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"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel
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File: 1545533207589.jpg (25.5 KB, 752x440, art vs stem.jpg)


When the economy tanks, more people go to trade schools or study STEM as opposed to art. Studying art is seen as a bad financial decision. What kinds of cultural effects do you think this has, when art and literature are seen as frivolous?

My mom studied art because it's supposed to be enriching, even though it's not all about career goals. I was basically forced into a STEM major for economic reasons. It has a very clear career path, but that's about it.

Or do you think some good things can come of it?


I don't things like art and culture have become frivolous, there's just a higher saturation of people with those skills now, and they have never been in as high demand as technology related jobs. Society simply values those skills more. Technological improvement exponentially helps people achieve things more efficiently. The effects are felt more immediately. I guess capitalism's drive to efficiency can be blamed for a lot of this.

Plus, education is often a massive investment, and one must consider the returns on that investment: the opportunity cost for going to school versus the next best alternative. Although an arts degree may be enriching, it wont always put food on the table, and you may have been better off just practising art in your spare time while working a job. Again, this is a systemic problem.


They aren't really frivolous in my opinion, just not a good idea. When people can barely afford to eat, they won't be paying for art. They won't be commissioning murals or attending concertos. They simply have to pay for the most important things like food and housing.

I think paying money for art and entertainment is representative of how wealthy and healthy a country is. When people have enough money that paying for art doesn't bother them, they are doing well financially. I really don't think people who can't afford art should spend money on it, but that doesn't make art unimportant. Hence why I am a STEM major, art minor.


>Studying art is seen as a bad financial decision.
That's because it is. As the other sushi said, it's hugely over saturated. The majority of people who do it end up with really low incomes. The only people who do well out of it are those who are both extremely dedicated and also talented. Even these people will in general find themselves in secure positions with good income, but that high position matches a pretty normal position in stem.

Historically it was mostly the upper echelons like nobility that would do any art because they could afford it.
There's also factors in each area of art but I won't ramble about that.

Finally, one thing most people don't like to admit is that unless you've been dedicated to something since a young age you will probably never be able to compete with those who have. Especially after school years pass. You're just in hobbyist territory then.


I studied art. Yes it is a terrible decision and I regret it every day of my life. Completely useless from any financial standpoint. You're welcome sushiroll

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