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File: 1561469066731-0.jpg (198.32 KB, 1200x1600, cassette-player.jpg)

File: 1561469066731-1.jpg (87.35 KB, 1600x1200, cassettes-rotated.jpg)


Anyone still jamming to cassettes?

I recently bought a compilation tape from a Slovakian cassette label. Pic related. Some really good stuff on there, and it's all new music. (It's 'Spring 2019' from Z Tapes, by the way.)


File: 1562032376163.png (301.17 KB, 800x800, 74770921_p0.png)

I don't own any cassettes or cassette players (at least not yet) but I do find the hobby of collecting this format interesting.
Hoping when life gets a bit more stable I will be able to integrate it to my interests!


I still have my Sony Walkman from when I was a kid and it still works perfectly. I also have some various 80s and 90s rock/metal cassette tapes along with what I could salvage of my mom's collection.


Surprisingly, in certain music circles cassette trading is very common. I traded a few, got bored one day and decided to see how long the tape was and regretted the mess.


What kind of music circles? IRL or online?


File: 1565797596604.jpg (3.1 MB, 4208x2368, Cassettes.jpg)

Sure am sushi! Very comfy label by the way. I'm checking out random releases right now, is there anything specific you'd recommend?

I used to be big into black metal which, combined with a collecting spirit, led me to collect lots of demo tapes from the early 90s (thrill of the hunt, completing a discography or finally finding a tape which has never been uploaded online is pretty fun). Don't have a walkman anymore but I do have a tapedeck setup in the living room which is nice.

Used to trade with some guys from discogs, thought it was very fun to send out stuff you like and be surprised by what you received. Wish it was around more though and I've been thinking about hanging up flyers at my local college to see if people are interested in setting up a small circle.


File: 1566143025093.jpg (2.08 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190818_163607.jpg)

My walkman broke I think, need to get a new one.

Got a KX-580 that I sometimes use to record things on.

I have a fuckload of tapes I got from some old people (mostly just trash from the 80s) who wanted to chuck them away, although you do get a few decent ones.

Listened to this Psychic TV album on repeat for quite a while, and when it goes into Paul & Linda it's also pretty pleasant.

I occasionally buy dance music on cassette but mostly just record my own mixes, which I find enjoyable.

Problem is I have a load of unlabeled tapes because the labels are only on the cases, and they all got mixed up at one point so if I want to listen to something it's basically pot luck what I get.


Nice collection sushi! I've listened to a bit of black metal but don't recognise the bands you've collected. You must have some rare stuff.

As for Z Tapes, the compilations (there's one for each season of the year) are great because you get loads of music. Apart from that, if there are still copies of orchid mantis' albums, those are well worth a listen.


I used to be in some lo-fi/tape adjacent communities a while ago and vaguely knew some people who had their music released by Z Tapes. Personally, I don't really care for most of it but some people knew how to do the sound really well. I pretty much stopped collecting physical music a while ago but still have a few tapes I got over the years. You might like this album done by a Melbourne duo, which is probably my favourite thing I ever picked up on tape. https://elliandbev.bandcamp.com/album/might-not-look-like-it-to-you


I bought an old Sony Walkman for tape loops[1], it's fun to play with the pitch controller but I realize I should buy a multitrack recorder to get type of sound I want (seamless loops). I too stopped collecting physicals but if ever have the talent required and the opportunity to release music physically, it would be on a cassette

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaGifWGHli4


wow this seems really inefficient. cool i guess



I really like this label and the variety of stuff they release. Mainly cassette, but not only


Slowly acquiring some here and there. I'm only really collect dungeon synth tapes which often are tape only. I really need a better tape player than the crappy clock & radio/cassette device I have now.

I spy a Peste Noire album there. Lovely collection.


File: 1587667277699.jpeg (655.39 KB, 2016x1512, image0 (1).jpeg)

I love tapes. It's been quite a few years since I've had the space to pull my record collection out of storage so it's just been cassettes to satisfy the need for the physical. I play primarily on a Nak BX-300.


It's really not any more or less efficient than playing records, sushi roll. Tapes have a specific audio compression which gives them a certain 'feel' that can add to the listening experience, smoothing out otherwise raw and jagged demo recordings or adding a sort of comfyness, if that makes sense.

Lots of demos and even albums are only released on cassette, depending on the genre you're into and for compulsive collectors like me its another fun thing to collect (especially since a lot of these demo tapes are rare and/or have never been digitized).


I own a couple of tapes but I don’t know a good tape player to buy. I am scared of my tapes getting messed up. Any recs?

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