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so good it hertz
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France Gall is a total qt and her music is sweet as hell. If you know more stuff similar to her please post it here!



Can we make this into a ye-ye thread? I like Francois Hardy and Sylvie Vartan


Sure, as long as it's something similar to the OP all is great


This is one of my favorite old-school variété française songs. There's just something about the rhythm and the tonality that makes it particularly melancholic.


Serge and his daughter singning a song about incest.


Another one of my favorites. Serge also wrote a few songs for France Gall.



A song about gentiles and merchants made when the yellow vests were a thing, I think those protest were what made me respect the french much more to the point of actually admiring them.
It does sound pretty melancholic, which I don't think really fits the good feeling the french provide, no offenses there
Now that's kinda spooky


>A song about gentiles and merchants
That's, uh, not at all the correct interpretation to have here.


But it's in the title


gentilé/gentil and méchant/marchand have totally different meanings!
As suprising as it could seem, it's not at all a wordplay, at least natively.


Relaxing 50's progression with french lyrics



It is pretty funny though.
At least to me.


Love this type of stuff. Jacques Brel and Joe Dassin are great too, plus everybody that's already been posted

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