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I mean this is also music related but kind of not.

I just want cute notification notes for my phone. The ones it comes with are too harsh.


Another one! It's the one I currently have.



This thread is cute.


File: 1530074613686.zip (443.83 KB, notifications.zip)

oh boy, my habit of obsessively collecting and creating dumb notification sounds will finally be useful!

here is a compilation of my favorites compiled into an archive. this archive contains the following:

- an aol sound effect
- earthbound healing
- fallout 1/2 level up
- super metroid baby metroid
- super metroid energy pickup
- metal gear solid item drop
- silent hill 2/3 item pickup
- halo odst superintendent
- thief 1/2 new objective
- yume nikki effect pickup
- zelda 1 rupee pickup

- bob ross/the joy of painting theme
- cave story: safety
- cave story: jenka 1
- cave story: moonsong
- cave story: white (can you tell that I like cave story?)
- kirby super star: grape garden
- super metroid: lower maridia
- mother 3: gentle rain
- mother remix: alec's log house (source here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HnZKkJX2BI)
- secret of mana: a wish
- secret of mana: close your eyelids
- tower of heaven: luna ascension
- tower of heaven: sanctuary zero
- tower of heaven: eternal sanctity

not all of these fall under the cute category, but I hope they're still helpful!

due to filesize limits, i'll have to split this into a few posts. here are the notifications.


File: 1530075356458.zip (6.16 MB, ringtones1.zip)

here comes ringtones, part 1.


File: 1530075794550.zip (5.43 MB, ringtones2.zip)

ringtones part 2…


File: 1530075858302.zip (5.32 MB, ringtones3.zip)

aaand ringtones part 3. hope you enjoy!


File: 1530104182382.jpg (52.59 KB, 524x797, 1349071719745.jpg)

Some good stuff in this thread. Moar plx!


This is an amazing collection! Can't wait to get home and listen to them all!


I love these, but I'm so afraid of standing out.

What is she saying?




File: 1530120759969.zip (33.02 KB, Text.zip)

I had this as my text notification but it was weirding people out so I set it back to default.


I use this, but just the intro instrumental.


I like simple clean ring-tones.

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