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File: 1718364712777.jpg (108.3 KB, 1920x1200, GP9JS2dbQAEKRdR.jpg)


most realistic elephant programmed ever


this is that game where the sushi posted the picture and she was like "stairs…." and looked sad coz it was stairs…


File: 1719253991939.jpg (114.69 KB, 1920x1200, GQv46JfbkAAk1N1.jpg)


File: 1719279766594.png (169.54 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)



Which game is this? Looks fun



what's with the silent hill 1 aesthetic I see so many indie games copying now?


Modeling and texturing are very labour intensive, photorealistic texturing and modeling are out of reach for most indie devs who are solo or small teams. If you're already going to end up with a low poly count and simple textures by necesity, you're likely going to end up taking inspiration from the games which also used that style due to technical limitations. This is also convenienet because those older 3d games are nostalgic for a lot of people.
this game in particular is going for some inspiration from that era of both gaming and anime aesthetics, for example the game is rendered in a lower resolution and then upscaled so that the pixels are visable and jagged. However, they're not actually trying to emulate old console hardware.
They haven't emulated the characteristic vertex snapping or texture warping which actual PS1 hardware had.
It's not going for an n64 look either due to the lack of texture smoothing. So it looks closest to an old PC game rather than silent hill I'd say.


File: 1720870885299.jpg (41.83 KB, 500x375, cornet2.jpg)

could you please recommend some other games that are spiritually similar to this category of games you're describing? some cool obscure games? they could be from the PS2 era as well i wouldn't mind that


signalis, dont know more


It's not out yet but .45 Parabellum Bloodhound



I wish I had the programming skills to write a basic game or a VN. I'm pretty bad at writing characters and dialogues too. I sometimes get good ideas for scripts put they turn to slop when I try to write an actual scene. I guess I need to practice this more.


The only way to learn how to write is to write then read what you wrote. Same applies to code. Do that for like 3 years and you'll be competent.

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