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Can we have a thread for vocalsynth music a la vocaloid, utau, voicevox, vsynth, etc? There is a huge blossoming community for these on Japanese internet and imageboards and I think it's very beautiful and worth looking into. Some questions to start the thread off
>What is your favorite vocalsynth?
>Is there any particular song you absolutely love? >Do you play any vocalsynth rhythm games like Project Diva?

Here's a song I really like:


>What is your favorite vocalsynth?
I really love Adachi Rei. Her voice is really unique and soothing. It's made of completely synthetic sounds with no base human voice and intentionally made to be robotic. She was made for a robotics project by missile39 (who is famous/infamous for his miku robot) and was crowdfunded by passionate fans of his robotics endeavors.
A video of her work in progress can be found here:

>Is there any particular song you absolutely love?

Heat Abnormal by iyowa uses Adachi Rei and it's honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard. It is a really unique song that creates a surreal atmosphere with it's sound design, fast/erratic vocals, and subdued, melancholic piano. I highly recommend it, it is honestly one of iyowa's best songs and a staple of the entire scene in Japan.

>Do you play any vocalsynth rhythm games like Project Diva?

I've been dipping my toes into Project Diva on Steam gradually and been also wanting to find other rhythm games with a focus on other vocal synths such as UTAU. Project Diva is a beautiful game with absolutely stellar design both gameplay and art style. If you get the steam version, I recommend the Future Tone graphics style over the Mega Mix graphics style (you can change it in the settings) as it greatly compliments the songs better in my opinion but I know some who play Mega Mix with the original graphic style and it doesn't look too bad but the cel shading looks a bit too wonky on some songs.


A recent Adachi Rei tune that just came out 4 days ago and is honestly some of the best I've heard in a while. That cheerful, anthemic lead is really cute and the vocal delivery reminds me of Mass of The Fermenting Dregs. To be fair, this sort of vocal delivery isn't uncommon in some j-rock but it fits so nicely in an non-jrock tune.


>What is your favorite vocalsynth?
I am rather a newb in this world. Probably Hatsune Miku, due to how many classic songs were made with her. Favorite voice belongs to RIME, though.
>Is there any particular song you absolutely love?
Lately I have been on a hunt for some less known songs, this is one of my best finds. Sounds like a frutiger aero Miku… *・゚+。園にて.゚
>Do you play any vocalsynth rhythm games like Project Diva?
It is my go-to rhythm game to play on a Steam Deck.


File: 1716725201616.mkv (6.59 MB, 食卓 / うりか feat.裏命.mkv)

This cute song features RIME, it went unlisted recently so I want to preserve it on Sushigirl.




wow that song is absolutely beautiful, why did it get unlisted?


No idea, I know the artist struggled but I don't want to theorize about that. Here is their channel and the song.

In the embed a new discovery!


this song feels me with immeasurable longing for my partner, i really can't wait to see him again. i really just want him by my side right now.

thank you so much, really appreciate discovering new artists. i am also glad the video is up on youtube at least in some way



this song really got me into chinese music back in the day




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