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Share Music! Have fun!
Please try to be detailed about what your sharing. Include the artist, title of release, cover art, and file type.

Tell us why you love it! Include a link to where we can buy a copy, because piracy is only fun if the artists keep making music!


To start, I'm sharing Cosmo Sheldrake's "The Much Much How How and I," an album I've been listening to non-stop for the last couple weeks.

It sounds like how a lighthouse looks. You'll know what I mean when you listen to it - it's beach glass folk, a genre I just made up.

320 MP3: https://mega.nz/#!GmhCgKRa!nJiLdCX9zJIW-P-wfVVNDkrrF5PsUdF9o_4MqHsqapI

320 OGG: https://mega.nz/#!Tj5QDSIa!TLwlpAu2AtQa_ZuG7V8Nnrwn6NICxJBkHqATc97K53k


Second, I'll share one of my favorite albums of all time: Califone's "All my Friends are Funeral Singers"

A twangy dusty audio experience I discovered off a Starbucks Promotion what feels like ten years ago.

MP3: https://mega.nz/#!TigEBCyK!-r3SNjatwNczDe0YTOy1q9HeXWWZLJ0x4N993QGjbqQ

OGG: https://mega.nz/#!XnpEzAaY!Y_AMyJQjwFaiOxJIXjDKYjQHdm7O0AOs8bk3kQX7k50


All girl punk band "Softball" and also "Akiakane", another band formed by Softball vocalist Moe. I really like both of these bands a lot and wish they had more material.




Atmospheric mellow electronica by Mosaik.


I feel like an idiot for forgetting to post where I got these. I can assure you the sight is legit, but use an ad blocker for sure


The song Locket by the band Crumb. Well, the song is great by itself but it really goes best with the music video. Like many others, I really think the video reminds me of tripping on LSD. It's impressive to me that it mimics it so well.


The song "Bones" off another EP by them is also excellent.



File: 1692926718397.jpg (468.68 KB, 1973x2700, 20230828.jpg)


File: 1698452732470.jpg (156.39 KB, 1118x1278, 1698402414036478.jpg)


Go-qualia - Requiem
electronic music


Jane Remover [hyperpop, shoegaze, emo]

(formerly Maryknoll) [twee punk]

julie [grungegaze]

SHEFU [pop-rock]

Wormrot [grindcore]

Artificial Brain [progressive death metal]

Loathe [alternative metal]

Hazylazy [bedroom rock]

smiling broadly [emo, digicore, vocal synth]

all of these artists' stuff is available on YouTube, if you're looking for a really efficient downloader, the terminal based youtube-dl is a godsend!


cute and clear voice


Brise​-​lames by BÂTARD
I really like this album. Its black metal but unlike most other black metal, the songs feel more alive and jumpy (sorry idrk how else to describe it). The bandcamp page says blackened punk so its probably the punk element thats causing that feeling. anyways my favourite song there is the third one, Mille Feux


File: 1719460601370.jpg (997.55 KB, 1417x1417, cover.jpg)

forgot to post the album cover soo
i like the album cover too its a part of why i was drawn to the album + it has an old painting. the paintings name is Christ in Limbo if anyone is interested in it

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