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File: 1523691610465.jpg (182.61 KB, 900x1200, 1523497300912.jpg)


Would you smash this?


Too right negro, I loooooooooove pineapple pizza


With sum chiiicken.


does this person have a penis? if so then yes


Dang right I would. That's one fine looking pizza!


File: 1524033191013.png (458.22 KB, 680x772, 4bfa38d4ec6e4a084f88ebb487….png)

My body is ready for pussy and pizza.


sushi roll, I have bad news.




File: 1524755504523.jpg (20.23 KB, 400x400, 906727a75478eed7e377cfa95b….jpg)

Am I gay?


Probably not. That girl looks like a girl, skirt content aside.


File: 1525670604084.jpg (44.2 KB, 465x334, 1463168894606.jpg)

Depends, does the thought of ramming your meat rod into his tight behind. Moving in and out until he starts moaning and all the while telling you how manly, strong and sexy you are for being able to ravage another man's bootyhole. His tiny peepee swinging around leaking precum. His prostate rubbing against the tip of your dick making you both cum at the same time.

All of that happening while your favorite anime OP plays in the background. Does it turn you on?


it was kc tire


Two months later and your broken sentences are still driving me bananas.


Would fuck his ass and make him cum on the pizza. We both eat the pizza afterwards and maybe get married later.


as long as there's no talking maybe


That feel when I've never had sex on top of a pizza.

I wanna imprint my knees into the cheese.


I mean. I wouldn't have to worry about a pregnancy


Before reading this thread, yes.
After reading this thread, no.
After thinking for a while… maybe.


Honestly not really.
Hips too smol, thighs too smol.


yes, of course , but god i would much rather get "this" inside me


Meatless Monday. May I get a vegan version?


File: 1602769988193.jpeg (44.76 KB, 739x415, images (1).jpeg)

I would rather throw it on the roof.

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