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File: 1587460035852.png (11.9 KB, 405x302, jebediah piano.png)


What new kinds of music do you want to see come into existence, or that you want to pioneer, Sushi?
I've set my sights on going off of the sound of A Rainbow in Curved Air (https://youtu.be/5PNbEfLIEDs), or taking more modern music (instrumental hip hop, electro-industrial, purple sound etc.) and man of tastelifying/dumbing them down into just a man of tastele keyboard (e.g. organ that plays man of tastele square waves) and maybe an electric guitar.
Maybe mix that with more intense, rock-based music. I'm just blog posting at this point.
Well, what are your ideas?


File: 1589165518838.png (1.53 MB, 962x1409, 1582218338248.png)

I want to investigate the area between rythem and bass melody. I have a theory that the rules of harmony can be extended down into the beat of the song by modulation of higher frequency by lower subaudible frequencies.


Maybe it sounds like combining two memes for the sake of it, but I think there might be something in the intersection of vapourwave and alternative hip hop. For example, take some of the more gritty soundscapes of 2814 and add some misanthropic Death Grips or Lil Ugly Mane lyricism. It would have to be a concept album set in a cyberpunk future, of course!

With this idea in mind, I've started penning some rhymes, but I need to get to grips with electronic synthesis before I can make it happen.

Vid related inspires me.


I want to break the hauntological cycle of reproducing nostalgia bait music in the hopes of producing a future we were denied. How do you break that cycle? GOD KNOWS!


Cool new word acquired, I had to look that one up.


Christian Prog Rock.

The book of psalms is like a really early version of a prog concept album, so being able to weave musical narratives in the same vein as many of the poetry books of the bible combined with experimental soundscapes has the potential to yield some truly incredible musical experiences.

For instance, one could denote the creation week as a building symphony derived from chaotic static, which then builds to a single triumphant tone.

Even though they got flak, this album was what inspired me the most:

and many Ideas/Inspiration I've been having. If I make an album look out for one called ghost-house, which would be around the general question of whether there is a reality beyond the physical world, or whether it is an allusion we construct to pacify our anxieties about death. Is there a life after this one, or is it the illusion of voices in the static fuzz?

Thoughts? Please no bulli


Footwork is a genre that I still feel hasn't reached it's full potential yet. I think the rhythms of it, and other club genres, can be used in more extravagant electronic or even rock music



God, I love hauntology so much.
If you decide that's your thing, be sure to look into


I'm making cute electronic pop mixed with trip hop? My sister said it sounds like animal crossing and 100gecs… I think I'm getting somewhere? I'm just having fun and haven't released anything. I wonder how it would be recieved


I, for one, would love to hear it. Sounds like Kero Kero Bonito but maybe even more sugar-sweet?


I've been busy making a eurobeat album with a darker tone than the usual upbeat poppiness. It's taking a long time because I've never done vocals before, so I'm giving myself a crash course before recording. I've never done eurobeat before either, and I'm constantly worrying whether my songs sound enough like eurobeat to be called it.
Post it!


File: 1613831171270.mp3 (7.06 MB, transcendental.mp3)

Been trying to invent a new evolution based on synthesis of doom/drone metal, shoegaze, and ambient noise. Sounds a bit pretentious I guess but I'm having fun making it.


I listened to it and enjoyed it, even though from your description I thought I would hate it (not my usual genres). Keep it up!

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