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File: 1539731695155.jpg (49.09 KB, 971x546, npc.jpg)


the NPC meme is just a millennial/zoomer rebranding of solipsism, also it shows a lack of empathy

it's easier to call someone an NPC than it is to try and understand that they have a unique perspective and their own life experiences and that they're just as valid of a person as you are(blow it out yer ass)


>also it shows a lack of empathy
It is horribly dismissive, like your feelings and thoughts have no value. I also think they describe themselves in a way when they say NPC. Since they're using words and memes they saw somewhere else, repeating the same few NPC lines everywhere they go.


I don't really like the NPC meme myself, it's just another stupid buzzword as far as I'm concerned. I am really worried about it's logical conclusion though, like if you dehumanize to the level of a character who only says one or two things (I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear) then if you dislike a person enough then any horrible action like doxing or physical assault or worse is fine because they are NPCs much like thoses in Pokemon or GTA. I mean who cares about their feelings, they're worthless NPCs and I'm the main character.


File: 1539737822670.png (220.29 KB, 1994x2369, publicdomainq-0007996ildej….png)

I don't think NPC is that much different from the Stock Wojak. I don't even consider it its own meme, just another variant. The Wojak meme, to my admittedly limited view, is largely about belittling and dismissing ideas, especially after Smug Pepe became as popular as it did. Wojak seemed like an even more extreme form of a straw man, where in this instance the straw man is prematurely defeated without any effort by the keyboard warrior who made the image.

There was a point where Wojak was meant to be a relatable figure, along with Sad Pepe, but that mutated in to the /r9k/ culture, which was corrupted and twisted with politics, creating what we have now. To me, NPC is just the current Wojak taken to an extreme, where a keyboard warrior tries to attack people because they exist. There's nothing the target did wrong, there's nothing offensive about them, it's just throwing bile for the sake of bile. I would be more surprised by this, if I hadn't seen a multitude of creative insults and meaningful attacks become drained in to "I don't like thing". The only sad thing about this is the lack of creativity it displays, and that there is no longer any humor or cleverness in edgy internet discourse, just random hostility.


File: 1539738370035.jpg (106.77 KB, 480x953, evolution of 4chan.jpg)


This image always gets me and it's pretty relatable. That transition to a completely jaded person on the last panel sums up so many people.

Another thing I've noticed is how it's pushed by more visible people online. If you don't like it, then you're just a Social Justice Warrior and therefore an NPC for pointing out how dehumanizing it is. Here's a video of some anti-Social Justice guy just reading some article talking about the meme, the lack of actual arguments is pretty funny.


Also, I love your image, very cute.


File: 1539741250622.png (141.7 KB, 1271x2103, publicdomainq-0011836xodjr….png)


> …the lack of actual arguments is pretty funny.

Naturally, since that's the whole point of this meme: for randoms to declare themselves the winner no matter how their opponent responds. If the opponent doesn't like it, they're mad because the NPC meme made them mad. If the opponent ignores the image, they're mad because the NPC meme made them mad. It doesn't matter how or why the opponent responds, as soon as a person posts a Wojak, they are the winner. Because only NPCs would dislike NPC.

I don't think I have to go in to depth about how dumb this is. remember a post on Clover where the opening post was a NPC, and the first reply was an sushi roll declaring how mad everybody is because of the NPC. It's mind numbing.

> Also, I love your image, very cute.

I believe it's clip art, but I'm not 100% sure. I found it and others on a public domain image site, and I found them to utterly adorable.


Oh well, since this terrible meme is here for the long haul, might as well use it to determine if someone is worth engaging with online along with the other buzzwords that scream, "I really don't want a discussion, just spout my laundry list of dog whistles and be confirmed by others like me". And to think, I was annoyed by the insane amount of Bowesette memes but that actually was something and led to a lot of great art.


You using it brands yourself as someone not worth engaging with tho.


Isn't this a plain insult? The addressed person gets degraded to an object. I suspect this is just an evolution of the r9k meme, this time not as a solidary description of the community, but in delusion of ones superiority against everyone not as "enlightened".


I do think it is an insult. It is very dismissive and rude. Your opinion is worthless, and you're worthless as a human being.

I think what >>1712 is scary tho, since you can do whatever you want to people you brand as an NPC, and don't ever have to feel bad about your actions.


I don't mean actually calling people NPCs, if that's the impression I gave. I meant, "Oh, this person is calling other people NPCs, don't bother with this person in debate". Unless I've completely misunderstood you.

>you can do whatever you want to people you brand as an NPC, and don't ever have to feel bad about your actions.

Pretty much the issue with this entire insult. It's really scary that you have people defending this dehumanizing meme. Especially in Youtube where people have a horrible habit of mob mentality.


I think you understood me just fine. I misunderstood you tho.


File: 1539795043682.jpg (34.56 KB, 600x338, 8lms4o7fbos11.jpg)

It's just a joke guys relax.
The damned thing has had way more attention from people all buttblasted about it than it ever had of it's own right.


>It's just a joke guys relax.
In the contexts I've seen it used, they don't sound like jokes to me. Sure, maybe it is for a few people, but in the ways I've seen it, even on this very site it seems like a legit insult.


I think it deserves ridicule and derision just for being another Wojak edit. But that's my own irrational displeasure with current day 'memes' showing. It's not even funny, nor has any inherent joke aside from the usual hostility I'm used to. Its premise is easily reversed too, since its mocking the lack of human thought, creativity, and the herd-like nature of a user's opponents. All this, coming from the mind of people who tend to repeat buzzwords, talking points, come to the same conclusions when they question the mainstreme, and tend to base their memes on 10+ year old jokes from a Polish websites because making your own material doesn't get as much attention. I would say it's the pot calling the kettle black, but I figure such an opinion would be ignored as "mad tofu is mad".

But this would be fine and ignorable, if rolls didn't have a tendency to try and force their meme down every throat they can find. All memes are forced memes now, so even if one doesn't care about the idea or politics behind it, a bunch of jerks are going to make sure you see their meme, are forced to comment on it because it's everywhere, and take a 'side' because internet politics is all about forcing people to pick the red team or the blue team. It doesn't matter what you actually think, know, or have resaerched. A manufactured controversy will force you to either be with X party, or against them, nothing in between is permitted. You can even tell by the reaction the meme (not) getting banned recieved. "The blue team must be mad! We totaly meme'd them into submission!"

You can't dislike forced memes, you can't be tired of edits. You can't be annoyed that another 'new' meme is being force fed to you despite having nothing of interest to offer. The uncreative folk who push it will immediately declare anyone who doesn't march in step with them 'mad', and crow in victory because they posted an image. It makes me wonder why Wojak and Pepe are immune to mem decay, I can imagine the collective graons and rolling of eyes of the NPC was based on the rage faces.

This image seems to have power in the keyboard war now, so its nature as a joke will be focused on to dismiss criticism, while the idea that the joke itself is not funny and is built on a stale foundation is ignored. While I don't use Twitter, FB, and other big sites aside from Youtube, I know if I did write something like this post there, I would be quickly dismissed as being a mad NPC.


It's funny for the sender, and the over reaction of the recipient makes it funnier. One sided jokes are not unusual. I think this entire thread is an overreaction and the overly political and philosophical analysis is pretty pointless. In fact, this is the first time I've even seen this meme for more than 5 seconds.


I've seen it a lot because I frequent Clover's video game board, where it is heavily forced even when people reply that it's not funny. People are commenting the way they are because they keep seeing it shoved in their face with no context, then getting reprimanded for saying it's annoying to have a random image shoved in your face repeatedly.


>I would be quickly dismissed as being a mad NPC.

Not here, sushi.

You can only focus on, "It's just a meme, dude" for so long. Just because some trolls who don't care either way use it to upset people, doesn't mean it's never used to shut down otherwise productive discussion. Which is kinda what you seemt to be attempting to do by saying it's pointless to analyze a meme, as in an idea, and trying to paint the rest of the sushis who are doing that as "overreacting".

I would agree with your dismissal if we were talking about say, a little kid saying the same thing over and over. Sure, it's annoying but no need to get mad over it. But that's not what is being talked about.


I wouldn't be surprised if some sites place it in their word filter. NPC -> "One of us" or something like that.


Seems to me that you found something annoying because it kept being posted, yet somehow discussing it further and heavily in depth on a place that was until then completely free of it is somewhat backwards.

In fact, to match the threads over analysis; the thread was created with the expectation of everyone here agreeing that it's "a bad meme" and then everyone just agreeing that it somehow encourages not listening to people whose opinion you don't care for in the first place. The OP itself is essentially just a statement with all the following replies being more elaborated agreement. Which is itself a very npc like behaviour. (If I'm understanding the meme right)


>a place that was until then completely free of it
It has been posted here, and I assume those posts are the reason this thread spawned.

>If I'm understanding the meme right

Probably wrong. NPCs don't have elaborate disagreements or agreements. They have 2-3 pre-programmed lines that they repeat over and over again. I like to think this has to do with the creator-follower relationships people form with youtube, twitch, and other platforms. Why defend an opinion on your own when you can simply link to a video by Louis Rossmann where he says "I hate Apple". Just parrot what someone else once said.


File: 1539818031009.png (85.94 KB, 1187x321, Lain.png)

>Seems to me that you found something annoying because it kept being posted
In my case, I dislike the meme because it just destroys discussion. I suppose you could argue that a lot places like Youtube comment sections and 4/8chan were never good places for meaningful discussions but memes (as in an idea) do spread to increasingly more mainstream places.

>yet somehow discussing it further and heavily in depth on a place that was until then completely free of it is somewhat backwards.

Because criticism of the meme falls on deaf ears. Typically because "only an NPC would dislike the term NPC". Also, it has been posted as >>1735 pointed out. And I have an image to show that.

>then everyone just agreeing that it somehow encourages not listening to people whose opinion you don't care for in the first place.

It is possible for a small handful of people to agree on a point. And there seem to be very subtle differences in points and concerns with the term because just because two or more people agree with a basic premise, doesn't mean it's a hivemind or a circlejerk of sorts.


It’s baffling how easily this meme blew up.
For one thing, I don’t understand most of the offense. Sure it’s dehumanizing, but it’s an insult. It’s supposed to be. It also isn’t much different from normie or sheeple. Could just be that they’re exaggerating how much people are “Triggered” by their dank meme.
Second, it seems very easy to mock anyone using the term npc. It’s like someone tipping their fedora about how much of a free thinker they are because they’re opinions are unconventional and edgy. And because many of the people using the meme fall into a political group, it could easily be used on them. “Clinton is bad. Drain swap.” “Racism not real. Minorities shut up.”
As far as I can tell this started because of a nearly 7 year old psychology today article talking about how some people don’t have an “inner voice”. While the field of how people experience consciousness is interesting, the study it was based off of couldn’t prove the claims that the article made.
Looking at how people first reacted to the article before npc wojak arose, some people were taking this seriously. But now you can’t call them out on it because it’s become a meme, and you would be taking a joke seriously. They’ll just say it’s merely a metaphor to describe how their political opponents are essentially a hive mind of people repeating the same buzzwords.

I get the complaint that “npc” is used to shutdown debate, but there was never any debate to be had in the first place. Most people at this point don’t actually want to debate politics. The only interactions they want with political opponents are opportunities to mock and deride them. It’s not about getting moderates as much as it is about energizing your own side. Ironically it’s difficult to have a real discussion with these non-npcs.
I’m not sure what to do about this, but trying to honestly and repeatedly engage with people who won’t return the favor isn’t the answer. Of course you shouldn’t start acting like them as a defense, and there are some people with radically different opinions who are worth talking with. But you have to expect the other person to respect you to some degree.


>Could just be that they’re exaggerating how much people are “Triggered” by their dank meme.

Well, the Internet is known for massive amounts of cherry-picking. Almost every video laughing at people who dislike the meme seem to be using the same article or posting screencaps of random Twitter users who sound like a minority of people to show that people are losing their minds over it. So in a way, yea, I think the negative reaction is exaggerated because if you can show "The Left" or the "Progressives" as being overly emotional crybabies it only helps your side out more in terms of getting people on your side.


I get the complaint that “npc” is used to shutdown debate, but there was never any debate to be had in the first place. Most people at this point don’t actually want to debate politics. The only interactions they want with political opponents are opportunities to mock and deride them. It’s not about getting moderates as much as it is about energizing your own side.

I guess you do have a point. At this point, certain topics are kinda taboo like "X privilege" or racism/sexism and that'll end discussion because some people get irritated and then strawman the other person to the point there is no point in discussion.


I get that there wasn't any debate to be had. But when I see that unread marker, I get kinda excited, I Want to read that new exciting idea that someone had. Instead it was just someone posting the same NPC crap again. The *sip* stuff from a few months ago weren't much better either. I don't see too much of that kind of stuff in the chat rooms that I frequent the most tho.


Wait, unread marker? Are you talking about Sushi's tab thing where it shows a (1) or whatever in Firefox? Or do you mean some other site?


Can be anything. An actual marker like (1) in the tab, or just me noticing that the thread now has new posts. Wasn't talking about sushichan specifically, but most sites, and chat rooms in general. It is a bit frustrating when I get excited about posts, and it just turned out to be nothing more than some worthless *sip*.


File: 1540310217874.jpg (57.95 KB, 559x530, emgn-harry-potter-pic-3.jpg)

It was kinda funny against leftists, but when you stop treating people like human beings all your morality is gone. What stops you from doing them another Auschwitz?


File: 1540312455326.webm (990.42 KB, 320x240, Untitled Project.webm)

Calling a person an NPC is more to mock the person and make them think over the position they take and the [i]true[/i] reason they feel that way.
No one is being forced to wear a star or be packed into a ghetto. Leave Godwin's Law out of it.


Getting called an NPC by a random asshat on the internet won't make me reconsider my stance. it'll just make me ignore the other sushi roll for not being able to provide a decent counter argument. I will reconsider my own position when someone present a better position to hold.


It's just my observation of how people use it. I do agree though, if someone's gonna make an argument, it's a very weak stance to take.


Well, I am currently reading a lot of poetry, stories and reports about german death camps.
I became a bit more sensitive about how people treat people.
I still think it is funny when it is used in a way that "dumb Wojak" is used when describing someone,
but it is not healthy when someone thinks about everyone but himself as a NPC - "hard solipsism".
Damn, I really want to polish my english, just so I can be better in expressing my thoughts and arguing on the Internet.


So, I was bored as hell, and decided to post a video I saw a while ago about the meme.


So in this video, the guy does something that seems to be very common among a lot of people regardless of politics; zooming in on a very specific situation and making it out to be a bigger problem. At one point, the video maker asks, "Now you talk about dehumanizing, when you've been calling us alt-right and Nazi". Not sure about alt-right, but I really have to wonder how often are people really called "Nazi" online, is this really a common thing? I pointed out how utterly cherrypicked a lot of internet discussion is, but it's to the point that I truly don't know if being accused of being a Nazi is a common thing or not, or if it's just people who spout eugenics or White Nationalist memes getting mad when someone points out how they sound like Nazi. Or maybe these people are right and it's just people who call anyone they dislike a Nazi. I just don't know.

Another thing in the video is that, "They all look the act the same, dress the same, soy faces and beards". I don't know but again, it feels like a small amount of people are being used to brush a wide group of people as the same, and this is completely independent of the NPC meme.

I just don't believe that average people are really calling each other soy boys, Nazis, etc. in normal conversation for the amount of, "But they dehumanized us, so it's fine for us to do it back!!".


>is this really a common thing?
on twitter and reddit, yeah
facebook too, sometimes


Further elaboration:
My sister and her husband call people "nazi" or "racist" all the time (even when they clearly aren't). They try to use these labels for manipulation ("well, if you're really not a nazi, then you'll [something manipulative]"). It's a really shitty thing to do, and they've burned a lot of bridges and a lot of people have cut off contact with them because of how toxic they are. They almost seem to take pride in how unpopular they are due to how negative and hostile they are.

I know a dude who says his dad "is a nazi" because he opposes mass immigration. I know someone else who says Trump is a nazi and so are all his supporters.

Oh yeah, and on another board, someone called me a nazi, even though I'm mixed race.

People are getting lazier and lazier with their debate skills and just resorting to insults now.


Ugh, that sucks to hear that you have family that behaves that way. I was under the impression for a while that while some idiots do abuse the term Nazi in a similar vein to "retard" or something similar, the main people complaining about being called a Nazi were those talking about topics that some people might associate with Nazi ideals, like "race realism" or "degenerate culture". But I wouldn't call someone a Nazi unless they were actually a Nazi.

>People are getting lazier and lazier with their debate skills and just resorting to insults now.

Yea, that's the worst part. And all the propaganda being pumped out not just from political parties but by average joes, it's hard to get a solid answer on anything.


What's concerning is the leftists who think anyone who disagrees with them is a nazi, and then they say it's okay to "punch nazis." So what they're saying is that it's okay to be violent against people who don't have the exact same political views as you.

Sometimes I wonder if America is gonna have another civil war. Division and tension is at an all-time high.


I'd agree if we are talking about actual Nazis, they don't have a place in society and their ideas led into some horrible places. But it's like you said, run of mill conservatives are often lumped in with the racists and that's just dumb. Just as dumb as how a lot of liberals are painted as wimpy hippies who just want things handed to them. Nazi and other terms are definitely overused, I can't argue with that.

>Division and tension is at an all-time high.

The amount of self-segregation and ciclejerking isn't helping matters either. I was going to disagree with the civil war comment but then I thought about it and we do things to each other with the goal of harm like swatting and DDOS attacks. So it may not be a traditional war completely but ideologically driven cyberwars to distort dissenting ideas and punish their idea of wrongthink. If you are interested in the truth, info from both sides may be hidden or meme'd into lies. We already have massive amounts of people who just outright deny the idea of the Earth being a sphere, you could do that with anything.

A war of digital organisms built for the spread of ideological propaganda fought not with guns but the censorship and distorting of truth from all sides.


I just don't understand why this one had such a quick and massive negative reaction. The NPC meme got more negative media attention in a shorter span of time than the literal "race war now" meme. Why has this meme triggered like none other before? It's pretty mild compared to most of the offensive memes of the last few years.

My opinion, it's because it applied to more people. I think a lot of people who just ignored previous offensive memes finally found one that hurt them since the NPC meme can be applied to literally anyone. So the people who clucked their tongues and said "racist memes are bad" the last few years were finally TRULY offended by something.


A lot of the other "memes" were so far out that they're obviously jokes, but the redpilled truthing people seem totally serious when they say NPC.

For me it isn't a matter about being offended. I took just as much issue with the recent zoomer/boomer crap. All I want is to see someone have a decent conversation in plain english, without inserting buzzwords and memes in every sentence.


Moving away from the NPC meme, since we are talking more about how discussions online in general rather than a single meme. How do you guys feel about the concept of safe spaces? The idea seems to be laughed at by the more right wing side of the internet, yet everyone seems to demand it in some way. Like for example, (understandably) victims of abuse all the way up to more ridiculous notions like an entire ethnostate for white people. Like the concept of the safe space seems neutral on paper, and in practice it's neutral because one could argue that certain places on reddit or Youtube can easily accommodate multiple safe spaces with them separated from discussion via algorithm but in discussion it seems to be painted as something horrible despite the wildly different results of said safe spaces and the fact that it feels like everyone wants a safe space.

I don't know, I used to spit all these memes and buzzwords while in my teens and early 20s, but I find all "popular" ideas to be silly now.


I'd say it depends. On the one hand physical places set aside for the express purpose of being "Safe" I've always thought as very very silly. But in the sense of generally having a place or community where you aren't going to be constantly under attack seems clearly important. I'd say at the most basic level, a "safe space", be it shelter from the elements or predators, or a group or culture where one belongs is a pretty basic need.

The increasing hostility of lots of places on the web, typified by the "no safe space 4 u fagget!" mindset is one of the main reasons I've stopped using a lot of image boards. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can't handle a bit of assholery, having spent my teens on /b/ back when it was edgy as hell and gore/cp/crush spam was a daily occurrence. But now even the places that should otherwise be places to unwind and bond over something more than being an unrepentant asshole are tainted by this race to the bottom total war shit. Without some kind of ceasefire/safe-space type thing I find a lot less value in the net. Who want's to hang around people who don't even bother to conceal their enmity.


Safe space usually means a place where only far-left people are allowed to speak their mind freely.


"Safe space" is yet another neologism that doesn't really mean what the name implies. A safe space is only safe if you're an extremist liberal.


I can agree, people seem to think being hostile "helps" their communities but in most cases it just hurts them more.

I don't agree with the idea of the safe space being only an left-wing thing though. The far-right will say "free speech" in reference to places like Youtube or Twitter, it's basically the same thing; If people are calling them out on racist or sexist posts like I've seen, then they will often say "free speech" like that negates what they are saying. And this often leads to whole clone sites just so they can say whatever they want uncontested. And that does sound like a safe space to me. Try going onto a board with more far-right/alt-right folks and tell them their posts are racist or just plain offensive and then watch as they get super defensive because their "ebin troll" safe space has been invaded.

And this isn't just with politics. Things like the incel communities basically want a safe space so their made up science and overt sexism can never be challenged. And a group of people whining about why they aren't having sex is pretty apolitical to me.

I see nothing wrong about a place that excludes people by itself, but let's not pretend that it's only one type of person who wants it.




Just another instance to show that the right can't meme beyond simple projection of their own insecurities onto the yet another wojak edit. Sad to see this shit meme making it's way to other comfy IBs and shitting them up, though.


File: 1542361153623.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)


>Just another instance to show that the right can't meme
That term is a right wing meme in of itself though.


File: 1544802820686.webm (1.84 MB, 1280x720, output(2).webm)

In my years of chan browsing Ive never gone out of my way to make a thread about a meme I dont like

I know this is oft-repeated but cant people take a joke anymore


In my years of chan browsing Ive never gone out of my way to bump a 1 month old thread


I've bumped year old threads before here and elsewhere. It often gets everyone talking again. I really like it.


File: 1544866634126.jpg (61.62 KB, 405x525, angryry.jpg)

Besides the insulting nature of this meme and its abundant use in dick measure contests about the hardheadedness of politically opposing groups, the core message, being a call for a more critical stance with public opinion, is not a bad thing.

I wonder who came up with that. The degradation of users to inanimate things, while implicating oneself to be the superior existence and the only one or one of the few to have figured out the truth, gives a strong impression of psychopathic megalomania or schizophrenic delusions. In any way stuff like this is easily exploitable, defiles discussions and might lead to free speech killing itself and this is not okay!


Altchans really don't care about that though. If it's on the catalogue, it's fair game, right?


To be fair, people in the current internet environment have been using memes and humor as a shied to hide their/shelter their genuinely felt views. How many fetishes have people snuck in to their posts under the guise of "funny jokes"?

There is a more obvious and related example to this topic, but I'll hold off so I don't invoke Godwin's Law on myself.


also calling everyone "russian bot" is the left-wing equivalent to calling someone an NPC


How dare you bring context into this. The real crime is the fact the russian bot tactic got turned around on those who use it.


File: 1546391380556.jpg (38.88 KB, 500x567, 1536664435139.jpg)

Apparently at first most people hated it for being a low-effort Wojak edit, it wasn't until the New York Times made an article about it that it blew up in popularity. The way I see it is that it's just like most memes that prop up on 4chan nowadays, it's usually an edit of Wojak and some buzzword insult that devolves into "thing I don't like".


File: 1546630650750.gif (3.57 MB, 405x287, a picture of donald playin….gif)

While leftists are the most NPC-ified and there was good reason to come up with this meme to describe them (which they responded to with lazy, automatic projection, like they always do), NPC-ification is a more widespread problem than that. People in general are losing the ability to think.

4chan is so simple and repetitive that you could automate it with machine learning, and there's been so many times where I've had the exact same exchange over and over again because the same input always returns the same output when dealing with NPCs. There's only a small list of words that NPCs on 4chan use over, over, over and over again, without having any idea what they mean. They see something they don't like, and then their programming picks some random words from the list to describe it (they are basically only tasked with attacking things they don't like). They keep re-making the exact same threads the way an NPC keeps saying the exact same things.

The internet should go back to small, independent communities. Now it's just 4chan, reddit and twitter.


> tfw I literally did not know this because I don't use Twitter.
It makes me wonder why more people don't tell annoying individuals "Go back to Twitter". The worst of the worst things seem to come from there.


twitter can be great for very specific circles, like "[insert topic here] twitter"
anime twitter
sports twitter
fitness twitter
weird twitter
twitter isn't a single community, just like how image boards aren't all the same
twitter might not be as popular as facebook, but facebook has been in decline and losing public trust, whereas twitter has actually been making a lot of money lately (they were losing money up to 2016)


>The internet should go back to small, independent communities.
That's something I can agree on. Centralisation dilutes everything it touches into the lowest common denominator.

Having more specific topics doesn't really help when the problem is just too many people talking at once. I feel like these formats are great for consuming or finding content but just terrible for fostering a community. This is fine if it wasn't for the fact that they pretend to be a community anyway. It's all a bit sinister to me.


sounds like you don't really use twitter
twitter is what you make of it and there aren't "too many people talking at once" if you don't follow very many people, because you determine what your timeline will be like


people are being too sensitive about this shit lol. the point of this meme is to ridicule people who mindlessly repeat what they hear from others/the media without really thinking about it or having any reason to believe it imo? it makes you think twice about things you just believe because that is simply what you've been told. this is a nice healthy meme to have within this realm of fake news and not fake news being dismissed as fake news etc


Doesn't make me think at all. Can't imagine someone spouting these crappy memes ever being able to produce a good argument for anything, so there is nothing I need to consider. If you want someone to think twice, make a good argument, don't call them an NPC. You will never convince anyone with an insult or dismissal.


>mindlessly repeat what they hear from others
kind of like the people who call everyone an NPC?


No. Can you stop being disingenuous for even five seconds?


By their own definition of NPC, they definitely do act like an "NPC". They repeat the same crap over and over, even on forums and threads that have nothing to do with the topic. They only ever know how to talk about just a few topics, and everything is pre-programmed to fit into their "board culture".

The NPC meme is more of the same follower-speaker bullshit, where you follow people that say things you agree with, you repost their thoughts and arguments, you never form your own. It is our nature to follow I guess, and not rock the boat too much. I wish the world was a bit more p2p.


NPCs are a real thing, and that's exactly why the meme has caused so much anger.


NPC-spouters seems like the only NPCs. They only ever regurgitate whatever their board culture dictates. The pot calling the kettle black.

The "anger" (more like annoyance) is from children spouting memes instead of defending their point with arguments.


This thread is devolving into a "nou".


File: 1547407556225-0.jpg (376.35 KB, 1500x1000, npc1.jpg)

File: 1547407556225-1.png (276.25 KB, 592x446, npc2.png)

Yes, all those leftists are such intelligent free-thinkers. It's outrageous that they are being called NPCs. I apologize.


I'm sure you're deathly afraid of the leftist booger man, but not all are technicolour haired crazies, and not all right wing are reasonable either.

Not sure if you noticed yet, but this site doesn't really cater to either side of the crazy spectrum.


You're not even talking with each other, you're talking at each other.
Just stop already.


File: 1547434951486.jpeg (382.32 KB, 1000x1000, cheers.jpeg)

can we just punt this thread over to superhell already


Oh fuck off.

Unsure if that is needed. Can't push a thread to superhell every time this guy finds something left or centrist leaning hidden between each paragraph.


In all honesty, I doubt this meme makes people think twice about themselves.
To the people being called npcs, it's just another right-wing buzzword that will be ignored. As for the people saying the meme, they also won't reflect on their own views. If you view your opponents as mindless cattle, you're not going to take their views seriously and challenge your own views.
You could say that the people being called npcs maybe should reflect on their views, but the people calling them npcs aren't saying it because they want to change their mind. They say it because they aren't worth talking to in the first place, which is why they're called npcs. It's used as a politcal insult, and people will take it as a political insult instead of criticism.
Ultimately I don't think the term really does any harm. It's just a reflection of the current political climate. Nothing new or insightful is being said. It's just a more effective way to say the same thing.


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