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File: 1679404033027.gif (3.74 KB, 95x50, w04.gif)


Since there was an album creation thread a while ago, I thought it might be fun to have a general music creation thread for sushis to share their own music.
What types of music do sushi rolls make?


I sing anime OPs in broken nihongo in the shower sometimes, does that count?


File: 1693175658962.png (644.84 KB, 640x762, 1690221036393145.png)

Big things coming, boys and girls! I will share the news soon..!


File: 1696306585279.png (3 MB, 1920x1920, XxconfeshunzxX.png)

I do a kind of esoteric rapping with friends



File: 1696307502655.png (39.92 KB, 300x300, MBB.png)

Just your neighborhood friendly MoonBastard, shilling my stuff, I appreciate any and all feedback, and if you make music as well I'll probably obsessively listen to it




also check out my reposts, that where all of the collabs I've worked on are


does anyone wanna do a silly little music for a trailer to silly little game?
i do a little piano and my friend does a little guitar but we can't really make the sound we want for it. :<


What type of game, and what style of music are you looking for?


File: 1696859688835-0.jpg (50.88 KB, 550x550, 1695401754098190.jpg)

File: 1696859688835-1.png (820.54 KB, 612x617, __original_drawn_by_coco_g….png)

I am currently in the process of making an album
I am writing a story to accompany the album and commissioning an artist whos helping me with the storybook/album cover (not sure if they want me to namedrop them on here though).


(the cover i used on the soundcloud is just a placeholder btw)


I've been trying out schismtracker and having fun with it


I guess we wanted something more electronic and grimy and punchy which I'm just no good at on my own.
This is one that was used on an earlier trailer for prototype, looking in the same space for it, but it was meant more as placeholder at the time:

Here's another one we like, but i don't think we could use it for a trailer:


i like to make ambient music stuffs . its alot of fun getting a bunch of shit in ableton to generate stuff for you

i want to learn to use a tracker so bad, looks like alot of fun


It is not hard! At all! Especially when we have Renoise, or Polyend Tracker.

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