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File: 1468873905900.gif (124.47 KB, 640x480, Dorothy.gif)

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Hey sushirolls. What are some of the comfiest games you've ever played?

I recently just finished playing Va-11 Hall-A for the first time. It's not really a game by everybody's standards but it was really comfy and a great experience overall.

I'd totally recommend it to anybody with a rainy night, some tea, and time to waste.
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You should try older Persona games if you haven't yet. 3 and 4 are great too, 3 being my favourite.


I played P3P and I have got P3 but I haven't played it. P4 was pretty amazing and I didn't think 5 wpuld live up to it. All of the games had the same feeling of art direction fitting together perfectly.


Broken Reality is an a e s t h e t i c adventure game in a vaporwave-style 90s 3D internet, except it takes place in modern times. It's not a walking simulator, but a light metroidvania with puzzles, quests and secrets.

My favorite area in the game is essentially an explorable version of this album:

The game gets quite un-comfy in the last areas, and seems to eventually disappear up its own ass with an excessively cryptic ending, but it's otherwise enjoyable. It's available on Steam.


File: 1549601638360.jpg (127.52 KB, 620x349, Shenmue-II-Remastered-Coll….jpg)

The Shenmue games are quite comfy for sure. I recently played through both (on Dreamcast!), and I was really impressed. The first one is kind of dull and slow to a painful degree, but the novelty of walking around a 1980s Japan with perfectly replicated environments is just too cool. Shenmue II though, that game is a legitimate work of art. It really feels like the epic they wanted to tell, and it's so immersive.



File: 1553658379144-0.jpg (103.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

File: 1553658379144-1.jpg (82.01 KB, 864x486, dragon-quest-ix-fmv.jpg)

Dragon Quest 9. I dont know if its nostalgia reasons that makes it comfy for me. But it was the first game i played in the franchise.
Also some of the older nancy drew games


File: 1553668588923-0.jpg (91.86 KB, 1047x696, c8a50dcfec87fa1b8b51d0999c….jpg)

File: 1553668588923-1.jpg (4.12 MB, 6015x3931, ee701b8653548045f14b2087c9….jpg)

Maybe an odd choice, But Samurai Showdown and Last Blade are pretty comfy. Most SamSho stages, especially in the early game, and both Last Blade titles, have little to no music during fights. Dueling with the ambience of a wind swept field or on a floating raft in a bamboo thicket, feels good.


File: 1553695123211.jpg (1.22 MB, 1974x1976, arcanum_large.jpg)

I think Morrowind and Arcanum probably.
Just so much atmosphere, fleshed out lore to take in, beautiful soundtracks. Have yet to play anything that draws me in as much as any of them.


File: 1559913211427.png (1.3 MB, 1126x1125, let it meme.png)

I'd consider Guitar Hero comfy but then again I'm a huge Guitar Hero autist so that may be just me.


SaGa Frontier 2.
That's it, no description here. Just go and play it.


File: 1560024794096.jpg (119.41 KB, 1280x720, 3487987234jkhjskfh8u.jpg)

Donkey Kong Country 2 is always /comfy/.


Final Fantasy is peak comfy, FFXI in particular. The atmosphere is amazung. Unfortunately it is only comfy when you aren't the one playing it because you will be
too wrapped up in the gameplay to relax.



File: 1561124463954.png (1.65 MB, 1366x768, FFXI OP Cinematic.png)



I wonder if it is possible to play FFXI single player.



That's dumb, get out.


File: 1564688462665.png (1.79 MB, 2000x2000, come on down to tsukihime.png)

there's something oddly comfy about old visual novels in my opinion.


In the current year (2019) older visual novels with "modern" settings are literaly a window to the past. Characters using flip phones or going to the library to look up stuff make me so nostalgic.




yume 2kki is my favourite game, period, and I think it's very comfy. It's an incredible escape from real life.


I wish that feeling was common in other games. I can't do visual novels and the only game I've played that had that feeling was Earthbound and to a lesser extent the Megaman Battle network games.
Just the little things like needing to find phones or having devices that looked like more than a black box or a shiny rectangle.


Thanks sushi roll, I think ill play some right now. It's pretty fun on a tablet if you can get it to run.


Trapping the ball in a single square was just cheap euphoria


File: 1580296671237.jpg (203.14 KB, 1920x858, floatingpoint.jpg)

floating point is a very calm free game about momentum and swinging. As far as i'm aware you cannot truly failstate. It's a casual game for sure but it's nice.


File: 1581408359926.png (188.64 KB, 825x1024, AlexySGH.png)

Usually the games I go to for comfiness tend to be indies like Elona, Cave Story, Rainworld, or Minecraft. RPGMaker games like OFF and Yume Nikki with surreal or lonely environments tend to do it for me too, which is probably why Rainworld and Minecraft are also go-to games for me. Earthbound is also there and an outlier in comparison since it's not an indie but it's one of my favorite games of all time and I have a lot of good memories of playing it and beating it for the first time on a winter break.

God, this brings back memories, I spent so many nights and sick days in middle school playing through whatever freeware games I could find online and Knytt became a common game for me alongside Elona, Cave Story, Spelunky, and Within a Deep Forest.

Oh man, I used to love these games, I fell off of them as I stopped playing mobile games but they were so incredibly charming to play and just look at, even their games for subjects I had no interest in like Pocket League were wonderful. I especially remember loving the Pokemon-esque game they released that took place on a desert island or the one where you run a small RPG town, thank you for reminding me of them.

This game looks neat, I love these sorts of exploration heavy games, and the 90s internet theme is a nice touch, thank you for sharing!


Thanks for that. Just played through Knytt. Nice relaxing game. Certainly wouldn't go into it with a hard platformer mindset.


File: 1582415668042.png (483.19 KB, 1385x1043, bury.PNG)

bury was comfy for me, there was one somewhat scary part but overall it's a game like a nostalgic novel


Where does one actually get it?
Googling "bury game" only turns up other stuff as far as I can see


translated from uboa
https://sushi rollfile.com/55L8t4K0n9/bury_7z


ah shit


LSD Dream Emulator. It's the only game I have on my computer right now. I love to relax and just roam around slowly.


File: 1582870195554.jpg (64.4 KB, 800x600, yakuza-0-800x600-1.jpg)

Surprisingly, Yakuza 0. It is not at all what I was expecting. I thought it was gonna be all gritty crime like gta or mafia, but I just spent the last 5 hours competing against children in slot car races. There is still A LOT of fistfighting though, so while I do not think it's comfy enough for the nonviolent games thread, there are lots of fun minigames and characters to talk to. I would say the game is MOSTLY minigames and funny characters. It's comfy the same way Twin Peaks is comfy. Does that make sense?


File: 1583092259844.png (325.39 KB, 480x596, a couple of besties.png)

I feel like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni really captures this feeling. I only finished reading it a few months ago but the entire novel really captures that 2000s feel so well. It's hard to describe but it's very much a product of it's time yet it feels timeless in that regard. If you've never heard of it or have only watched the anime I highly recommend you check it out.


Yes, all the side stuff in Yakuza has always been comfy. Most of my playtime in that game has been playing board games like shogi and mahjong, managing the real estate agency, and of course, wrecking kids in pocket racer. Most fun I've had with a game in a long while.


I'm not ready for the mahjong parlor. That is the real game.


Thanks for the rec, I'm enjoying this game


File: 1584148303635.jpg (226.38 KB, 1920x1080, [Doki] Suzumiya Haruhi no ….jpg)

Make it happen, sushi roll.
Speaking of which, does anybody know if any of the other games have substories related to mahjong?


Comfy games for me are roguelikes and management/base building games. Recently it's been RimWorld, Caves of Qud, CDDA, and of course Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I'm very excited for the new Animal Crossing game as it's one of my favorite series.
Have you played LSD Dream Emulator? Yume Nikki and it are some of my favorite games too.


Animal Crossing is great. I am still playing new leaf. I like bow the time travel lets me skip back to a couple minutes after I last stopped playing, even if it's been years. Like there's always enough time in the day.


Civilization V, I've spent many a night playing that game. I would recommend it to anyone who likes strategy, or anyone in general.


Which roguelikes do you enjoy?


Pretty much just the ones I listed, Caves of Qud, Stone Soup, and CDDA. I'm only really well versed in Stone Soup, the others I really fumble around in


For me it's about finding comfyness in miseraboe environments, like campfires in STALKER.


Tetris and dungeon crawl stone soup.


Tetris is fun. The first time I really tried it was Tetris 99 on Switch, but I just couldn't get up to the speed I see good players play at, let alone grasp all the complicated T piece maneuvers.

Have any good DCSS runs recently? I'm not great at that game but I'm alright, I have 5 3-5 rune wins, and I've gotten up to 14 runes but never won a 15 rune game. I end up trying to take a lot of my runs into the post game and dying for it but it's fun. Except Tomb. Tomb is not fun.


File: 1590342822854.jpg (87.86 KB, 512x410, unnamed.jpg)

Ragnarok Online was super comfy but no idea if there are any cozy servers left


File: 1590343645832.png (168.56 KB, 1900x1080, screen3.png)

A Short Hike is both incredibly comfy, and a beautifully designed game. I just wish there was more, it's very short (you can complete the main story in under an hour, and 100% it in a few days).


There was something about Dreamfall that just put me at ease.


File: 1590396553012.png (383.04 KB, 487x680, new-super-mario-bros-wii-2….png)

homebrewed my wii and downloaded this thinking it was a real nintendo game. fortunately i'm ignorant about mario games and found a good fan mod.


File: 1590423747604.jpg (66.91 KB, 852x480, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

I know I'm way behind the curve, but I've been having a lot of fun playing Guild Wars 2 recently! I really enjoy admiring the scenery, the vista points that pan your camera for a section of the map really help with that too. I've also had a lot of fun (and frustration) doing the many jumping puzzles that are in the game! The community has also been one of the nicest MMO communities I've come across. People have been very polite and always take the time to help me do an event or resurrect me when I die! I'm going to try and enjoy this feeling for as long as I can


File: 1590564402373.png (8.19 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Guild Wars 2 is really nice but its PvP is some of the most cancerous I've ever seen. The amount of hard CC that goes flying around is insane.

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