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Happy Holidays!

File: 1532288607435.png (2.71 MB, 2560x1600, karen in space.png)







File: 1534213991632.webm (7.43 MB, 1347x1000, slam-beneath.webm)


twrp is cool


File: 1536346468361.jpg (65.62 KB, 700x700, a3993859660_16.jpg)


Just ran into this album, it's pretty space-y


Valium Aggelein - Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond

If you're into Duster… maybe…


I was thinking about posting this as well! I think that "Triumph Der Metall Menschen" (starts at 21:21) gives off the most spacey vibes, it reminds me of a spaceship launch. The quiet part at the beginning sounds like the tense moments before takeoff, then it builds into a loud breakdown (liftoff!), and then the song fades out as gravity releases its hold on the spaceship. The song that follows immediately after, "Frequenzumsetzer" makes me picture the spaceship floating completely weightless in space, it's so tranquil!

This other duster song sounds like a space ship re-entering the atmosphere.



Aw yeah, love Duster.

The first track on "Schwartze Mond" kinda gives me a Kubrick, Valve/Portal/Aperture Science, orange-tinted 70's kinda space vibe.

Not space-related, maybe, but have you heard "Birds In The Ground" by Eiafuawn(of Clay Parton of Duster)?


I've heard of it, it didn't really strike my fancy when I last listened to it, but I'm giving it a second listen now and it's more interesting than I remember! Have you heard about duster getting back together for some live shows and possibly doing reissues of stratosphere/contemporary movement/1975?

(scrambling to find spacey stuff so I can act like I'm not posting offtopic)


I'd caught wind that they were doing some stuff together, yeah. I need a Stratosphere reissue, definitely.

I really do enjoy BITG,I really dig Clay's lyrics and delivery and some faves off Stratosphere are Gold Dust, Heading for the door(might not be clay on vocals), and Reed to Hillsborough.

I reckon I dig Dustery guitar with vocals, I think I probably prefer BITG to stratty but uh…

Space music… I seem to recall watching this video sometime in 2010 or 11, geesh.

I'm also really curious about BoC's early releases, like acid memories or numerator if you or anybody else here knows or wants to talk about that stuff at the moment… I'd love to hear em someday, maybe we oughta make a dedicated effort to hunt them down heh heh



My man


Anything by Clams Casino


anything echospace


Very trippy fan-animation for a surprisingly great track.




good taste

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