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File: 1552166479164.png (101.43 KB, 480x480, Thinking_Face_Emoji_large.png)


Are you an incel? If not, what do you think about incels?


Surely you know better than this


What do you mean? This is the /hell/ board after all.


File: 1552212240523.jpg (129.23 KB, 1000x700, one_edgy_boy.jpg)

I never had gf and at some point in the past I stopped caring. What is the big deal anyway? We got porn, waifu simulators, artificial vaginas, pension insurance and 10 hour videos of people whispering nice things in our ears. Besides social expectations and the natural desire to reproduce there is no reason to invest into romantic relationships.

Regarding the whole sexual part, if one really feels like mating was the most important thing under the sun, then they should just go to a country where it is possible to do that for money and live on with their acquired peace of mind. Getting all bitter over missing out on something one only heard about from other people seems like a bad choice to identify with.


I guess not. I had a gf once, but it made me extremely uncomfortable and I couldn't be with her for long.


No, man. It's not about sex. It's about having a loving relationship and then starting a family.

Western values are dead, apparently. Keep on buying Funko Pops and watching Netflix. Buy. Consume. Obey. Disregard religion, morals, and responsibilities. Worship soulless secular liberalism.



>>1985 Who cares if other people produce spawn? I agree that people are pretty damn alienated from eachother, and one aspect of that problem is less romantic relationships, but *for the people that are happy that way* why is it bad?


Are you really happy that way, or is it just mental gymnastics to make you feel better about your predicament? Why would you not want a family? Sour grapes/cognitive dissonance?


>>1987 That's not me, but the obsession with people "starting a family" some people have is ridiculous, even if you somehow try to spin it as anti-consumerist or edgy. You think the traditional family is the answer to alienation and consumerism, look at the damn 1940s, 1950s in America. There's your "western values". If you want meaning don't base it on the commitment to produce offspring sometime, that leads to both fucked up parenting and relationships, let alone all the people for whom that's not realistic.


that is, I'm 1985, 1987 but not 1983


File: 1552330154138.jpg (87.46 KB, 1280x720, 1527613378804.jpg)

I guess by definition I am but that's more because I haven't had interactions with women since leaving school more than any hatred of them. I'm 100% sure that all the angsty incels are sour grapes that are unable to make peace with the reality of the social world and I have no desire to be associated with them. People are just people, there's nothing complicated going on.

Personally I hold traditional values (especially around sex) quite highly and am not really a fan of how loose everyone is these days. The immediate conclusion of this is "doesn't like it because can't get it" but I don't think that is true. At least not completely. I agree with the sushi roll from before that finding a parter you love and integrating within the familial structure and making your own is wonderful and it should be a higher priority than it is at the moment. I consider the family structure to be incredibly important and something of an end goal. It's kinda like the last thing in the chain of importance before you hit complete selfishness. Your world, nation, people, district, associates, friends are all loyalties that break a lot. Family however is a bedrock that keeps people from the final stop in the care list, yourself. So long as people care about something like family members they will not do crazy things like drop out of society as a neet or go on a killing spree. It's always the ones with animosity to their family which do that.
Of course I have no experience with partners so my word in that area is worth little. It's just the feeling I get.


What is love?


Something antithetical to modern secularism, individualism, and consumerism.


>>1995 you keep saying 'secularism' like religious people don't police other peoples' love lives


What's wrong with virtuous people trying to steer people away from the wrong paths in life?


File: 1552485858265.jpg (293.76 KB, 900x900, 1465506882294.jpg)

I don't like applying labels like that, especially not that one. I suppose I technically qualify being a robot and all. I think pic related applies to them far too often but also that they are generally terrible human beings.
>So long as people care about something like family members they will not do crazy things like drop out of society as a neet or go on a killing spree. It's always the ones with animosity to their family which do that.


Fuck life…


Wizardry has long been an actual goal for me so I guess I'm volcel. It hasn't actually taken any effort, though.

>Why would you not want a family?
Why would you? As alien as that is to you, so is your idea of normal to me. I used to argue stuff like this but I've realized that there's a gap in understanding that's rarely bridged so now I just live and let live.


Half your post decrys baseless arguments like "virgin" or "autistic" yet the only argument given in the other half is >implying.
If you're too lazy to explain yourself then don't do it at all.


I'm not an incel but I used to have incel tendencies back in high school I guess. I usually get with about 3-4 people a year and I could do more if I wanted to but people really give me anxiety and also it is very hard for me to get over hating people and social situations enough to want to converse with them. I really sympathize with incel men and girls that have to put up with the sea of shitty men. I'm not unattractive and I can talk to people but I still feel like I have a lot of trouble trying to find someone so I can't even imagine what it's like for the average man. Online dating sucks and bars/clubs are pretty gross and I'm not really sure what to do about any of it.


Hard to be involuntary celibate considering how easy it is to get laid, either someone you picked up at a bar, or a relationship encouraged through financial transactions. I think most of these are either very shy, or are just very hateful people with very unattractive personalities, but even those should be able to get a sexual relationship, considering how many people have abusive significant others.


I don't know why anyone would choose to identify with such a negative aspect of their character. I feel bad for them like you would a starving dog that bit everyone who tried to feed it.


Are you new to social media? People put their negative traits in their bio all the time nowadays. Anxiety, depression, bipolar, autism, cancer, etc. People wear their problems like badges nowadays.


I guess the origins of that trend was to break down the social stigmas of these traits rather than wearing them as a badge of honour, but you're right that a lot of people do the latter. Accepting these traits as a reality is something I'm still trying to figure out myself, it can feel like the wrong thing to do but without accepting them I haven't really been moving past them either


>Disregard religion, morals, and responsibilities.
Incel ideas often runs contrary to Religious thought though. Incels, appropriate for their name, tend to be even more sex obsessed than many other people, and feel no need to abstain from lustful habits.

I haven't had sex myself, and I haven't been in a relationship at all, but even fitting the profile of an incel, I would not identify myself as one.


nah vocel all the way


>Incel ideas often runs contrary to Religious thought though
what about tradcels?


This is getting out of hand!




Being involuntarily celibate or being a virgin is now so intensely demonized that if you went to prison for rape you would be improving your social standing, because at least you've had sex of some kind. That's the most important thing, after all.

I hope the shooting sprees continue.


don't say things like that


yikes and oof


It's because of normalfag subhumans like you that the shooting sprees are justified and should continue.


bad take, homie
violence ain't the answer


Daring people to kill you and then crying when they do is not the answer.


Baby dont hurt me.


Why do terminally angry people like this even come here.


Why do you fucking normalfags come here? Why can't you just stay on reddit?



>"Why can't you just stay on reddit?"



You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, do you? Fucking kill yourself.


I've been lurking imageboards since 2007. You were probably still in primary school. Cringey weirdos forming their whole identity around which websites they waste their time on. Grow out of it quick.


since when did hypernegativity and """""""blackpilling""""""" become the epitome of outsider culture. there's more to being an outsider than just hating everyone


I'm far older than you, you fucking lying normalfag california roll black dragon roll piece of shit fuckface.



>I'm far older than you

Oh, I see the issue…


File: 1555225398168.png (440.01 KB, 669x1000, __kaban_kemono_friends_dra….png)

Well, this didn't take long to escalate.


I regret making this thread


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