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File: 1539563227550.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x942, a2b6a0fa1363345d293d3d6cd4….jpg)


Hello, sushi! Lately I've been craving some really cute moe SOL manga. Can I get some recommendations? (bonus points for 4koma, shoujo-ai, yuri)

Examples: Komi-san, Watamote, Comic Girls, Senryuu Shoujo.


File: 1539571168529.jpg (1.75 MB, 3814x2900, ba053a35a0a6e04c43b9044c85….jpg)

Yuyushiki meets all your criteria, though It's on of the few cases were the anime is better, imo.



That looks like a fun one! Question though, what makes the anime better ?


>Senryuu Shoujo
pretty hard to top these two really.

I like Gal Gohan. Cooking, gyaru, teacher MC, harem.


File: 1539600139495.jpg (79.53 KB, 850x759, 1496637188870.jpg)

The anime perfectly captures the almost dream-like nostalgia of being with school friends and idling away time with no particular purpose in mind.
I also enjoy the manga, but it doesn't build the same kind of mood.

It's the sort of series that's not broadly popular, but some people will absolutely love it.


I found that manga so distressing I had to drop it.


kinda spoiler-ish: That kinda changes in the later chapters


File: 1539644120206.jpg (320.06 KB, 849x1200, DoJsfMpUwAEpIzq.jpg)

Pretty much everything published in the different Manga Time Kirara magazines is cute moe SOL 4koma.


Oooo awesome thanks ! I need to check that out :3


I didn't realize Gakkogurashi was in Kirara


File: 1539847812492.png (1.41 MB, 1250x1800, 3.png)

Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu is painfully adorable


File: 1539962863933.png (12.54 KB, 335x248, happy.png)

This is so great! Thank you for the recommendation.


File: 1539980930405.png (89.36 KB, 386x296, dogpart4.png)

I will second this, the anime adaptation is coming out soon as well! I believe it was written by the same guy as mitsuboshi colours.


File: 1539987083626.png (562.52 KB, 565x926, v1c6_2.png)

Madoromi-chan ga Iku was short, but very cute. Quite a bit like Yotsubato.


File: 1540070958567.png (520.68 KB, 615x900, 7c4a10814b136e234210d23be8….png)

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.

Sad middle-aged man gets a comfy kitsune friend. It's just cute.


File: 1540316701747.gif (160.46 KB, 600x898, 030.gif)

Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is really heartwarming, and a lot of the chapters are partially animated.

Both of these are really good! Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru by the same author as Madoromi-chan is very cute at times, although it's definitely more of a drama. It's a rare romance story with two heroines that has a proper ending too. Best girl wins!


This one's way too cute. I'm having to pace myself so I don't read it all in one night.
Gonna give Ookami Shounen a try, too.


File: 1541132298842.jpg (191.66 KB, 848x1200, f78f31642580081149977640c2….jpg)

Ah, I wish I had done that! I binge-read it and went to sleep feeling cozy, then when I woke up, I realized I had nothing more to read. I'm glad you like it, it's far too under-rated!


I always try to pace myself with stuff that I find really cozy. Spread it out a little so I can feel good every night. :3


I take this to the point where it becomes a problem.
It took me several months to finish watching Jinrui and I've still never finished YKK.


I read YKK in 3 or 4 days while on at an out-of-town training course for work. It was snowing and cold out, so being inside reading is a good memory.


File: 1556854337985.jpg (955.4 KB, 1191x1630, 527fabdda6691227f1749c8367….jpg)

Wanted to revisit this post because this manga has an anime now and I do not recommend it. The manga played the relationship between the main characters as very boy-and-puppy kind of love, but the anime is almost softcore lolicon. I find it uncomfortable to watch. I didn't expect much from this anime, but I didn't expect it to be so lolicon either.


I've made a few recs here but I'd like to add Shinmai Shimai Futari no Gohan, Shimeji Simulation, and if you like cars, zessyaka.

Well, the mangaka calls it's a "fetish manga" and it's almost a foregone conclusion that an anime adaptation of a series will have more pandering. But I don't feel they've necessarily overdone it. Maybe the voice acting accentuates the effect but Sen makes some suggestive faces in the manga as well. It isn't wholly innocent at any rate.


>anything I don't like is pandering
This is my favorite anime community meme.


does anyone have any deliberately uncomfortable SOL?


File: 1557767434308.jpg (115.7 KB, 599x348, 1509382055259.jpg)

Girl's Last Tour probably fits that. It's complete, and an excellent read.


it was always nojyaloli fetish manga.


>>430 I'm sad this has ended, thanks for recommending this all those years ago sushi. It was a fun ride.


File: 1698396140199.jpg (71.52 KB, 986x1160, Screenshot_20220329-092327….jpg)

Futari Escape (life escapades…), Gu-Pan! (bread), Mirai no Fuufu Desu Kedo? (tiny blond tsundere girl is tiny for several more chapters), Neko Kissa (catgirls), Tonari no Youkai-san (cat turns into nekomata surrounded by loving family), Umiiro March (cute girls go diving/fish?), Matazoro (teen girls repeat a grade), 2Ljk (2 homeless girls bond outside of school)

Bonus: Touhou - Atai to Gensokyou

I recommend you check out most works by Dynasty scans.

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