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File: 1536889654002.png (266.78 KB, 780x439, 1536861777532.png)


I regret becoming a programmer. I should've chosen to be a park ranger or something instead. Too much time in front of a screen is bad for you. But it's too late to change now.


File: 1536927558138.jpeg (245.17 KB, 1152x2048, da41762552a49b72e79ededdd….jpeg)

Just… get a hobby, sushi roll. Ride a bike or something. If you don't enjoy programming then find some other job that doesn't require a degree. But definitely don't spend the time you could use to do shit on looking for sympathy online.


File: 1536928569259.jpg (1.79 MB, 1500x1066, 58467779_p0.jpg)

It is never too late to change. Programming experience can be worthwhile in non-programming IT jobs (do you think you would enjoy devops or it administration?), and you can always change to something totally different like being a park ranger. I know people in their 50s and 60s that got new degrees and new careers.

Your advice is sound, but that last sentence just makes you very easy to ignore. Venting is good for you, and does not mean someone is "looking for sympathy".


>Venting is good for you, and does not mean someone is "looking for sympathy"
Venting can be good in moderation, but in these recesses of the internet you should be careful about encouraging it. There are people who spend all their time being miserable on imageboards because the people there affirm them (hell, there are even whole websites dedicated to being miserable). I used to do it, it's a shit way to live. OP struck me as this kind of person because they didn't seem to want help. Maybe I was wrong, it's still good advice. My reply was intentionally flippant, because that way OP is less likely to keep making similar posts digging themself a bigger hole.



>But it's too late to change now.
with that attitude it definitely is.

kinda pointless giving work advice without knowing your situation better except to say that you have friends, colleagues, and family who know your story better and might be able to help you out.


File: 1539668224928.jpg (105.97 KB, 564x813, ☆.jpg)

I resonate with this. I try to vent online but turn it into an artform. I think there is something beautiful about the freedom to arrange letters to show what i want.

But I do feel there is a great work of destruction to be accomplished. Novelty is lacking, reality is crumbling, broken, I grasp at the centipede of logic, thrashing, fucking itself, eating itself alive.

morality is an injection of chocolate into your veins.


sometimes venting can help in the sense that you are not alone in your angst and struggles

being shot down for having feelings or being sad sometimes can be equally harmful as negative thought loop hug boxes imo


It's easier to change careers from programmer to park ranger than the other way around.

If you try a new line of work and don't like it, or lose that new job at some point, you will still have that valuable programming experience on your CV.

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