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Emo music didn't originate in Chicago, but there's a subgenre called Midwest Emo, and Cap'n Jazz is an emo band from Chicago.


Footwork and Juke are two related genres that are big in Chicago. DJ Rashad was one of the most well-known artists in Chicago, though he died of a drug overdose in 2014.


Smashing Pumpkins – very well-known, also from Chicago.


Chicago Drill


DJ Taye is a young footwork artist signed to DJ Rashad's label, which is still active even after Rashad passed away.

Some people might mistake footwork for rap, but footwork is more about the beat and dancing, not lyrics.


Footwork isn't just a style of music, it's also a type of dance.


Chicago footwork from Planet Mu's Bangs & Works series. Planet Mu is known for IDM and breakcore, but they also popularized footwork outside of Chicago. Among other people, they've signed Venetian Snares (breakcore) and Jlin (footwork).



Felix Da Housecat, a well-known Chicago House artist


Wesley Willis was a schizophrenic artist from Chicago known for his weird and funny works.


Also from Chicago


Fall Out Boy




Chicago Symphony Orchestra


This album features the Marina City Towers, a pair of iconic buildings in Chicago. Wilco is from Chicago too.


Sufjan Stevens isn't actually from Chicago, but he wrote a song about it.


Soulja Boy is from Chicago. Apparently he got in legal trouble recently for selling a bootleg emulation game console with copyrighted ROMs. Weird.


boomer music but still from Chicago


Kanye West. One of his old songs before he became a dummy thicc twitter shitposter.


RP Boo






Lollapalooza is a huge music event in Chicago.


Riot Fest is another big musical event held in Chicago.


That all being said, Chicago is slowly but surely declining. Many people are moving away in search of a better life. There are many reasons for this: high taxes, high cost of living, cold weather, crime, and the fact that there aren't the best economic opportunities here compared to coastal cities. Illinois has high debt and a terrible credit rating. Chicago might have good private schools, but public education in Chicago is terrible. There's the issue of pensioners possibly not getting their pensions. Overall, things are looking grim for Chicago, and it makes sense for people to leave, if they have the means to do so. But it's good to commemorate all the music and culture that has emerged from a once-great city.

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