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I'm sorry everyone, but I am making /lewd/ a hidden board.

I'm not a NEET anymore. I am going to be job hunting soon, and I am unable to completely separate my IRL name from Sushichan. Some background checks go deep. People regularly post things on /lewd/ that would end my career and many of my friendships if it was known that I hosted them, and I can't take the chance anymore. I have to make a selfish decision.

I have chosen, for now, to do this as a compromise instead of deleting the board completely. It may eventually be phased out because I feel uncomfortable hosting it tbh.

This sticky will be deleted soon.


File: 1641593985365.png (1.45 MB, 1142x750, 1u84923492.png)

Take a stand!
Encourage everyone to better themselves, no more degeneracy!!


>Some background checks go deep.

This makes me angry and terrified. Are you going to aim for some kind of government position or did you not make a good job at separating sushigirl from IRL? OR are you going to use sushigirl as an item in your CV? How can they connect irl you with sushigirl you?


No, but my github name is seisatsu, and it would break some things to change it at this point, and my github has to go on the resumes I send out. That's also the name I used in a ton of my github commits since forever, so scrubbing it from every project would be a lot of work. This goes back to before I cared so much. I can work on that and possibly resolve it, at the cost of some visibility of my work. But there is also a way that my real name can be connected to here that I realized too late I can't do anything about, and am not going to reveal since it could lead to other info too. I'll say it's not hard.

Depending on which software company is background checking me, it could be an issue. Some 15 person company won't notice, but if like, Intel background checked me, it would probably be thorough. I think the chance of being traced to here is low but significant. Seisatsu is not uncommon enough that I am the only result for that name, but I am on the first page of results. To be clear, I never want to work for the government and my now distant past is too crazy for me to pass a security clearance background check.

I am just covering my bases on that front really. But I also can't show this site to anyone connected to me IRL because of the /lewd/ board, and I have a paranoia that I'll let it slip to someone eventually and they'll look in there, and I will be ruined in the court of public opinion when they reveal to everyone what loli/shota skeletons are hiding in my closet.

There's stuff in there that I just don't want my persona to be associated with anymore, is what it comes down to. Part of integrating an active career and social life with continuing to run these websites that I love. I have things to lose that I have to protect, and I have chosen securing those over leaving /lewd/ in place.

I will for now consider the possibility and difficulty and consequences of scrubbing "Seisatsu" from my github history, but I am not going to unhide /lewd/.


I think you're really cool, Seisatsu!!


>I will for now consider the possibility and difficulty and consequences of scrubbing "Seisatsu" from my github history, but I am not going to unhide /lewd/

No need to go so far. I was just curious about what kind of "background checks" HR people are making.


This is the end of lewd then.
Sad, it had a lot of good content.


Excuse my ignorance. But maybe it would be easier to just get a separate nom-de-sushi and just scrub the references to your name from here rather then the other way around?


On one hand it's personally sad to see another site put its foot down against nsfw loli/shota content but on the other hand I understand and can respect the reasoning here.


Thanks, but there is no unbecoming Seisatsu on imageboards. It may strike you as ironic but imageboards are the last place I would ever give up my name. The history of this name on imageboards has too much personal significance for me, so I would sooner scrub it from GitHub.


Nah man I understand having pride in that kind of localized history. It’s unfortunate we live in a society that can’t separate the spheres of life like that but I respect your going out and trying to better yourself and live your life to the fullest.


File: 1642476265339.jpg (21.42 KB, 200x200, Maedax.jpg)

You're making the right choice, even though I hate to admit it.
I used projects on my resume that tied directly to my online alias, and because of that have lost job opportunities and gotten in IRL trouble at my current work.
It's hard to undo literally over a decade of history, and it's scary how connected everything is these days. >>978

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