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"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel
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Is anyone else fascinated with the superintelligence trope in books and movies? I've been looking for different stories with similar ideas.


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Check out "True names" and "cookie monster" by verner vinge. I might just have nostalgia for them, but they seem like nice narrative exploration of computer intelligence.


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File: 1677788089529-1.jpg (295.27 KB, 983x1500, good-will-hunting.jpg)

It's intelligence, but not super intelligence.


good will hunting is a fucking fantastic movie but tbh the one thing i don't like about it is that it has a kind of "off" way of presenting genius conceptually


to elaborate, i think it's weird that will's genius is portrayed through material knowledge of books rather than through creativity and raw talent at understanding complicated concepts on sight


File: 1678099841889.png (81.06 KB, 748x788, ClipboardImage.png)

Funnily enough I asked the AI the other day about movies involving characters developing themselves against the odds and it suggested me that one


good will hunting is a movie where the protagonist does indeed have to develop and change against all odds

it's just that those odds happen to be himself


A human may be thought of as an intelligent agent who observes percepts from his or her environment and produces actions based on those percepts. If the goal, then, is to maximize knowledge about the world, then actions that yield more knowledge would be preferable.

Consider the action to read a book and the action to look at a crowd of people. Surely, the density of information in the crowd of people is greater, right? However, the book contains a model of the world built from many years of observation. That book is also built upon other books and so on. Furthermore, the model in that book may be based on percepts that cannot be observed in the current time (e.g., comets, natural disasters) or with instruments available to the agent (e.g., microscope, telescope, invisible waves).

In most superintelligence scenarios, without some additional sense augmentation, reading books would probably give you the largest acceleration of knowledge acquisition. However, it's not without flaws sense the models described by the books may be erroneous or incomplete. So, it is likely that a combination of first-hand and second-hand experiences would combine to become greater than the whole.

If you consider Will, his primary goals seem to be friendship and romance with knowledge acquisition being some n-ary goal spurred by curiosity. So, he probably sates his curiosity with books rather than deduction from first-hand experiences since it frees up his actions to focus on his more pressing goals.


File: 1678291373646.jpg (25.53 KB, 313x500, bobiverse.jpg)

Bobiverse is kind of like superintelligence.


Really loved "Understand", should check others in this thread as well.
As for recommendations… "Golem XIV" by Lem (English translations can be found in the book "Imaginary Magnitude").



The way the prose changed over the course of the story was pretty well-done. It's been a long time since I watched it but I remember feeling like the movie adaptation couldn't really convey the same feeling as the short story/novel because it lacked that.

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