted this on nearly any /g/ board in the chanosphere, most people will assume that you are shitposting. I suppose it is a little unfair of sushi rolls to judge your post like that, but at the same time, on a board where a lot of people care about software freedom etc., your post looks like classic bait. Maybe if you fleshed out your post with details, anticipated counter-arguments, and so on, you might have a slightly better time.

But yeah, people can be very hostile. That's why I come to sushichan.


As a native English speaker it seems to me everyone really enjoys being perpetually offended for some reason.
If it's an opinion post you can bet there will be at least one person who will be triggered and fly into a maddened rage.
This is probably why there's a large culture of trolling to take advantage of this mental disease for enjoyment.
In response to this, more self conscious people instead of gaining new perspectives end up passive aggressively ignoring posts which offend them.
These people like to think that this makes them the "mature" person.
As a result, there's very little discussion about anything important and rather just frivolous chatter with asinine humor.
If I were to guess where this stems from I would point fingers at a feminized culture which holds feelings above all else
combined with an extreme inferiority complex which causes people to feel personally attacked when their world view is threatened.


*chan style sites have that type of culture for one thing. But from your posts you also come off as confrontational.


Since there's a whole culture of people who think pointlessly being dicks on the internet makes them cool, people tend to either 1. be part of that and flame you to boost their self-esteem, or 2. assume that anyone else is one of them and dealing in bad faith


>anyone who disagrees with me is a bad person
yikes and oof


all I'm saying is that if you think everyone else is the problem, odds are that you're the problem


I think a lot of posts in this thread proves OP's point.


>>2156 How so?


>yikes and oof
I can tell by the way you post you’re a bad person.




>yikes and oof

Now I dont wanna be rude but outta here pls


doesn't sound very comfy or tolerant of you


OP didn't say "everyone else is the problem", only that enough people seem to act that way that it can "feel like" everyone.

anyway the reason is generations of decadence and deliberate influence programs by hostile powers to undermine the spirit of western society, eroding any common sense of pride or fellowship and making everyone anxious, defensive and suspicious of each other. the internet used to be a haven for free expression and therefore a great way to relieve social stress and form unconditional bonds with people in this time, but since social media took over it's become even worse than meatspace. i can't think of much advice to give other than try to support smaller competitors to the major communication platforms wherever possible. donate to your local altchan today


There's an ongoing arms race to signal in-group status on the internet. Many conversations aren't really about the topics they're about in theory, they're just about signalling membership of a common group. This isn't some conscious thing or suggestion that some people are NPCs, it's something we've always done. It's just that on the internet the race can be launched into overdrive since we've got less non-verbal communication to work with combined with many more people interacting at a much higher pace.

I hope one day the web slows down or withdraws into smaller sites rather than the big social media companies we've got now, it should help calm people down within communities even if the various sites all hate one another. I don't think it's likely though.


File: 1570504384867.jpg (825.44 KB, 900x900, 1570481982490.jpg)

"what was that. Were you having a controversial thought?"


I really, really like this image. I will save it if you do not mind.
I wish I had someone that would rig an election to be closer with me (in a non creepy way).


What's your intention behind these "genuine" questions?
Because most of the time is "I'm genuinely trying to figure out why you're a tard".

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