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It's October. Let's talk about uncomfy, creepy experiences. Just today, I was at the grocery store with my grandma and this man starts asking me if I was racist and telling that I seem like a "cool guy" and he tries to separate me from my kinda slow walking and in pain grandma telling me that someone from Texas didn't have enough money for gas and that we should go together to get money for this guy from the ATM. This guy was super sketchy and I walked away back to my party, paid for our food and got the fuck out of there. I've been kinda on edge for the rest of the day. I'm fine with helping people within reason but the way he was trying to get me alone was horrible. What was truly scary was the fact that I'm sure he picked me because I looked weak, stupid, and easily to fool plus he talked about how the world is full of nothing but selfish people and I should donate money randomly because "God will pay you back" or whatever.

I hope no one else fell for his tricks. And on the very low chance there was a Texas man with no money and stranded near the store, I hope he is okay. Fuck scammers though.


Yeah you just gotta have balls with these people and tell them to sod off. I used to live in a busy part of town where people came to beg for money due to heavy foot traffic. I noticed more and more the same people frequenting and telling the same story, which led me to believe that they were full of shit. See I lived in this area, where 99% of people were "tourists", so they never expected me to call them out. Weird people are weird. And don't feel bad if they really are jobless, any bum on the street can get a quick dish washing gig if they really needed the cash.


Today, I've adopted a "Gee, that sucks, hope everything goes well for you" attitude now with complete strangers. If being selfish keeps me alive for my family, then so be it. If I was too nice, I might not be on Sushigirl being comfy right now.

All I can say is that today changed me a little.


Lately I haven't been able to sleep (the last three nights). I hate looking at the clock and seeing that another hour has passed. For some reason, every time I fall asleep I immediately have a nightmare. I find it extremely difficult to fall back asleep after a nightmare, especially because when I've just woken up I tend to have hallucinations.

Some of my recent nightmares:
>creepy guy follows me everywhere
>keeps asking me out
>won't take no for an answer
>is really vocal about wanting to fuck me
>I go home and lock my doors
>he breaks into my house and is standing in the living room, smiling
>wake up hyperventilating because I thought it was real

>let my little dog out to pee

>neighbour has an argument with me about my dog barking
>go to make a coffee because my dog is taking ages
>come back, dog is unconscious and bleeding
>the neighbour's huge snarling dog is standing over him
>neighbour is like "whoops" and laughs
>dog runs towards me
>wake up and hug my dog
Also my brain made up a fake neighbour and dog for the dream so I'm surprised I didn't notice that while asleep.

>hallucinate that there's someone under my bed

>can feel this huge hand with long fingers inching its way up towards me
>the hand suddenly rips a pillow from my bed (something genuinely did fall)
>open my eyes and there's a face in the corner of the room

I'm going to take some sleeping tablets tonight and try to fall asleep before 3am.


That truly sounds horrible. Especially the nightmares, malicious people suck.


> And don't feel bad if they really are jobless, any bum on the street can get a quick dish washing gig if they really needed the cash.

Yeah right. Do feel bad. However, at the end of the day, you have to worry about yourself. I'll give someone money if they need it, but if shit feels sketchy, if I don't know the neighborhood well, if they propose to go to another location for some reason, fuck off, I'm out.


Have you tried Benadryl? The /deli/ shit in it makes you drowsy but it doesn't give you nightmares like Melatonin supplements do.


I'm not the person you're replying to, but I take both benadryl and melatonin because I have a hard time sleeping

sometimes, it gives me cool dreams

other times, it gives me awful nightmares


Nah. I usually take things that make you drowsy as a side-effect like allergy medication and that normally helps. Plus this hasn't been something I've had for a long time, just the last few nights and I don't want to get into the habit of taking anything.


>open my eyes and there's a face in the corner of the room
I once read about this. Humans have a tendency to see faces everywhere. Its called Pareidolia or something.


When I was in China, there was an argument in the streets. One tough guy walked armed with a hammer to a fish monger, ready to smash this man. Luckily the people nearby held him back and prevented a scene.

> dph
> it doesn't give you nightmares
I see, you haven't been haunted by flying sharks and black morphing bulls stretching long wiry arms to catch you. Lucky you. It makes my dreams weird and vivid, nightmare or not.


Oh man, I'm the OP, that reminds me of another uncomfy experience. I was at work and a customer calls me looking for a certain item. I get a cordless phone but I think I either misplaced it or couldn't use it so I used the corded phone and had to walk away. Once I found the information they needed I picked up the phone to hear the guy being verbally abuse to his girlfriend talking about how he is the man. I freeze since I'm not sure how to approach this at all, after a few minutes I say, "Hello?" and then tell the guy what he needed and I get, "Okay, thanks buddy!!" All cool and everything even though I just heard this girl shouting "quit it!" and him being really terrible. It was just terrible.


I had a shituation like that once too. Customer came to my counter to complain about the treatment he got from one of my coworkers a few days earlier. I don't exactly remember what his real complaint was about, but throughout going on about "our new contrymen", so it made me wonder if his complaint was about the treatment, or about his golden brown skin and exotic accent. Told him to leave and not come back until he had fixed his attitude.

I was scared about how my boss would react when he would find out, but turned out he was totally cool with it.

If it weren't for some of these abusive people, retail work could be pretty enjoyable.


One of the best tricks is to just stay in motion. Keep walking to wherever you were going at a good pace, don't stop and talk to them. Just today two younger guys walked up to me outside a check cashing place asking for cash for bus fare. I said something along the lines of "Sorry I can't a coworker borrowed some cash from me today good luck bye" and got in my car; they never got a word in edgewise. Terrible as it is, I'm asked for money from strangers on a near-daily basis and I'm almost entirely desensitized to their plight. It's hard enough for me to get along without giving cash to everyone who asks.


A little advice about the hallucinations:
When you wake up, keep your eyes closed at first and move around. Rolling back and forth a couple times is good. I haven't woken up to a hallucination in months but I used to get them all the time. If you do have one, just get up and ignore it instead of staring at it.
Lastly, don't be afraid to see a psychiatrist about any of this, especially if it gets worse. They're around to help and won't force anything on you (unless you're dangerous).


my worst experience was alcohol withdrawal syndrome
nothing beats delirium tremens and feeling of dying
well actually I was literally dying, not just "feeling" it

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